Was your old wheelchair exhausted? It may seem sad to have to move onto a new electric wheelchair, especially if you are attached to a wheelchair before. However, a new electric wheelchair can lead to a new start. To find the best electric wheelchair on the market, consider Jazzy Select GT from Pride Mobility, it will help you go around better than ever. You will not be able to find a single thing that you do not like about it. You will have your freedom to go where you please and get around as well as everyone else.

Jazzy Select GT Power Chair Review
Jazzy Select GT Power Chair Review

The Jazzy Select GT of model jazzy select 6 is not only affordable, it is also equipped with six wheels on the ground for those who need balance and stability. It also has an enhanced chair that makes it easy to move to other seating positions and helps those who need help to get to the stand. In addition, it comes with a height and depth adjustable foot platform provides improved foot comfort.

The unique design features and flexibility of Jazzy Select GT

The Jazzy Select GT is truly powerful, it offers high performance performance, tight mobility and reliable value in an electric wheelchair that is safe, comfortable and affordable. A very popular option in electric wheelchairs, the Jazzy Select GT is an upgrade to the Jazzy Select standard model. Two motors, in-line, neutral wheels have a range of over 30 percent, and the Active-Trac suspension ensures a comfortable ride.

The easy access to the battery and electronics are repeated in the Jazzy Select GT electric wheelchair upgrade.

A panel designed front to access the electronic equipment to minimize service time. Seat-mounted battery charger can operate on or off-board.

It is designed with a maximum speed of about 4 mph, which is the average speed. With 10 “wheels and a rotating radius of up to 20″ it can overcome many bad terrain and slope 8 degrees. It is designed with a maximum speed of about 4 mph, which is the average speed. With 10″ wheels and a rotating radius of up to 20” it can overcome many bad terrain and slope by 8 degrees. It can move at a maximum weight of 300 lbs, but the heavy weight, the more speed more affected.

A value specifically for this electric wheelchair is a combination of the agility and reliability, the Jazzy Select GT is the best choice.

Warranties for Jazzy Select GT Power Chair

Warranty on Jazzy Select GT is equivalent to another electric wheelchair. The frame is warranted for a period of 5 years, and all electronic components are warranted for a period of 13 months. Battery is also warranted for 6 months and must be considered faulted with the service provider.

Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

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This is an electric wheelchair designed for comfort, ease of use. It has an active monitoring system that ensures stability and online engine technology for increased performance. Mattress and footstools are comfortable and strategically placed to ensure comfort.

Q & A

QAbout how long does the battery last, could I get through a day at Busch Gardens?
AYou can go a day. I don’t know where or what Busch Garden is.
Qmax speed?
ANot sure exactly, but my 12 and 7 year old can’t outrun it.
Qmax wt. load?
ASince it’s a Jazzy Select GT instead of a Select HD the max weight limit would be approximately 350 lbs.
QDoes the Jazzy select GT fold up for easy transporting
ANo. You will a carrier for transport

Top Reviews

Awesome chair!! I love mine!! – I got my chair through my insurance in 2010. I absolutely love it!! I am semi-mobile. I can walk a little and stand a little but not long. I use my chair everywhere I go, inside and outside the home. My first set of batteries lasted 5 years! They were shocked when I went in to have them replaced! Especially since I use my chair so much.They said 2 years is usually a long time. It was a little under $200.00 to replace them. We just went to a Batteries Plus store. The only issue I have had is that my control broke. I currently have it electrical taped together. It’s been doing fine but I do plan to replace it soon. Other than that, the bolts/screws in a few areas came out. Mainly the bottom of my foot plate. We were able to get new ones at Ace Hardware for just a few dollars. I use a regular vehicle seat cover over my chairs seat. I just tuck it in.

Jazzy Select GT Is GREAT CHAIR – Great Chair at a great price. My old chair finally gave out, and this one has more than replaced it. So far I have found nothing I dislike about it.

Jazzy Select GT of model jazzy select 6 Controller Programming – Jazzy Select GT 6Jazzy Select GT 6It was a handheld programmer which was very basic in that it one by one displayed a parameter label and it’s current value and if you hit the YES button you could change it. ENTER stored it and get you back one level to move to the next parameter. It powered up when plugged in to the pod and immediately connected when the pod was turned on. It turns out the speed was already set to 100% although GPS clocks it at 3 MPH when the spec says 4 MPH so maybe the GPS is incorrect at that low speed. Acceleration was cranked to 100% and reverse speed to 100%. It gets up and boogies. I did not have time to change the turn options and test them so currently they are the as previously set. I will still be seeking either the programming protocol or some PC software to do this. Here are some pics of the handheld programmer.


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