Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair Reviews
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair Reviews

Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair Reviews

Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair is designed with a large 12 “rear wheel, this wheelchair can overcome irregular surfaces. The product is equipped with safety belts. Another great benefit is that the handrails lock on the wheelchair, which makes it easy to lock the rear wheels for delivery. With a powder coated aluminum frame, the chain is lightweight and durable. This aluminum frame wheelchair can also be easily transported due to folding and detachable legs.

In principle, people recovering from surgery should have limited their movements. What is the best solution for them? A trusted friend and a moving wheelchair! The main difference of this wheelchair lies in the small maneuverable wheel that the user can not push, but as an assistant. Such wheelchairs will make life easier for your loved ones as it is easy to push and light to lift.

We can safely say that Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair with Handbrakes is the best-selling wheelchair with your caring people. By increasing the rear wheels, the seats move gently and softly on most surfaces. With mattress mattress, the chair is very comfortable and easy to clean. In addition, the cushion is paired with a full couch and the removable stand can be adjusted depending on the individual needs of each user. Note that the lightweight transport wheelchair by Medline comes with a seat belt for extra safety. Handrails on the head are quite easy to use and work well for the rear wheel lock during the transfer. In general, the chair is very lightweight and compact, making it ideal for homes, hospitals, nursing homes or simply to go around town.

Larger rear wheels for better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces and handbrakes on top
Powder coated aluminum frame is lightweight and durable
Back folds down for easy storage and transport
Seat belt for safety, Comfortable nylon upholstery
Full length permanent armrest, Detachable footrests
Powder coated aluminum frame is lightweight and durable (weight capacity: 300 lbs)
Loop-style hand brakes are ideal for locking the rear wheels during transfers
Large 12″ rear wheels for better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces
Nylon upholstery, seat dimensions: 18″ x 16″
Overall product dimensions: 24.5″ W x 22″ D x 37″ H Weighs only 22 lbs.

Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair Reviews
Medline Lightweight Transport Wheelchair

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Description of Medline lightweight transport wheelchair

Medline lightweight transport wheelchair with 12″ wheels and handbars. The transport wheelchair makes it easier for people and caregivers to feel comfortable and comfortable. The carriage chair is much lighter than a wheelchair, plus it is more compact that makes traveling easier on the town. This carriage features 12 large rear wheel gear A car that performs better on an irregular surface and compact when folded is easy to put into a car or up the stairs.

Weighing just 22 lbs and equipped with seat belts, comfortable mattresses, fixed benches and removable stands.

Available in two colors – red and blue. Lightweight aluminum carrying chair with circular arms and weight up to 300 lb. Greater than 12 “Large rear wheel and flattened detachable walk to ease in and out larger.

Back in the chair makes it easy to store (32 “H x 24” D x 10 “W), comfortable wide seat (19” W x 16 “D) with reinforced sheath, Type the Loop you push down to lock and pull up to enlarge the size.

Larger rear wheels give better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces.

Larger features: Hand-wheel brake allows the carer to squeeze the hand to slow down or press down to fully engage the brake pedal with the brake.

“Rear bumper for better performance on uneven outdoor surfaces. Quality only 22 lbs (10 kg). Seat size: 19” W x 16 “No car seat belt. Mold size: 10” x 24 “D x 32” H.

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Q & A

Q: How high are the armrests from the seat, looked at one and said for a short person they were to high is the seat 19 inches?

AMy mom-in-law is a small lady, she is about 5 ft and can sit in the transport chair comfortable.

QCan the entire footrests be removed?

AYes the footrests can be removed.We are impressed with the construction of the chair and the portability. I weigh 100 lbs and I easily get the chair in and out of car trunk to take my 180 lb spouse into his doctors’ offices.

Q: How much weight does it hold?

AThe product description on the Amazon page lists capacity as 300 pounds. On only the second occasion that the chair was used, my own experience was that pushing my 160 pound wife over uneven city pavement caused the aluminum front wheel brackets to twist and buckle. They cost nearly as much as a new chair to replace.

QWhat is the wheel base width? I have a narrow bath room door measure 23″ wide.

AI believe the width is about 31 inches maybe a little less. I live in a small apartment with my husband dad.. This chair wouldn’t fit well in the bathroom but it goes through all of our doors fine.

QMy mother lives in ny city. the streets are uneven and sometimes without sidewalk cuts. how difficult is it to maneuver in these conditions?

AMy husband is 73 years old and he has not any problems pushing me all over the place. I let him know when a bump or large crack is coming up in the sidewalk. If we have to cross a high uneven spot on the walk he turns me around and pulls me up backwards. The larger back wheels make it easier to maneuver high uneven areas. The wheelchair I have does have parking breaks all you have to do is pull the lower handle downward to lock them.

Top Reviews

A Perfect Choice!

My mother was looking for a wheelchair to use for my father who has Alzheimer’s Disease. She needed one to move him around inside the house and also out to the car. Since he can’t push himself, I found that a transport wheelchair would work best for our purposes. The tires are rubbery and the front tires swivel. The whole chair is very sturdy yet lightweight and easy to fold and looks very sporty. The widest part (where the side brakes stick out above the rear wheels) of the wheelchair is 22 1/2″ so it fits through our interior doorways (except the bathroom door).

Pretty Easy for a small Wheelchair!

Compared to a regular wheelchair with the big tires, this one is a lot easier to get in and out of your car as well as cruising through small areas a regular one has trouble with. A regular wheelchair is easier to push because of the big wheels, but this chair is still fairly easy to push. Uphill and all-terrain driving requires some muscle power that may limit some weaker “pushers” but overall its not too bad. I definitely appreciate the breaking mechanism on this little chair too downhill is not as scary and speed can be maintained. Also, this chair can pop wheelies over doorstops, gaps and curbs a bit easier than some of the bigger chairs, and the little foot pegs on the back help with that.

Ultra light wheelchair

This is a beautiful, lighweight wheelchair. It stated good for weight of up to 300 pounds. My husband is about 270 and it was a little tight. This is a great chair but did not work for us because my husband’s leg needed to be extended and the footrests did not extend. THis is not a negative for the chair, but just did not work for us. It arrived SUPERFAST. I would recommend it for anyone who was a little less than 250 pounds and did not need to elevate their leg.

My mother (and I) are quite pleased.

At the nursing home, my mother uses a standard walker, but on outings she needs something she can sit on. We tried a rollator/transport chair but it was uncomfortable beyond the first 15 minutes. So, I chose this chair. I had hoped it folded up more compactly, which is why I chose the one where the handles folded down. That really didn’t help, so I’d suggest you may save some money without that option.


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