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Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill
Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee is constantly expanding lithium-ion M12 compact wireless stuff their product line, and they M12 3/8 “right angle drill is one of the most anticipated of the new service. While demand the tool will not compare with the drivers pistol-grip of them, driving the right corner will certainly find a lot of homes and jobsites.

We are very interested in this drill when we first found out about it, and there is much excitement we get one for review. consider this practice to focus on the features of the tool, handling, and overall design. We will continue to push the engine to its limit for an upcoming review monitor, which will focus more on the actual use of the tool.

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A right angle drill is one of the tools that many self-realization and the experts do not realize they need until they NEED it. With a long body and short chucks, drill right corner can be used in the work area is too narrow or beyond the reach of an ordinary pistol grip drills and drivers. Milwaukee’s new proposal is no exception, with very short head height 3 3/4 “.

Also packed into its compact body, Milwaukee’s newest 12V drill with 3/8 “single-hand tightening chuck, extend the paddle switch, clutch 11 electronic devices, LED lighting and warning clutch-out, and battery fuel gauge.

Overall Feel & Build quality

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill
Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill

To start, the drill is slightly heavier than we expected. This is not a bad thing, just an observation. The size of the drill as we expected, but it is easier to grasp than had been anticipated. With its texture and soft rubber grip, drill feel quite comfortable in our hands. All switches, moving parts, and features have a feel and build quality that all the professional tools required.

Single-sleeve Ratcheting Chuck

With a 3/8 “chuck, drill / driving can capture both the drill and 1/4” hex bits electric screwdriver. Ratcheting single sleeve chuck and allows you to really clamp down bit, and feel quite secure. As chuck jaw tightened and closed in on a little, very satisfied “click” can be heard and felt as Ratcheting mechanism involved, followed by the reassuring sound of Ratcheting action.

Paddle Switch, Control Switch, and clutch adjustments

Variable speed control switch paddle works well and comfortable to reach from different clamps. Just below, toggle switch controls easily accessible and also collected, and were expected to forward, reverse, and the key central location.

On the back of the drill, a tumor clutch adjustment wheel is easy to adjust, and has 11 settings plus a drill mode. During operation of the drilling machine, an LED will indicate when the torque has also achieved the clutch and check the engine stops.

Hold tight

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill
Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill

While not too spectacular or extraordinary, molded and textured grip makes drilling very comfortable to hold. Even after drilling to expand and drive until the battery gave out, our hands are in good shape. The exercises are designed for use in tight work areas, so it is reassuring to see that it was easy to grasp even the most awkward hand positions.

Led light

At the front of the drill, just below the chuck, there are two LEDs – LED white lighting, and an LED torque. When output settings torqe for a clutch is reached, the torque LED will blink red, and release the paddle switch will reset circuit.

Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill
Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill

At the rear of the engine near the fuel gauge battery is a LED. When the battery needs to be recharged, a light will flash for 2-3 seconds as the trigger is pulled.

Battery and charger

A single pin M12 and a 30-minute charger included in the M12 right angle drill. According to our experience, the charger is correct with its required 30 minutes. Batteries of course be used with other tools Milwaukee M12, and includes a few features that protect in case of overload or high temperatures.

For those who wonder why the only includes a battery, not two, considering that this drill is not exactly a “core” engine and it will often be used in conjunction with a pistol drill grip or driving, M12 or not.

Carrying Case

Together with the drill is a soft case that is not a good job in securing and protecting the tool and charger. On the inside of the case is elastic and velcro straps keep the drill and charger for shipping or storage. While the case has a little buffer, it will not provide the same level of protection as a hard case can. Then again, the soft case is much smaller and easier to manage than a hard case.


As mentioned, this tool is very comfortable to hold and use. We were surprised by the amount of power that the engine can make the specifications though his modesty, and not always that we have never felt it was not strong enough. We are very impressed with the drill, but it is put through a more rigorous assessment to see if that changes.

Although it is designed as a specialized drill bits for drilling and driving in tight spaces or restricted, we see that this tool can handle normal drilling tasks relatively easy as well. In fact, there have been a handful of cases in the past week, where we come to the driver when our 18V drill could have been used instead. In those cases, we found that the height of this episode headless provide stable and accurate than our 18V drill will allow.

Also worth mentioning is the bore has a spindle lock, which means that when the engine is switched off, you can turn the driver. Because of this, you can easily confirm the tightness of a fastener or tightening / loosening one requires more torque tool can be exported.

In brief

M12 Right Angle Drill / Driver Milwaukee is a very capable tool, not to mention comfortable to use and very well built. Based on our initial assessment practices, we should most certainly it. As mentioned, we are giving this tool a longer and deeper evaluation to determine if the initial impression is exactly our, but from the looks of it, we will not be disappointed.

M12 right-angle drive is priced at about $ 130-140 Milwaukee for the tool kit 2415-21, and about $ 100 for the 2415-20 hearing instruments.


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