New Bosch 18V Brushless Oscillating Tool

New Bosch 18V Brushless Oscillating Tool
New Bosch 18V Brushless Oscillating Tool

Bosch 18V has announced new brushless multi-engine vibrating strings of them (MXH180). The new Multi-X features tool-free blade changes, similar to their wired MX30, and a brushless motor powerful new that supposedly provides wired performance and unmatched runtime.

The oscillating multi-tool seems to be the new first tool release with CORE Bosch brand building, and will be joined by additional brushes, -have high performance and power tools last for several next month.

The MXH180 is said to provide up to 30% more energy and lasts up to 65% longer, thanks to the brushless motor designed its new. Tool life is said to 3X longer term as well.

Additional features and technical specs:

  • 8000-20000 OPM variable speed
  • compatible accessories OIS
  • Compact size (12-5 / 8 “in length)
  • lightweight (4.35 lbs)
  • change blade tools free with no moving parts
  • vibration reduction
  • Minimum maintenance (no motor brushes to inspect or replace)
  • steamed ergonomic zone
  • continuous reaction vessel with maintaining speed under heavy load


It looks like MXH180 will only be available as part of the MXH180BL, including the tool itself, a tool tray inserts fit precisely, a storage case L-Boxx, and a secondary tongue event for $ 229.

Users can add their 18V Bosch battery or charger for sets, or purchase a SKC181-101 ($ 99) includes a charger and lithium-ion 4.0Ah battery BAT620. A complete set of a battery so that will cost about $ 328.


First impression

Oscillating multi-tools are common, but the wireless model runtimes notoriously poor. It is inevitable for such tools to be run continuously.

Greater capacity and longer run time? Sounds good to me. But the brushless technology comes with a higher cost.

Users might have different reactions to the decision of Bosch. Personally, I like how the tool will be packaged as part of an L-Boxx, but that’s probably because I bought a Bosch 18V and have a compatible charger and battery.

Some users Bosch can appreciate having a tool + battery charger la carte and set boot option, other users may have difficulty in paying a little more for the L-Boxx toolbox.

Overall I’m very excited about brushless new versatile tool.

Bosch to build your own kit stance makes perfect sense, but I wonder how their users and target audience will respond. With a tool like this it can be difficult to predict whether the user will want the tool comes with a compact battery, high-capacity battery, one, or none at all.

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