LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress Review

LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress Review
LUCID 16 Inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress Review

Lots of owners were skeptical first about buying LUCID 16 inch Plush Memory Foam and Latex Mattress. Because they didn’t touch, test or lay on it. But finally, they got satisfied and known it was the bed they expected. When you receive a beat up box, don’t be overly concerned. The mattress inside is protected very well. This bed combines natural latex and memory foam, which owns super high satisfaction among customers. Such a combination makes owners give many positive reviews and feedback. Another reason why so many people like LUCID 16 mattress is its excellent price. Certainly, this bed is not a perfect product. A few owners complained it came with a funny smell and it took a few says to be gone. But like many customers said, for 20%-25% the price of the big brand, you can’t ask for more.

Recently LUCID upgraded mattress models to make them more comfortable and breathable. They did make some changes in their thickest 16 inches memory foam latex mattress, not as many as other models though. The second 3-inch plush memory foam layer is replaced with 3-inch ventilated gel memory foam. The change is very important to improve mattress breathability and reduce body heat trapping.

Features of LUCID 16-inch Memory Foam Latex Mattress

Firmness grade: 5 (1-10 softest to firmest)

Based on official LUCID website, this 16-inch memory foam mattress is on the plush side. And yes, this mattress isn’t the firmest among all LUCID beds as it uses 3lb dense memory foam. But you shouldn’t consider it as a soft bed. Actually, most owners said it was medium firm, yet soft and supportive instead of plush. That said, when sleeping on it, sleepers will sink into the bed, but not too much. So, many owners like its soft surface and firm support. Especially side sleepers get a longer-last sleep without arm stiffness.

Multiple-layer design decides the firmness of each layer is inconsistent with others’. The 1 inch top layer softest and the 10 inch foam base is firmest to provide solid support. Top two layers are very plush and soft, while lower layers are very firm. Therefore you will find the heavier you are the deeper you sink into the mattress. That’s partly why some owner reviews are in conflict with others about firmness.

Ideal mattress for big guys

For big guys, mattress thickness matters most. Only thick mattresses can provide adequate support and comfort that thinner mattresses lack. Heavy sleepers will feel not overly firm but supportive on this LUCID 16″ latex memory foam mattress. Such a thick mattress is well suited to people over 300lb and especially best suited for over 400lb. For sleepers who weigh less than 200lb, this mattress also works very well but 8, 10 and 12 inches are budget choice.

You may need time to adpat to it

A few owners mentioned they didn’t slept well when they lay on the bed for the first few days. They didn’t feel super comfort as expected. But after about one week, they adapted to this thick bed. That’s partly because this bed is too thick. Some guys don’t get accustomed with it. That usually happens on those people who don’t use memory foam mattress. However, once your body gets used to it, you may say the word “amazing” as many owners said.

Affordable price

As some owners said, they bought an over $2000 mattress for about 25% the price. Like other LUCID products out there, this LUCID 16 mattress has a competitive price and that’s a primary reason why LUCID have been so popular on the internet. If you are a person like me who will never spend thousands of dollars on a bed, then look no further and this is the one. Sometimes LUCID raises or lowers the price for some reasons and maybe you are lucky today (check out the price).

Multiple layers good for people of all builds 

This 16-inch mattress is featuring four-layer design. The multiple-layer design makes it versatile for people of different builds and accommodates different and combined sleep positions. Each layer usually has its own firmness and ILD rating and generally firmness increases from top layer to bottom. Such specific design allows people of different weights and builds find the optimized support and comfort they need. Regular dual-layer mattress may make heavy people bottom out and bury in a soft mattress or refuse to let lightweight people sink a bit on a firm top layer. Besides, multiple layer design 16-inch mattress is able to provide different sleep positions with needed support to fill the gaps between body and mattress. Gaps being filled means pressure points are removed and pain in back, shoulders and hips will be gone.

Help back pain? Yes

As mentioned previously, LUCID 16-inch has soft surface and firm support. When you laying on the bed, you will penetrate into the foam for a couple of inches then feel the firm support. That keeps your lower back straight. It is because the combination of memory foam and natural latex puts every pressure point of the body where it is supposed to be, including feet, hips, back, shoulder, neck and head. So a lot of owners told their back and shoulder pain improved.

A Cooler bed? No

Heat retention is a common problem among memory foam mattresses. Someone said this bed was a cool bed. That’s not true. The ventilated latex and open cell construction do work and set LUCID 16-inch mattress apart from many other memory foams. It doesn’t lower the sleeping temperature but prevents the foam from retaining too much heat from your body. It keeps the temperature at a comfortable level. That said, it will get warm but not overheating. The hot sleepers don’t need to worry waking up with sweat.

Warranty and return policy

LUCID 16-inch comes with 25 year warranty that is longer than the warranty of many mattresses. For buy a mattress online, a longer warranty can save you from expected trouble in the future. Apart from that, LUCID has confirmed that Amazon 30 days return policy applies to all LUCID mattresses. Customers don’t need to worry about the package issue and Amazon guys will get the job done.

Suggested box foundation

The primary layers of LUCID 16-inch memory foam mattress are memory foam. To maintain its shape and flat surface, it’s recommended to use a foundation instead of a regular box spring that leads to sag in the middle of the bed. A wood box foundation from another brand works perfectly with LUCID 16-inch mattress, which is mentioned by many owners.

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Issues of LUCID 16-inch Memory Foam Latex Mattress

Strong chemical odor

Some owners complain the mattress has a strong smell. Usually, thicker memory foam has stronger smell. Follow the instructions, let the bed air out for a few days and the smell will be gone.

Too heavy

A few owners tell they can’t move the bed alone. When you receive this bed, you’d better have two persons to move it to your room.

Latex should not be placed in the center

Latex has a few primary features and advantages like sleeping cooler than memory foam, being naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, quick response to pressure, etc. Most features need our body to have direct contact with latex layer and that’s said we can experience those latex advantages when we’re laying on it directly. However, LUCID put latex layer in the center and we can’t figure out why they do. The middle layer always is playing a role of a buffer offering extra cradling comfort and soft support in advance. Regular firm memory foam is totally good enough for a buffer. Hope LUCID could adjust latex layer to the top.

Customer Reviews

LUCID 16-inch Memory Foam and Latex Mattress possesses all advantages an excellent mattress has. Its customer rating and reviews has proven that. The frequent words you will find in the reviews are “great”, “best”, “happy” and so on. It’s not the best mattress like some customers said, but a comfortable mattress indeed. 4.6 stars on Amazon, you couldn’t find a mattress with a higher rating.

  • “This is a very nice mattress and far exceeded my expectations due to the price range of this item.”
  • “Back problems have plagued me for years, constantly waking up and trying to find the sweet spot. Not any more!!”
  • “Again, great mattress. Save yourself $2000+. Wife loves it too.”
  • “5 Stars for this excellent product at an equally excellent price!”

Where to buy LUCID 16″ Memory Foam Mattress?

There are only two places on the internet selling 16″ LUCID Natural Latex Memory Foam Mattress including directly from LUCID Mattress company site and Amazon. But I found the best place for a great deal on this mattress was at Amazon because it costs 1/3 the price on company site. Click here for price

Mattress details:

  • Bed sizes: California King, Full, King, Queen, Twin, Twin XL
  • 1-inch bamboo charcoal memory foam
  • 3-inch comfort memory foam layer
  • 2-inch natural latex layer
  • 10-inch base foam
  • 25 year warranty

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