New Craftsman C3 Lithium-ion Drill Driver Kits and Battery Packs

There are two things you probably already know about lithium-ion battery pack:

1) They are superior to Ni-Cd and NiMH batteries in many areas.

2) They can be very expensive. Despite the advantages of Li-ion technology, more self-conscious price performance has come with support tools Ni-Cd.

Craftsman has developed the battery pack is not a new type of lithium-ion batteries to reduce upgrade costs as much as possible. The new compact and high performance C3 19.2V battery provides performance advantages Li-ion and is known for, but without the high price.


New Craftsman C3 Lithium-ion Drill
New Craftsman C3 Lithium-ion Drill
New Craftsman C3 Lithium-ion Drill Driver Kits and Battery Packs
New Craftsman C3 Battery Packs


Regarding the specifications, the drill/driver is on par with New Li-ion drill kit/drivers first. Price-wise, we’re talking about $90 compared with $120. There is also a new 2-pin for $130. $10 for a Li-ion battery system Monday sounded like a good deal for us.

Drill and impact driver of previously sold for $250 and includes two battery packs, a compact and a high capacity. The kit comes with the new combination a single compact battery for $140, but added a separate high-capacity battery and a total of just $220.

Just talking about the type of battery, Li-ion pack is cheaper than the latest-gen models $10, and we believe that it provides the ability to take greater responsibility and thus the time running as well. The only old-style high-capacity Li-ion battery we can find clearance and comes with a charger with an MSRP of $120, compared with $80 new packages prices.

I had the pleasure of chatting about the new products with Craftsman’s director of product management power tools. From the brief discussions I learned that Craftsman want to bring the benefits of Li-ion battery pack for all users. To reduce costs, the value of the new package without any bells and whistles, such as fuel gauges and advanced protection circuitry. Users who want to make Li-ion batteries with all the bells and whistles will also have the option to step up the battery pack XCP (more on that later).

Right now there are two tool kits C3 – a drill/driver kit and the impact of drilling plus the combined driving – comes with a lithium-ion battery packs new. It is reasonable to assume that the delay could Craftsman upgrade kits C3 their most popular in a similar way.

It is doubtful that will stop production Craftsman their Ni-Cd anytime soon, or even completely, but one thing is for sure – want to put Craftsman tools Li-Ion Wireless offers much in the hands of self perform. Personally, I think it is a smart move that many self-made will appreciate. C3 owners can upgrade to Li-ion to customers cheap and future may be tempted by the promise of Li-ion batteries for a lower price.


The drill/driver and impact drilling control plus new kits include a multi-chemistry chargers. If you are an owner and only Craftsman C3 Ni-Cd battery pack, you will need either the $47 Rechargeable Li-ion battery charger This $70 kit for charging Li-ion battery C3. Perhaps eventually Craftsman multi chemistry charger sold separately. Perhaps we will see a QuickBoost C3 charger as well.

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