New Dewalt Nailer Framing DCN692 Brushless Cordless

New Dewalt Nailer Framing DCN692 Brushless Cordless
New Dewalt Nailer Framing DCN692 Brushless Cordless

Dewalt has come out with a wireless Max 20V brushless new stud frame, DCN692, said to be the world’s first gas-free wireless speed dual stud frames.

The new XR is equipped with wire nails platform 20V Li-ion battery Dewalt, and is designed with a brushless motor efficiency for extended runtime.

FEATURES Dewalt Nailer Framing DCN692

Dewalt Nailer Framing design DCN692 with two wire-speed user-selectable settings.

1 speed settings are optimized for driving shorter nailers (2″ to 3″ long), while the speed Set 2 should be used when driving nails longer (3-1 / 4″ to 3-1/2″ long).

By using the set speed / lower power, users will benefit from lower vibration (and therefore less fatigue), increased application speed, and the increase in number the nails can be fired after each charging. The second speed setting should be used when maximum power is required.

Dewalt said second speed, wire nails DCN692 bring speed and power to drive nails, similar to a pneumatic nailer.

When combined with 4.0Ah Li-ion battery Dewalt 20V Max’s, the nailer DCN692 can drive up to 700 nails per charge.

The nailer can be used with 30° to 34° truncated and rounded the first offset paper tape collated nails from a variety of brands.

Users can choose between the continuous driving mode and tape-fire, and of course also to control our fingernails deep. Other features include low battery warning light booth, a booth release lever, clearing and jam lever.

In addition to not need to ever change brushless motor (the nails are built with a brushless motor), and do not need to mess around with the fuel cartridge, DCN692 not need to use lube use of any kind.

SPECIFICATIONS Dewalt Nailer Framing

New Dewalt Nailer Framing DCN692 Brushless Cordless
New Dewalt Nailer Framing DCN692 Brushless Cordless

(Note: these specs were taken from the DCN692’s user manual (PDF) and might not be up to date or fully accurate.)

  • Firing Mode: Bump or Sequential, (user selective)
  • Height: 13.5″ (346 mm)
  • Width: 4″ (104 mm)
  • Length: 13.25″ (335 mm)
  • Weight: 7.80 lbs. (3.538 kg)
  • Magazine Angle: 33˚
  • Capacity: Up to 55 nails

Nail Specifications (Clipped Head)

  • Nail Lengths: 2″– 3-1/2″ (50 mm – 90 mm)
  • Shank Diameters: .113″–.131″ (2.8 mm – 3.3 mm)
  • Nail Stick Angles: 30˚– 34˚
  • Shank Types: Smooth and Ring


At launch there will be two options – a bare tool nailer (DCN692B) and 1-battery nailer kit (DCN692M1). The kit will come with (1) 20V 4.0Ah Li-ion battery, a charger, and presumably a carrying case.

DCN692B: $$
DCN692M1: $$

$ DCN692B $ DCN692M1

The new nail DCN692 seems to be quite similar to DCN690 20V Dewalt nailer framing wire brush just started marketing in the US. But while a single DCN690 speed, or rather the electric nail application, the new DCN692 has two power settings and user-selectable speeds.

Dewalt press materials for DCN692 mentions three benefits of using the setup / power first speed when possible: lower specific vibrations, increased running time, speed up the application.

press materials emphasize how new wireless nail is free gas, which means that it requires minimal maintenance and can be done in conditions of gas cartridges may fail or otherwise less than reasonable wall.

Contractor, carpenter, heavy duty, builders, remodelers, deck and fence installers, and users of other heavy frame nails can be enjoyed for a new wireless tacks, though prices seems high.

For $500 of the 1-pin, you instead can buy a nail cartridge gas (eg Paslode CD325LI at $350 through Amazon) and a whole lot of ~ $12 gas consumable cartridge. It looks like gas nailers will only cartridges more economical foundation for the first 15,000 or so, and that there is a crossover point at which where Dewalt DCN692 becomes more economical to use.

Economics aside, compared with gas nailers cartridge, the main benefit of DCN692 is independent of smelly gas cartridges and temperature sensitive. In cold environments, the fuel in the gas cartridges lose their thrust, which means more care and attention to engine maintenance and handling ink.

Overall, the new DCN692 Dewalt nail brushes of wire seems to be an attractive new products. Its predecessor, the DCN690, not released widely in the United States, and now we know why.

It is easy to focus on how this is second wireless nail on the market are designed with a brushless motor efficiency and higher stronger, but the sophistication built into the nail advise me than. Use of nails in lower results optional speed / power of it in lower vibration, greater runtime / nails per charge, and speed up the application. To me this indicates what direction are heading for cordless tools – tools with intelligent electronic devices enhance subtle performance.

Right now, brushless tools are what turn heads, but very quickly, openly brand will compete with each other based on who has the tools and experience smart optimal use.

This new nail lower power/speed mode to enhance performance tools, drills featured Bosch’s new anti-kickback mechanism, drilling 909 of the touch features touch controls, measuring instruments Bosch’s new laser can talk to your smart phone, screwdriver 8V Dewalt and Black & Gyro Decker of the gyro control features, and Black & Decker drill with a new automatic clutch.

It looks like DCN692 is an intelligent tool, and we can not wait to see how it performs.

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