Medline Transport Wheelchair with Brakes Reviews

Medline transport wheelchair with brakes did what I needed it to do, but it exceeded my expectations. This product is well made and can be a reliable tool to take care of the person you love. It is built to last and easy to put together right out of the box. Do not hesitate to buy this for a friend or family member in need of a wheelchair, to keep the cell phone. It can go around even in small spaces and will not give you when you are counting on it.

Medline Transport Wheelchair with Brakes Reviews
Medline Transport Wheelchair with Brakes Reviews

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When a dear family member is sick, you find that not all wheelchairs are made equal. You look and go shopping until you find a chair that can meet all of our needs, while still being able to wear a bit worn out.

Medline transport wheelchair with brakes do not just do what I need it for, but it also exceeds my expectations. This product is well made and can be a reliable tool to take care of the person you love. It is built to last and easy to put together right out of the box.

Do not hesitate to purchase this for a friend or family member in need of a wheelchair, to keep mobility. It can go around even in small spaces and will not give you when you are counting on it.

Features and Characteristics of Medline Transport Wheelchair

You are a huge lover of red, so that’s what catches your eye first. The frame of this chair is covered with powder, and is painted in beautiful red. The rest of the chair, including the wheel is black, so this gives the whole wheelchair a great view that will suit any gender without tacky or conflicting.

One thing to love about this device is that it has the perfect features for all kinds of circumstances. For example, there are four wheels, like a hospital wheelchair with two large wheels on the back and two small wheels on the front. These tires are made of solid rubber, so they hardly need maintenance. This also means they will be able to perform on many different surfaces.

Just like other wheelchairs, you may worry that it will sit your loved ones safely and support them. The truth is, this product is rated up to 250 pounds and quite comfortable.

It has a cushioned seat cushion and a place to rest your feet. Besides, it is possible to go through most of the doors easily, so you do not have to worry about it irrelevant through your doorstep or wherever you will need to be a member. family, such as a doctor’s office or another type of appointment.

Some other features of this chair are interesting as the legs hold the swing away, meaning you can move them so that someone can stand up from the chair without hurting yourself. Handrails can also be placed on the back of the chair by pressing a lever, designed so that the user can pull up the table or chair. This is perfect for when you want to cover everyone in a family meal at the table or if people need chairs that want to use the computer. They can slide almost as much as they want the table or desk, so they have a variety of motion with their arms.

This Medline Transport Wheelchair has two colors. If you do not like red, you can click here to check blue.

Many people using this chair agree with me when they say it’s easy to get together right out of the box, and it folds quickly and easily when it’s time to take it. It can not be simpler to use and perfect to take advantage of indoors or outdoors. There is no reason for loved ones not to be in harmony, as they can get a great chair like this and can get around their house whenever they need it.

It comes with a special key to put it together, which you can keep in handy, in case there are problems and you need something tightened.

Having a storage bag at the back of the chair will be perfect for storing this wrench, as well as any other papers or valuables that you need to carry with you. This makes the chair quite easy to take care of, and it is also easy to clean.

However, there is no padding in the chair, so you may want to buy a pillow or something to put in the chair to make it more comfortable. Otherwise, it may not be much fun sitting in this chair all day.

In general, no big deal with medline transport wheelchair, though at all times and then, you may need to clean it or tighten a bolt. Other than that, you can believe that it will keep your family members safe and comfortable.


  • Has bigger rear wheels for improved performance on bumpy outdoor surfaces.
  • Has handbrakes on top
  • Has aluminum frame with powder finish
  • Has lightweight, hardwearing frame
  • Includes a seat belt for added safety
  • Has full-length permanent armrest
  • Includes removable footrests
  • Can accommodate up to 300 lbs.


  • Light at 22 pounds
  • Perfect for travel
  • Includes seat belt, removable footrests, and permanent armrests
  • Includes loop-style handbrakes
  • Has comfortable nylon upholstery
  • Easy to assemble


  • Needs to be pushed by another individual
  • Has weak brake adjustment


There is no reason to hesitate with it. Not only can you put this together right out of the box, but it can be used easily and have certain features that make it perfect in a variety of situations.

In addition, this medline transport wheelchair is affordable price for most people. You will be amazed at how this chair works well for that price, in addition to the fact that it has a fancy look with it as well.

There is no reason not to buy this product, especially if you want someone you care about for the independence they once had and desperately needed.

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Q & A

QDoes chair come with passenger accessible wheel brakes (as pictured, but not mentioned in description) and is leg rest height adjustable?

AThis is a transport chair, not a standard wheelchair, so it is not intended to be operated by the person sitting in it. A friend, family member, or aide provides the power, and the brakes are not reachable except by the person standing behind the chair. The leg rest height is adjustable, and the footrests do flip up easily. Similarly, the back folds down, the seat folds up, and the chair is very lightweight. The larger back wheels make it easier than the typical transport chair to maneuver on uneven surfaces. I hope this is helpful.

QIs there a break lever on the back wheel or is the only break the hand break?

AThe brakes are on the handles. You push down to lock them or pull up on them to stop without locking them.

QThr wheel chair I have now has reversible arm rests so that one end is lower to accomodate sliding right under a table, these dont reverse?

AThe arms do not reverse,but the arms are lower than the regular wheel chair and slide under a table.

QAre the legs height adjustable?

ANo the leg height cannot be adjusted up or down. The height of the seat from the floor to top of seat is about 18″. My Mom is 4’10” does not have any problems sitting on chair, but needs to scoot back a bit after she sits.

Top Reviews

Well built yet light and compact for travel

On a recent cruise we took I rented one of these for my wife and was impressed with the quality and convenience. The unit we rented was in poor shape from a maintenance standpoint and cost more to rent for 10 days than to buy.

So, when we got home, the first thing I did was buy one because I fell in love with its underlying usefulness and quality. It arrived in perfect condition and was well packed for shipment. It has dual brakes. I did have to adjust the ones activated by the handgrips, but other than that it was ready to go right out of the box.

Medline Transport chair with brakes is a plus.

I currently have a transport chair that does not have brakes. There are times brakes are needed. The driver has hand brakes & as the rider, I can just reach back & use the brakes just above the back wheel to slow us down a bit–or on a hill that I do not want to go down when stopped. The Medline Transport chair with brakes helps me feel more secure. It is a little heavier to lift to transport, but I think it is worth it. Like I said “I am the rider” and I don’t lift it often.

A good value for the money

A good value for the money. Every thing works like it’s supposed to and it will do the job we bought it for. My wife broke her heel and a toe on her other foot five days ago and is unsteady on her feet. I ordered it Wednesday eve and got it Fri mid morning. In the mean time I was pushing her around on an office chair with wheels. This is so much better. This is not a criticism of the product itself but if I had guessed that she would be walking so soon I might have gotten a walker instead so think about that carefully if you are buying one for temporary use.

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