Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 Review
Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 Review

The Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 is ideal for indoor use rather than outdoor use as a compact unit that enables the driver to be steady and flexible, easily manageable in day-to-day household operations. Purpose designed for indoor use, it is very comfortable, can control, and have reasonable prices.

Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 Review
Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 Review

It is the latest model of the Invacare Power Wheelchair by Pronto. A compact wheeled electric wheelchair with a smooth drive and 26.5 inch turning radius, features simple handling, durability and comfort in an extremely beautiful design. The maximum climbing angle is 6 degrees and the average speed is 4 mph, which is about average when compared to other models in this category. The maximum range for the driver’s seat after each charge is 13 miles. The Invacare Pronto P31 electric wheelchair also features a seat belt and a comfortable driver’s seat.

Features and flexibility of Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31

The compact dimensions of the Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 are low in shape, making it easier to navigate and navigate, though the wheel radius is average when compared to other electric wheelchairs in this class.

9 inch flat tire and front wheel drive for easy handling and maximum durability. However, the slope of the ground is only 1.7 inches and must be considered if you are using this wheelchair outdoors in the park, or other bad environments may be a problem. The Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 are equipped with PG 50 VR2 Amp controller, convenient charger connector located on the joystick, intelligent electromagnetic brakes that provide instantaneous brake power on demand.

The battery can be used up to 13 miles before you recharge it, this electric wheelchair should be used primarily in the home, it is recommended from the manufacturer.

Outstanding design of The Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31

It has a standard width and width of 18″ and offers 360 degree swivel and 45 degree adjustable seat options including high chair or back seat. Hand bases of full length adjustable and cushioned for comfort. They can also be flipped up and can be removed for convenience. Footboard is fold-down, adjustable, and wide-angle.

User control of the Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 is simple and easy to understand and the joystick position is convenient for easy handling. Connect the battery charger on the deck mounted on the joystick for greater convenience.

Refurbished kits are available for worn out items as they need to be replaced or updated such as hand pads, knee pads, and back cushions and seats. The pads can also replace and update colors for a fog, mist and fog green.

This electric wheelchair does not include a durable tool that gives you easier access to battery and better service.

Warranty for Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31

13 month warranty on engine, electronics and optional parts. 5 year framework in a limited way, the frame Chairs 3 years, 13 months Engine and Electronics, 6 Months for Batteries.

Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

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This compact electric wheelchair makes it easy to navigate through entrances, corridors and other small spaces. It is clearly designed for use in your home. The features adjust easily for the rider comfort by changing the propeller position, or in and out of space.

The Invacare Pronto P31 Power Wheelchair is a budget-friendly electric wheelchair that provides the driver with a comfortable and comfortable ride. The warranty for this model is not as good as the other warranties offered by other best electric wheelchair manufacturers in this category. Invacare Power Wheelchair warranty covers five years on a base frame and three years on a frame, with a 13-month warranty for the engine, electronics and parts. Batteries carry standard warranty of 6 months.

The price of the Invacare Power Wheelchair Version Pronto P31 is very competitive, giving you value for money if you are looking for an electric wheelchair that is designed primarily for home use.

Q & A

Q: Shipping internationally to India possible?

AYes it is!

QIf it is shipped to woodbridge, va where do i get it serviced and who does the warranty work if we have problems?

A: Phillips adjusts all product prices to meet or exceed our competitors. Simply contact us and we will better the prices for an equivalent new item . WE offer a FREE 5 year warranty and shipping is free in the USA. Remember , Phillips may not be the first on the ” Buy Box” page but look for us in other sellers on the right side. To get the free warranty ,you must purchase from Phillips. No other company offers this benefit on ALL products.

Q😀oes it disassemble for travel if so how heavy is largest part

AMy Dad uses it around the house only. The seat would come off. The bottom part has some weight to it. I doubt it would be an easy chair to transport often. But it is s good chair. Dad has had no problems with it.

QDoes it come assembled?

AYes just charge battery

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Top Reviews

Great price and great chair!

Great little chair. My 85 yr old mother(165#) is now able to get around her entire floor at the facility without waiting for an aid to wheel her. Easy to learn to use. I suggest you get PT in for a couple visits to help. Medicare did not pay for the chair but they paid for the PT. At this amazing price we didn’t bother to jump through their hoops!




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