LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Firm Feel Review

LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Firm Feel Review
LUCID 6 Inch Memory Foam Mattress Firm Feel Review

LUCID 6 inch Firm Memory Foam Mattress is a perfect option for underweight persons. They don’t need to buy a thicker mattress because this one is able to provide adequate support and comfort they need. Such a thick memory foam mattress is a better choice to be used as a child bed as it doesn’t only align spine correctly but also improve sleep quality. And children are very happy with this bed parents buy for them. An important point why people love it is its price. The price is as cheap as a crib mattress.

Features of LUCID 6 inch Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Great for regular size people or light people

It is a thin mattress featuring 2″ memory foam soft layer and 4″ foam base. 6″ thickness decides it’s a mattress for thin persons not an ideal choice for heavy people. Based on a study and customer reviews, people under 200 lb will find it is comfortable and people over 200 lb should look at thicker ones.

A decent bed for kids

Due to its thickness, LUCID 6 inch mattress works perfectly as a kid or teen bed. Among owners, many moms and dads buy this bed for their daughters and sons. And kids are very satisfied and enjoying sleeping on it. Thinner memory foam mattress including 6″ and 8″ can be a great bed for kids because it’s also able to help align children’s spine correctly and offer good support.

Firm mattress

LUCID 6 inch is a firm mattress that offers people having bad back sufficient support. It helps reduce pressure points and relieve back pain. For people who like a firm bed, it’s definitely a perfect choice. But if you prefer a soft bed, there are many soft beds on the market.

Not expensive

How much does 6″ LUCID mattress is? Not expensive. Very cheap, exactly. 6″ is the thinnest versions among memory foam mattresses. That said, it has the lowest price compared to thicker memory foam mattresses. It’s a fraction of a fraction of other mattresses. Click here for price

The catch

Actually, it doesn’t have any issues. Maybe the new plastic odor is the catch. You will notice a slight odor after you open the box. But following the instructions, the odor will dissipate quickly.

Customer reviews

  • “We bought this mattress for our 3 year old who is transitioning out of his toddler bed. It’s even better than I hoped for! This mattress is extrememly comfortable and seems sturdy!” – Kel”kelly210″
  • “Very Comfortable. Feels like heaven laying down. It adapts to your back and supports the whole body.” – jozhe

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Primary Downsides of LUCID 6 inch Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Poor quality control

When it comes to downsides, we have tons to talk about as owner’s complaint this mattress receives is about every aspect. What people complain most is the strong odor lingering for long time. It’s very strong to cause headache and dizziness and stay for weeks and months. It’s not supposed to be a stinky bed as LUCID tells their foams are certified by CertiPUR-US. The second most complained issue is it loses firmness or sags in a few months. Quite a few owners report the mattress was very comfortable and firm but after several months it became much softer. The mattress either refuses to recover the indentation or loses firmness forever.

There’re also some other buyers complaining the false advertisements. It’s supposed to be a firm bed but not at all. Once sleepers lay on it, they find their body sinking down all the way to the bottom without any resistance. They could feel the bed frames. Besides those, some owners receive mattresses that never decompress to 6 inch full size. Their mattresses only inflated to 4 or 5 inches.

All mattresses have owner complaint and usually it’s about one or two issues. LUCID 6-inch receives complaint about several different aspects and that raises questions about their quality control. At least we can say the quality control on this 6-inch memory foam mattress is very poor.

There is something good we find among owner reports that no one complain about sleeping hot issue. That being said, although this mattress doesn’t feature gel foam, it still can keep temperature of mattress surface at an acceptable level and not burn sleepers at night.


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