Karman S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Review

While each wheelchair featured in the article in 2018 has its own distinct advantages, only one person can claim the number one position. That is an Karman S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair from Karman Healthcare!

Karman S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair Review
Karman S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair In 2018 By Karman Healthcare

This wheelchair is not only the best overall wheelchair, but also one of the top wheelchairs in each type of manual wheelchair. Most importantly, this wheelchair is far-and-away being rated.

Features and Characteristics of The Karman S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair

When choosing a size, this wheelchair maintains a competitive position with other wheelchairs on the list. It is available in three widths of 18 inches, 19 inches, and 20 inches. However, with a length of 18 inches, this seat is longer than the 16-inch model seen in most other wheelchairs. In addition, seats for each size are designed in a styled fashion to reduce pressure and discomfort as well as reduce the risk of ulcers from long sitting periods.

Armrest of the wheelchair is designed in design with concave pads to give patients maximum comfort. Armrest (as well as seats and stands) are padded with an antibacterial liquid sleeve designed for easy cleaning.

This is the first item that Karman S-305 Ergonomic started to withdraw from the competition. While standard, leggings are available with wheelchairs, it is also offered with “foot frog” brake pads. Frog legs are shock-absorber tubes that reduce shock by 76% when applied to the leg. These characters are also capable of lifting up the legrests and overcoming obstacles during the movement. Although this may be a small item, customers praise it as a handy surprise tool that they “do not realize will be very helpful.”

The legrests are also specially designed to swing away, or swing in. The ability to swing in is a feature that allows for easier storage (and not seen in many other wheelchairs).

Additional Features

It is in its complementary features that this wheelchair really moves leaps and bounds off other products in 2018. The additional features of the chair include: folding chair and seat for easy storage facilities; Multiple color options to allow patients to customize the wheelchair to their liking; quick axle for easy movement and control of the wheelchair; And the special features of the chair in the chair, hanging racks and feet to give patients the comfort as possible.


Karman S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is appreciated for its cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, extras and customer feedback. Also, note that customer feedback will be considered additional, as this is the most important review item.

This wheelchair claims its role as one of the most cost-effective options, as it offers an excellent quality at a reasonable price. Its quality can be witnessed in some of its features. By offering a large selection of additional options as well as its ergonomic features, it stands on its competition. In addition, many considerations for storage, comfort, and support make it one of the easiest to use wheelchairs available.

With a perfect rating, there is no doubt that the S-305 Ergonomic Ultra Lightweight Wheelchair is the highest rated option this year.

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Q & A

QIs this a foldable chair?

AYes – it’s a lightweight and folds very well. The wheels pop off if needed, as do the foot pedals.

QDoes chair come with anti-tippers? If not, how much do they cost?

AYes they are optional and cost is $39 Pair.

QI’m torn is this chair worth the money for an occasional user? Do I need to purchase footrests?

AThe chair is great if someone is pushing you however I find it to be rather difficult to use on my own. The wheels are set back a little too far, but can be adjusted forward, for me to give a long length of movement. The chair is much more comfortable than many of my past chairs and it is much lighter weight and easier to deal with too.

I believe the chair comes with foot rests. Mine are comfortable and sturdy. Note… I have lost 90 pounds since the last time I used it so it may be easier to use on my own now. I will test it out this weekend on a trip to Disneyland.

QI bought this chair and am having trouble – it does not roll like last chair – working twice as hard to get anywhere. Am I doing something wrong?

AI have had this chair for one week and it is difficult to push unlike my other chairs. I am going to call the company. Will let you know what they say. Everything else I like about it but can’t live with how it rolls. No carpet only tile.

Qwhen you raise the “height” of the chair by changing where the rear wheels are placed the chair tilts forward. How can chair be used tilted?

AI never had to change the ‘height’ of the chair by moving the rear wheels so I never dealt with a forward tilt. The chair was perfect for me straight out of the box after the leg attachments were secured. I always sat horizontal to the floor- felt very safe & secure.

Top Reviews

Perfect chair

This chair was purchased for an elderly father who spends all day in the chair. He was using the nursung centers and really wasn, all that comfortable.This is great, he said if he has to be stuck in a chair for his remaining days, this is the chair he’ll do it in. THe arms lift up and rotate out of the way so when he goes to dinner he can be rolled right up to the table, no more side sitting. works great taking him out to resteraunts for holidays.

The removable, washable cushions are a real plus’ Looking into purcgasing a second set of cushions to make swapping them out for home cleaning easier. The chair is light ,compacts easy to fit in a trunk, and rolls like a sport chair. I work in a 600 bed hospital and have worked on differant chairs, this is as good or better than any I’ve seen in my 30 years there.

Karman S-305 is a great Wheelchair for me once I get a new cushion

I am a quadriplegic from breaking my neck. I regained the usage of my arms. I bought this chair to help me gain strength in my arms. I have to use a ROHO cushion to prevent pressure soars on my bottom. The cushion that I use is 4 inches. With the cushion I had to lower the chair to the highest hole so I can reach the wheels.

Couldn’t be happier!

This is the most amazingly well made, light-weight, balanced, manageable wheel chair I have ever laid my hands on!!! Kudos to the designer and manufacturer for exceeding my expectations on every small detail. Quick release foot rests unlike any I’ve ever seen, extra light frame but strong. Tires that actually hold the brake contact, and brakes that you don’t have to “fish” for! The seat covers are extraordinary in both comfort and functionality. EVERYTHING adjusts to a custom fit. I can’t say enough good. The shipping was right on the money, and NO assembly required.
Heartfelt thanks to the Karman company for making such and incredible piece of equipment.

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