NEW Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Portable Wheelchair Review
NEW Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Portable Wheelchair Review

There are many electric wheelchair brands on the market today. This has made it difficult to figure out which one is really the best. Review this for NEW Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Portable Wheelchair on amazon to help you make the right decision when you are looking to find a large electric wheelchair that will serve you for a long time without encountering any problems.

NEW Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Portable Wheelchair Review
NEW Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Portable Wheelchair Review

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  • This versatile wheelchair is assembled with aluminum alloy foldable chair, lithium battery, breathable seat and back cushions, and removable handrails etc., which could be a transport wheelchair when you remove the handrails. The controller can be placed on either the left or right handrail
  • The lightweight wheelchair weighs 50 pounds is the upgraded version, which reduces 43.5% in weight, so that it is a ideal tool for elders whose age are over 50 years old
  • The wheels are made by rubber, whose weight capacity is 220 pounds. The front driven wheel is 8″ that could rotate 360 degrees. The width of the seat is 18″
  • Venetian Princess, a MobileCare retailer, offers a 1 year Limited Warranty

About NEW Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Portable Wheelchair

NEW Electric Wheelchair Lightweight Portable Wheelchair is high performance and looks elegant, easy operation. It is assembled with foldable aluminum alloy cushions, lithium batteries, ventilated mattresses and back cushions, removable handrails etc., can be a wheelchair carrier when you remove the handrail . The controller can be placed on the left or right handrail.

The New Lightweight Portable Wheelchair weight of 50 pounds is an upgraded version, down 43.5% in weight, so it’s an ideal tool for older people over the age of 50. The lightweight portable wheelchair can be a manual wheelchair or an electric wheelchair. It has two types of braking systems: manual and eletric. Please note that you can only use wheelchairs in manual mode when power is off.

The electric wheelchair consists of a rear wheel, the front wheel is made of rubber, weighing 220 pounds. The front of the rudder is 8″ which can rotate 360 degrees. The width of the seat is 18″.

Here are some detailed specifications that we have.

New Lightweight Portable Wheelchair has Overall length ≤1100mm, overall widths ≤660mm, overall height ≤920mm.

Main technical parameter:

1. Maximum speed ≤6.0km/h

2. Driving range: 15-20km

3. Brakes: electronic

4. Minimum turning radius: 0.76m

5. Motor: DC24V 250W*2

6. Charge time: 6 hours

7. Speed (backward) ≤3.0km

8. Max Climbing steep: 12 degree

9. Braking distance ≤0.5m

10. Weight Capacity: 220lbs

11. Battery: 24V 12AH*2

12. Temperature (Fahrenheit): -13 to 122 degree, The charger is with charging indicator and works normally under 110V-230V.

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Features & Characteristics of NEW Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Portable Wheelchair

Light-weight: One of the biggest hassles of having a wheelchair is the problem of carrying it to the car when you are going out. Most are heavy and require more than one person to lift. This wheelchair is really lightweight. It makes it easy to carry it around when it’s being packed into a car or transported to another location. Its lightweight makes it easy for the elderly to roll the wheel in manual mode when the battery is charging.

Two modes: Wheelchairs are equipped with two sets of wheels – small and larger. They are conveniently located to serve motor control and manual modes. The engine control mode uses smaller wheels and the manual mode uses larger wheels. These modes cater to the user even when the battery is turned on and when the battery is dead or has been removed for charging. They ensure that you can still use your wheelchair all the time.

Remove the battery quickly: The battery is kept in the battery box. This battery box is robust and made of excellent quality material to ensure that it protects the battery fully. During charging, the battery was removed from the box for easy access. This process is not difficult making it convenient when there are no people around to help the elderly in the process.

Big battery: This electric wheelchair comes with a lithium ion battery that can travel up to 15miless. This means that the battery can be easily given to you throughout the day when fully charged will reduce the inconvenience of always having to tow your wheelchair around. Its battery is also environmentally friendly so you do not have to worry about affecting the health of those around you.

There is a strong motive: Most electric wheelchairs are having trouble climbing. The smart seat has a powerful engine that allows it to climb up the steep slopes of up to 12 degrees.

Big size: While most wheelchairs are large and difficult to fit in places with little space, this wheelchair is compact in size and can fit almost anywhere. It weighs only 50 pounds which makes it easy for anyone to lift it when loaded into the car. The fact is that it folds easily, making it more convenient when there is not enough space.

Warranty for NEW Electric Wheelchair Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Portable Wheelchair

Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

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Top Reviews


Wheelchair arrived almost fully assembled, unlike other where you have to assemble piece by piece.I have been using the wheelchair for about 3 days now. It’s been on grass, dirt and carpet and battery still indicating green lights.The tires on the wheelchair looks and feels pretty durable. In case your battery does die, there is a lever on the wheels where you can manually rotate the circle and will be able to self push. As for features, I love how the control has all the buttons for speed, horn and battery life indicator. Overall for $1,495, you can’t go wrong with this wheelchair. I bought $4,000 before and the battery life are not as good.

I ordered this wheelchair for my grandma and received it right away. Product came in just as described and works well!

All I had to do was put the battery in because it was already assembled! She loves it and she says it’s very comfortable and easy to maneuver. I am very pleased with the service and product! It’s easy to handle, easy to fold, portable and durable. I love it!


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