Kids Fun Play Tent Playhouse

Kids Fun Play Tent Playhouse by Truedays

Age Range: At least 1 year old

One of the biggest tents kiddie playhouses that we have on our list is from Truedays Fun Kids Playhouse. It measured nearly 4 feet high on each of 4 sides and 55 inches. It is designed as a cube house complete with doors and windows. The polyester fabric is supported by a complete shock cord system was thoroughly coated with polyurethane. It also features a waterproof floor so it can be placed on any surface both outdoor and indoor. The front door can be closed with a Velcro system while the second port tunnel that doubles as windows allow expansion options. The port cap roll down the tunnel to simulate the window opening. Set it as easy as twisting it back and just let it pop out.

What we like about it – This is great for stimulating pretend and imaginative play in children. Also useful in the development of their psychomotor. It can also be expanded to simply mean that you can have an entire network of pipes or tunnels snaked in his backyard for the children of the whole neighborhood to have a great time.

Kids Fun Play Tent Playhouse
Kids Fun Play Tent Playhouse
  • Polyster
  • Imported
  • The tent size is 55.1″x47.2″x47.2″, the largest kid play tent on market
  • Velcro front door closure and 2 tunnel ports with roll down flaps
  • This giant children play tent is designed to be kid tough with a waterproof floor and patented shock-corded PU coated pole system
  • It’s a building quick-opening pop up kid play hut,convenient and quick, please check below youtube vedio link for fold up instructions
  • Designed especially large for added play value

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About Kids Fun Play Tent Playhouse

100% Brand New and Good Quality Kids Big Playhut Outdoor Indoor Fun Play Tent House Pop Hut Play Pit Balls pool, passed USA CPSA testing. Its a building quick-opening kid play Pou-up Tent,Convenient and quick.
Material: 190T Polyster environmental protection high quality polyster cloth
Size:47.2×47.2×55 inch
Capacity: 2-4 kids
Package Weight: 4 lbs
Packing: packed in polyster cloth bag
Package size: 19x19x2 inch

Check Youtube Video for fold up tutorial here.

Q  & A

Q: Does it get too warm inside the tent if it is used outdoors in the Sun? Any options with “cooler” material would ve been good.

A: No. The window flaps can be tied open and the door as well.

Q: How do I fold it back to its storage box? Having trouble in folding it
A: Just be an athlete and figure it out.

Q: Can it been used in parks/outdoors on sunny/warm days ? How about Windy or on beaches ?Thanks !
A: Can be used outdoors if properly staked. If using outdoors pay attention to interior play hut temperature and make sure doors and windows stay open to allow for comfortable air flow.

Q: Is this house can be contained 400 balls?
A: Yes…. I ordered 300 and need about 300 more to be filled…but it depends on the size of the balls and what you persue….it has near to floor door mean not too much space dowm the door so if you put more balls than needed the are going to be out all the time….hope this hepl….was a good choice.


I’d buy it again
This is great! I bought this for his birthday thinking I was going to turn it into a ball pit for some of the tots.
  • Pros:
    – Fairly sized, about the size of a larger area rug
    – lightweight yet seems sturdy enough
    – compactable with a few twists and it comes with it’s own storage bag. The roof is easy, the building itself takes a few tries but please don’t just force it!! You will ruin the wire’s memory and turn it lopsided…you’ll see what i mean when you actually try. The twist should feel like it naturally falls into itself
    – has stakes in case you need to ground it
    – about 4″ lip around the doorways so the balls don’t roll out easily (except if you start from a full fill of about 400+ balls) I used about 350 more than enough
  • Cons:
    – the larger screen mesh doorway doesn’t have a velcro option to secure it open if needed, the other one does. AT least it has side ties
    – a little pricier than I would like but given that it is unique for it’s play function and size, I bought it
    – I would have preferred if they used a thicker material for the flooring or at least double layered it, if you put it outside in “rough” grass…better off laying a roll of fake turf or something like that but this really isn’t a deal breaker considering what it is. It’s perfect for indoor play on a area rug of equal size.

Pops Up Easily, Lots of Play Room, Great for Ball Pit

I am very pleased with this play tent house. It comes in a flat round storage bag about 24″ diameter and no more than 2″ thick. There are two pieces to the tent, the house and the roof. There are also small pegs if the tent will be used outside. The roof and the house just pop up when the pieces are twisted just a bit. The roof attaches to the house by sturdy fabric loops and hard plastic toggles. I bought this for my 5 year old twin grandchildren. They can both easily fit inside on the floor. Both are tall for their age but can still stand up in the center of the house.

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