Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool

Milwaukee M18 Cordless

Milwaukee’s M12 oscillating multi tool was released about 3 years ago, and it seems to have been popular with users. Now, Milwaukee is coming up with a version of M18 (2626) that there is a mechanism for changing the blade free tool, provides more energy, and runs up to 2X longer than competitive models.

The new M18 oscillating multi tool blades with a universal interface is designed to work with blades and accessories the most popular brand ‘. Milwaukee does not have its own line oscillating tool accessories.

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool
Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool

$ Milwaukee 2626-20 M18

FEATURES About Milwaukee M18 Cordless

Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool
Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool
  • change blade free tools
  • 11000-18000 OPM
  • 12 speed settings
  • 14 “length
  • 4:15 lbs
  • Built-in LED worklight
  • All metal gearbox
  • ergonomic grasp


Like all multi oscillating tools, new wireless version Milwaukee M18 Cordless can be used to reduce the flush or decline, removing plaster, sanding, grinding lightly, and scraping tasks.

Milwaukee said multi-tool their new ideas for remodelers, contractors, flooring, repair and technical maintenance electrician.

OPTIONAL Milwaukee M18 Cordless KIT

Tools Ceiling: 2626-20 (MSRP $)
(2) M18 compact 2.0Ah battery: 2626-22CT (MSRP $ 229)
(2) 4.0Ah battery pack M18 XC high capacity: 2626-20 (MSRP $ 299)

The kits include the tools 2626-20, M18 lithium ion battery, a multi-voltage charger M12 / M18, and contractor bag.

Accessories include: (1) accessory adapter, (1) Plunge cutting blade, (1) sanding pad, (5) Corrugated sanding.


Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool
Milwaukee M18 Cordless Multi-Tool

Sale of extraction: 49-90-240
Depth of stops: 49-20-241


Milwaukee says the new M18 multi-tool offers up to 50% faster cutting and 2X longer run time than the competition, but we’re not quite sure who they are referring to . It is hard to imagine that brushed motors new oscillating tool can run faster Milwaukee 18V brushless new versatile tools of Bosch.

We hope this is a common suggestion. The change blade free tool is a plus, and the price is better than expected.

It’s a shame that Milwaukee without their own line oscillating tool accessories, but that may change in the future. With the popularity of the oscillating tool has become, there is a lot of money to be made with consumer goods.

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