New Makita 18V XPH07 Brushless Hammer Drill

New Makita 18V XPH07 Brushless Hammer Drill
New Makita 18V XPH07 Brushless Hammer Drill

About 8 months ago, announced that XPH07 Makita 18V brushless Hammer Drill their jackhammer will lead the industry in torque, speed, run time, and has the fastest charging time.

A recent ad Makita boasted that the new brushless hammer drill offer the most jaw-dropping inch-pounds of torque in its class, and with a rating of 1.090 in-lbs, it’s not is an exaggeration.

However, now that Bosch and Dewalt 18V 5.0Ah batteries available, Makita seem to have changed their tune about a place in the running time of the drill. Makita 4.0Ah battery pack is still not available in the US, but a representative Makita confirmed that it is expected to be released in August or September. It looks like the drilling 4.0Ah battery XPH07M will ship with. When we asked about the availability of a 5.0Ah battery, they replied that no information or updates available.

1,090 in-lbs is impressive for a 18V drill strings. As we have discussed in an article about exercise, auxiliary handle, and the requirements of UL, more power, or reactionary forces, which means that tools must be accompanied with a long handle

New Makita 18V XPH07 Brushless Hammer Drill
New Makita 18V XPH07 Brushless Hammer Drill

comparison shows that the drill Makita XPH07 comes with an auxiliary handle the appropriate size.

SPECIFICATIONS About Brushless Hammer Drill

  • 1090 in-lbs of maximum torque
  • 8-1 / 8 “long
  • Weight 5.9 lbs
  • On-board battery fuel gauge
  • LED Work Light
  • 0-550, 0-2100 RPM gearbox
  • Brushless motors
  • 4.0Ah battery charge in 40 minutes

Compared advanced brushless 20V Dewalt hammer drill’s, the new Makita drill is a hair on 1/4 “shorter, and about 1.2 pounds heavier.

Compared to fuel M18 brushless hammer drill Milwaukee’s (with battery XC), the Makita is nearly 1 pound lighter and heavier.

XPH07 will have two purchase options available jackhammer – a charger and battery (XPH07M), and a tool to ceiling (XPH07Z), and there will also be two XFD07 drill / driver versions, as well as (XFD07M kit, XFD07Z tools to ceiling).
Price: $$ for the bare engine



I found myself between two opinions. On one hand, I was impressed that Makita managed to build such a powerful hammer drill. On the other side, I think the long handle of the drilling auxiliary can make it difficult to use or cumbersome to use.

While you could use without drilling auxiliary handle, that would not be encouraged. According to my understanding, Makita has not made an accelerometer, motion sensor, or other safety features like anti-kickback technology from Bosch that will protect users from unexpected rotation and loss control may occur when a bit jams or with keyboard shortcuts. With the drill capable of providing 1,090 in-lbs of torque, users will definitely want to hold with both hands for maximum control.

I’m glad Makita designed a battery fuel gauge on the tool, but hope that this feature will be implemented in their 18V battery pack instead. This will make it easier to determine if removing the battery is charged or not, and likely will reduce the price of the engine to the ceiling. I simply do not understand why Makita 5.0Ah battery packs are not engineers 18V 4.0Ah upcoming and their last hope without fuel gauge integrated.

It will be interesting to see what the merchants and American experts think about the new hammer drill Makita’s. It is stronger than any heavy duty 18V drill or jackhammer which Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukee, or any other leading brand has released so far. Such power would make attractive drill as a drill every day, or will only attractive for users working with applications high torque over a majority of the time? If you ask me, I think this is more destined to become a special tool.

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