Liteaid Lumbar Massaging Pillow
Liteaid Lumbar Massaging Pillow

Liteaid Lumbar Massaging Pillow

It doesn’t get much simpler than the Liteaid Lumbar Massaging Pillow. The pillow has a soft, comfortable cover and a relatively firm core that provides the pressure your sore back needs. It has three different vibration levels.

Liteaid Lumbar Massaging Pillow
Liteaid Lumbar Massaging Pillow

3 massage modes allows you to customize your experience

Powerful massage mode allowing for a customizable massage

Belt attaches to head rests and office chairs

Ultra comfortable suede lining for satisfying naps and warming tense muscles

Conveniently sized and weighing at 0.37 lbs for hassle-free travel and storage

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About Liteaid Lumbar Massaging Pillow

The Liteaid Lumbar Massaging Pillow targets tired muscles in the neck, shoulder, lumbar and lower lumbar regions. With three vibration modes, you can find the perfect intensity to soothe and relieve discomfort. Perfect for desk chairs, car seats, couches, plane rides, and dining chairs, the Lumbar Massaging Pillow by Liteaid will put an end to long, uncomfortable days at the office, and painful travel experiences.

Complete with a belt, it easily attaches to head rests and office chairs. The push suede lining allows for comfortable naps, and also acts as a heating agent to further soothe and relax tense back muscles. Whether you need relief from back discomfort or just a nap while traveling, it is the perfect solution to back aches.

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Q & A

Q: What size and how many batteries does it take?

AIt takes 2 AA batteries. Battery life is approx. 8 to 10 hours.

Q: will it help with neck pain?

AIt would, however, I have had quality issues and will not purchase that item again.

QHow much noise does the massager create? Is the noise level appropriate for an office setting?

AI think it’s kind of loud for an office setting. I was hoping I could use the massage feature at work, but I haven’t dared to very often. 

Top Reviews

Liteaid is excellent choice for back pain.

The Liteaid Lumbar Message Pillow is perfect for backaches. Light, comfortable and easy to take anywhere.
Battery life depends on which settings you use.

I Like It A lot!

A wonderful massage pillow which runs on 2-AA batteries and is very soft. I purchased this with the “Etronic Ultra Comfort Massage Neck” pillow, from the same company, and use both of them together. This lumbar pillow on the lower part of my back and the other product around my neck. They both arrived together and I can use them for travel or at home.


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