Monster Lights For Kid Reviews
Monster Lights For Kid Reviews

Unlike traditional nightlights, which could provide some light, but will leave the area under the bed or in a closet inside look dark and scary, Monster Lights is claimed to be a controller remote, multi-color, LED string lights that add a night glow around and underneath your bed.

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It’s required to change between 16 different colors which can flicker and flash, can help your child get a restful night’s sleep without fear, or help your teenager more some appeal to their personal space.

According to the manufacturer, Monster Lights is as easy as 1, 2, and 3 to use:

Peel the backing off of the adhesive strip.

Stick it under a bed, or anywhere else you want.

Turn the lights on and change the color using the wireless remote control.

As a parent, you hate seeing children struggle with the fear of the dark, and you could have tried everything possible to solve the problem, but without any success. If this sounds like you, you should give a try Lights monster, and it’s worth your hard earned money?

It Will Keep Your Children Up At Night?

While the exact problem that is causing your child to be afraid of the dark is specific to them and may require a different approach, it seems reasonable that out of the shadows by using something like Lights, you are minimizing their fears.

With this said, as a parent, you know how difficult it can be to get your child to fall asleep every night, even under the best of circumstances. As parents ourselves, we here at HighYa can imagine that the temptation to play with the controller Monster Lights “is hard to resist, but actually can make them sleep, especially are younger than they are. Thus, it may be necessary to turn the monster Lights in appropriate settings and then go away with you when you leave the room.

What happens if you lose the remote control Monster Lights?

Speaking of the remote control, we have to wonder what would happen if you lost one of these monsters Lights activity. Due to the “As Seen on TV” products of nature, we would like to imagine that they will come as a set, and that the remote control is not available independently of the lamp itself.

And even if they are, we have to wonder if all the monsters Lights remote control operates on the same frequency. If not, an alternative can not work, and if so, monsters Lights activities in the same family can present some problems.

Do consumers like their monster Lights?

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Although Monster Lights did not have any customer reviews available online at the time of our research, we learned that it was produced by Tristar Products, who also co-Wear makes clear TV, Flex-Able Hose, and many other “As Seen on TV” products.

Among them, more than 400 readers have chimed HighYa about their experiences and offer products average rating of 2 stars, with a common complaint on the grounds that failure to work as advertised, quality poor product, customer service and unhelpful (refund processing difficulties, many Upsells, etc.). While this may not necessarily be your experience with Monster Lights, it is something to keep in mind anyway.

Keep Your Options Open

Finally, string lights remote control is nothing new, and are available through a variety of online retailers, as well as those close to you. Admittedly, these options are typically more expensive Monster Lights, although you may have an easier time returning (and cost S & H), if you choose.

Refund Policy Rates

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A 16-foot strand of Monster and 1 bonus Lights LED bulbs cost $ 19.99 plus $ 6.99 S & H. However, you can also choose to double serving at checkout $ 7.99 S & added H.

Monster Lights come with a return policy within 30 days, at cost S & H. This means that you will lose nearly as much in the S & H costs that you will get a refund, before when calculating the cost to ship the light back to the manufacturer.

With this said, if you want to process a refund, you will need to contact customer service at 973-287-5166.

Monster Lights can help your child (& You) Sleep better at night?

Tight to Point: If your child’s main problem preventing them from falling into sleep each night are related to the lack of light, Monster Lights can provide enough needed to sleep. However, you can accomplish the same thing using the lights from local retailers, can help prevent you from losing the S & H fee if you are not satisfied with their performance.

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