LUCID 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

LUCID 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review
LUCID 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress Review

Now more and more brands enter low-priced mattress market and you can find several cheaper mattresses than LUCID by 8-inch memory foam mattress. But it’s still a great combination of cheap price and high quality. LUCID 8-inch is one of the most popular beds on the internet and hundreds of owners rate this bed 5 stars. LUCID beds have nearly the lowest price compare to other online brands but the similar comfort and durability. That’s a primary reason why so many owners like it. It’s a firm mattress and you should give it a shot if you like firm bed. Besides it performs very well in relieving back aches, regularizing sleeping temperature and separating motion transfer.

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Features of LUCID 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

Firmness grade: 8 (1-10 softest to firmest) 

Thinner mattress like this 8 inch LUCID mattress is firmer than thicker models because it doesn’t have a thick layer to buffer weight pressure and has to provide enough support for different builds on the thinner foam. It’s firm but not extreme. When you first lay on it, it will conform to your body gradually. It lets you sink down 0.5 to 1 inch to get cradling support.

Comfort matters most

This mattress is very comfortable. You can’t expect more on an entry-level mattress. The bed has a decent thick memory foam that molds to your body perfectly and help your pressure points sink in at the right depth. Based on my experience and research, LUCID 8-inch memory foam mattress is a better choice for the lightweight or regular size person. People who weigh more may feel it’s too soft as they sink deeper into the bed and can’t get the support the body needs

The next important thing

In addition to comfort, the next important thing is the quality of the mattress. Although LUCID 8-inch mattress is made in China, few owners have complaint about its durability. These days, the quality of China made products is improving and most mattresses on the market are made in China, even the Tempurpedic mattress which is known for quality. You can rest assured that LUCID 8-inch will support you for years.

Satisfactory price

LUCID always prices their mattresses at the cheaper end of the spectrum and this 8-inch memory foam mattress is no exception. That’s a primary reason why LUCID is the most popular mattress brand online. LUCID 8-inch mattress is only 1/10 the price of the name brand and can be easily found for little over $200 (check out the price).

LUCID 8 inch VS Sleep Innovations 8 inch

If you can’t decide on LUCID mattresses or Sleep Innovations, read the paragraphs below or check out LUCID VS Sleep Innovations and you will find the answer.

To find a decent 8-inch memory foam mattress, you should look at LUCID and Sleep Innovations. Both two brands manufacture cheapest but quality memory foam mattresses. The price of their beds usually 1/5 or 1/6, even 1/10 of the brand name. They have few differences and most specifications in common such as pain relief. Both 8-inch mattresses of two brands uses 2-inch 3lb memory foam as the top layer. That said, they provide nearly the same comfort and support for the sleeper.

The biggest difference between LUCID and Sleep Innovations is where the mattress is made. Personally, I prefer the products made in the US and the Sleep Innovations bed is US made. If you don’t care where it’s produced, then LUCID is also a nice option and it is made in China. In addition, the prices of two brands are different. LUCID 8-inch is cheaper than the other bed. The price gap is about $70. As I mentioned, if you don’t care it’s not made in US, the LUCID bed is the best deal.

You have to know: warranty, foundation and cover

LUCID doesn’t include warranty information Amazon and their official website. It only tells us it’s a 25 year limited warranty. We contacted LUCID and were given a warranty with very few details. It’s useless and unhelpful. After we collect and search over the internet, we find they have relatively strict requirements for warranty claim. The mattress can’t be used on a box spring or wooden slats. Many buyers put the mattress on box spring and sleep like a dream. They aren’t aware that they have voided the warranty and will know that when LUCID asks for foundation photos. LUCID recommends the metal frame because it gives mattress proper ventilation and avoids mold.

There is another important thing that LUCID doesn’t tell and many buyers don’t know will invalid the warranty. When you make a warranty claim, make sure you have the mattress under a waterproof cover. It comes with a regular cover, not waterproof of course. You have to buy an extra cover for the mattress. LUCID do stand behind their products but they don’t provide all details about the warranty and just stand there waiting for buyers to ask. Hope LUCID make some improvements and this isn’t a good way doing business. And they will lose all customers.

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Issues of LUCID 8-inch Memory Foam Mattress

The smell

The new mattress smell is a common occurrence among all memory foam mattresses, especially a worse issue on those expensive models. If you have a sensitive nose, let it air out for a few hours with a fan. The odor will dissipate.

Lose firmness 

Among negative reports, many owners complained their mattress lost firmness and got soft after months. A few customers witnessed the indentation where they slept. The deterioration induces back pains and bad sleep quality. It seems LUCID have a lot work to do and first thing must be to enforce strict quality control.

Owner Reviews

“Our child continues to sleep really well on this mattress (just transitioned from toddler bed) Mattress is firm, but even when I lay on it, it’s very supportive and comfortable, without feeling too firm.” – Melissa

“Two guests both gave the mattress 5 stars…best night of sleep in a guest room. The 8″ depth is perfect for the bottom trundle :-)” – Betty Molnar

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If you are looking for a bed that costs least and lasts for years, LUCID 8-inch memory foam mattress is really the best deal. It has everything a great mattress should have, comfort, reliable quality and awesome price.

Mattress details

  • Available mattress sizes: California King, Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL
  • 2-inch 3lb memory foam
  • 6-inch foam base
  • 25 years warranty


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