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Ryobi ZRCSB144LZK Circular Saw

Doug wrote with an interesting question, and one that many homeowners, self-realization, and carpenters began to face at one time or another.

Ryobi ZRCSB144LZK Circular Saw
Ryobi ZRCSB144LZK Circular Saw

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What would you buy first, a mold saws, jigsaws? Here is his question in more detail:

“If you are an average homeowner, but you will want to first see?

A friend of mine had her first home, and likes to do small projects. I thought about her a circular saw, but to think, maybe a saw mold would be a better choice?

You can always cut a couple of 2x to mold if you must know, but you will never cut any curve with circular? A metal blade in the mold can cut the rod shower or threshold range much easier.

A jig saw is safer, but this woman is more than right and was built on the rig floor and took the roof for the living environment should concern me is the best bang for the buck, the most versatile and useful most useful for a woman the only host”.


After giving much thought, and reflected back to the buying decision of my own, I would say that a jig-saw is the better choice is one’s first electric saws. This may not be true for everyone, but perhaps my reasons will help.

A mold saws, equipped with the appropriate blade, can handle many different types of cuts, and in different types of matter.

Back when I bought my first mold Saw, I finally get to pay more for clamping a straight angle cutting guide than it would cost to buy a cheap circular saw. But I do not have much space to use or store stuff, or I might not have been thinking clearly. Jig saws are not ideal for long straight cuts in the sheet material.

But you know what can make long cuts aligns panels, such as plywood? The home improvement store or timber yard where you go to buy your materials. They have table saws that make quick work of every plate. The first cut is free, then there is a small fee – something like 25 cents per cut.

A mold can cut saws 2x4s and other boards 2x easily and reasonably straight, and you can only use one square truss or similar as a guide straight basic cut corners.

There is also a way of cutting the mold can make cuts of any shape or size. You can even cut out the middle of an embryonic form, granted that you start cutting the holes drilled strategically.

Years ago, when I started buying stuff my own power, I have chosen to buy a Bosch jig saw better than to spend less on the brand’s site host and circular saws. Was it the right choice? Frankly, I do not know, but I have never once regretted my purchase decision.

Then saw my next purchase is for a 10-inch Craftsman CNC machines. Circular saw my purchase was made only after, and it was for a track Festool saws. I used circular saw earlier, but kept postponing buying until I saved for Festool. If there is no room for a table saw, and fatigue when working with guided edge frustrating, I looked at the plate Festool to burst, and it works like a dream.


Depending on the project you plan to solve, a circular saw may be the better choice. You can not use a metal cutting blade with a cutting wood sawing, or at least that is what I have read, by the engine design and what-not. But they make fine-cut blades, the blade cutting non-ferrous metals and plastic, plywood and blades for super smooth finish.

Saws are usually better for making long, straight cuts, with or without a cutting guide.

It was a difficult choice to make, but I think a saw mold would be a better choice as a DIYer or homeowner’s first electric saws.

Oh – and wired. Unless someone has a special interest in the wiring, or purchased on a wireless system it plans to expand or at least maintain them over time, the better the state of the output wires for the buck .

A sawing wire, whether you choose a jig-saw or circular saw as your first chainsaw, will last for many years, while the battery of a wire saw can give out sooner. Battery life is better than ever, thanks to the high performance and technological features of modern Li-ion battery, but sooner or later all batteries have to be replaced.

For a professional, who can get daily use out of a special tool, wireless is a better way to go, at least for certain types of tools.

But for homeowners, DIYer, or fish that can only reduce dust and use their saw a few times each year, a wired model will offer more bang for the buck. For the same amount, a DIYer on a budget can often buy a recording tool better than a rope.

So that’s my take on the jig saw versus buy decision circular saws. Finally, a DIYer activity or homeowners can have both. But to start, I think the site provides a saw greater potential.

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