Mattress Warranty – How Does It Work?

If you are going to buy a large item like a mattress, it is normal that you will want to have a good warranty coverage for it. But how real mattress warranty work? You will be able to take advantage of it if you need to use it? First, let’s look at what problems your warranty will cover and those that will not.

 Covered by Warranty

  • Manufacturing defects
    Mattress Warranty
    Mattress Warranty
  • Manufacturing defects can range from defective parts to the class is not properly affixed to a mattress does not extend to the height of its advertising and more. It really depends on the mattress warranty is set by the manufacturer.

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    • Ring

    Hammocks are very popular in the buffer, especially if you are using the mattress for quite a while. If your mattress is sagging and get you into trouble with your sleep, it can be your warranty, but it will have to be measured before and if the measured depth reaches the amount set by the manufacturer, you will be covered, if not, then you’re stuck with the mattress.

    Depth deflection allowed will vary from manufacturer. Different types of mattresses will have different ratios hammock deep. It is best to thoroughly read your warranty will not be left with an uncomfortable mattress if it ever was sagging problem.

    Not Covered

    • Took comfort and / or support the use daily.

    It’s very common for the mattress to lose some of their ability to provide comfort and / or support when you use it daily. Unfortunately, this problem is not warranted because there is no way to measure it.

    • Damage caused by use of frames and / or improper basis.

    If you are going to be put mattresses on a platform, make sure that the platform is standards prescribed by the manufacturer. If your mattress is damaged and it was discovered that the cause of this damage is the use of a frame, foundation or platform that is not up to standards set by the manufacturer, warranty can be canceled.

    To prevent this problem, use a platform that goes alongside the mattress you are buying or if you are using the current one, just make sure that the products conform to the guidelines prescribed by facility producer.

    • The damage caused by the user.

    If your mattress is dirty, discolored and damaged by your own doing, the warranty could be canceled. For example, if the sagging mattress and it reaches a depth that makes it eligible for warranty but dirty or stained mattress, the warranty will not be accepted even if the color or dirty areas are nowhere near sagging area. To make sure that this will not be a problem, a mattress protector is recommended.

    Warranty Period

    The length of the warranty period different from brand to brand. Some give 1 year, 5 years a number of proposals, etc. One thing that you should remember is that the length of the warranty period is not equal to the useful life of the mattress. Some mattresses provide short warranty period can still be useful over time warranty while some said mattress warranty 25 years, it may be useless in a short period of time than security their practice significantly.

    In short, long warranty does not automatically lead to a quality product.

    Prorated and non prorated warranty

    The warranty comes with your mattress, or may be prorated, non-prorated, or a combination of both. Proportional means when your warranty claim, you and the manufacturers will share the costs of the repairs. No prorated on the other hand, manufacturers shoulder everything. Of course, the best is not prorated, but it’s rare that you’ll find a mattress that offers a warranty is not prorated for the period.

    The most common type of warranty these days is a combination of both. What usually happens is that in the first few years, the warranty is not prorated, but after a certain time, it will switch to a prorated. The length of the warranty is not in proportion to vary from brand to brand.

    What happens when your warranty claim?

    When you claim warranty on the mattress, you should expect that it may take a long time. This process is slow because the problem depends on the mattress, there may be third-party inspectors to ensure that your mattress is indeed eligible. You will also have to pay for some fees such as inspection fees, shipping and more. These costs could rise.

    Some brands are known for being difficult to work with when it comes to warranty, while some brands are very good with customers. It is important that you only buy from the brand mattresses provide good customer service.

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