LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress For Back Pain, Medium

LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress For Back Pain, Medium
LUCID 10 Inch Memory Foam Mattress For Back Pain, Medium

Lucid 10 inch memory foam mattress is one of most economical solutions for back pain relief. Most owners left reviews and proved apparent improvement on their back. If you have never tried memory foam mattress, don’t worry as it has an awesome price anyone can afford and 25 years warranty. Although it only uses 2.5 inch top foam not 3 inch of the competition, owners still get all advantages such as like comfort and support ,zero noise, limited motion transfer, etc. It’s also one of best selling products in memory foam category. I think their success to a great extent is attributed to medium firm level they gave. The majority of customers reported it felt just right more than too firm or too soft. Thousands of buyers unlikely made the same one mistake. If you don’t like taking a risk, this 10 inch foam is worth a shot.

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Remove back pain effectively
The ability of removing back aches is the most mentioned feature among verified reviewers, especially aging parents. After they slept on this mattress, back pain went away and shoulders didn’t hurt any more. Some even compared it to known brand because $300 did what $2000 didn’t. Sound sleep and refreshed morning came back to them. Why back aches sufferers give so many compliments? Actually, the top comfort layer maps the whole body shape and aligns spine correctly all night. That helps soften pressure points to send haunted aches away.

Firm level

In manufacturing process, Lucid tuned this 10-inch memory foam mattress to medium/firm level. Based on customer reviews, over 90% owners commented it was just right, a little firm but not hard as a rock. They like the feel of mattress hugging hips, shoulders and back. It’s comfortable and supportive. That said, most people have no issue with this mattress. If you’re going to buy first memory foam mattress in your life, you should know that it’s a different experience with spring mattress. Many people have a period of adjustment before get used to.

Weight dependent

Like other brands entry-level model, Lucid 10-inch is using 2.5-inch basic 3 lb memory foam for comfort layer. 3 lb density foam is weight dependent type. Different weights of sleepers have different experience. For example, heavy persons sink in deeper so they have cradling feeling as advertised. Lightweight ones only sink a bit, not much so they may feel a bit firm or supportive. Memory foam mattress is an ideal solution to couples of different weights.

Smell bad?

As for the bad odor many owners mentioned in their reviews, it could be easily detected when you unpack it. But it doesn’t haunt too long and usually dissipates in 48 hours. The fresh smell is nothing important, which each memory foam mattress is born with. More importantly, it’s completely harmless. With doors, windows open and fans on, the odor run away faster. If you have a sensitive nose, let it air out for long time.

About indentation

Some owners complained their mattresses indented badly where they always slept. In some cases, it has something to do with lack of maintenance. Memory foam mattress requires regular rotating and it’s recommended to do it once three or four weeks. That helps mattress keep in good condition. If you have the same issue, don’t worry. It comes with 25 years warranty cover damage caused by normal wear and tear. Just take a few pictures of mattress, indented part and bed frames. Email to [email protected] and you will get full refund.

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