The Elite Fitness Inversion Table is also referred to as Innova Health and Fitness, model IT9250. It is an affordable and essential model that is simple enough to suit even a beginner.

ITX9250 Deluxe Elite Fitness Inversion Table
ITX9250 Deluxe Elite Fitness Inversion Table

Features of Elite Fitness Inversion Table

the Elite Fitness is not the usual table that most have seen. The features below are what makes it an excellent choice for many.

  • It has a fabric pad that can be breathable, and this decreases the chances of experiencing uneasy sweating on the bare skin when one is inverted.
  • It also comes with a detachable pillow that gives support to the head.
  • The table can comfortably accommodate users with the height 6’4 and a maximum weight of up to 250 pounds. It is also fitted with a height modification selector.
  • Prolonged set of handles that assist the user in getting out of high-up inversion angles with ease.
  • It has a pod-style base with 4 points that ensures the stability of the table.
  • 3-point safety bar that can be altered from the back to control the inversion.

Ankle System

As it is for most of the table models within similar price range as The Elite Fitness, the ankle system is straightforward with the setup of a full roller. The system may not be an extremely comfortable setup, but the good news is that it can be padded to give addition comfort by using either same padding or towels.

Aside from the mesh fabric found on the bench, this is an average inversion table which is equivalent to its price range.


Assembling of the Elite Fitness Inversion Table is neither easy nor hard. Considering that the table comes with guidelines and with some assistance from the images and the numbered sections it is possible to have it working in an hours time.

The users are advised to be careful with the bolts as they can easily go missing. To assemble the whole unit one need socket wrenches since the provided tools are not up to such a task.

Using the Table

The height is very easy to make adjustments on this table. The pillow found at the top does not necessary fit everyone, for people with issues with their necks it would be better to remove the pillow.

The bench contains the breathable mesh which forms to the user’s body, and it is not as stiff as a padded backrest. Sadly, the metal bar at the back of the bench can move along the lower back and push next to an individual causing some discomforts to the user.

Even if the safety bar (which wheels the inversion angles) only allows three angles, it works perfectly well as it allows precision altering.

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“If you are not familiar with Inversion therapy it can look like some kind of strange torture system. Seeing someone hang upside down from inversion tables is a strange site when you don’t know what it’s for.”

Due to the tether straps on inversion tables, it is difficult at times to get the precise angle one is used to although this bar makes it easier for the ones who can have a slight drawback on the number of the angles they use.

One should put on shoes to add some comfort since the clamps at the ankle are a bit rigid and hard to adjust. Once one get locked in the comfortability can only be compared to that of a roller system. Do not forget the shoes they do the trick quite well.

The Elite Fitness Inversion Table cannot be referred as the strongest table in the history, but one still feels safe in it though it is not advisable to go past the limit weight of 250 pounds.

Some individuals who use this table have experienced rough moments in keeping the table balanced. Luckily the padded foam handles can be of great help if the user cannot attain the required balance they can use arm movements.

For storage purposes, the table can be folded quite easily and kept in a corner or even inside a closet. It can even fit under the bed which is a big advantage. Depending on the condition of the user at about 50 pounds the table can be moved around easily.


Low-cost tables like the Elite Fitness Inversion Table can also provide good results. Here is some feedback from users which can tell it all.

  • An individual who had problems with the back for almost a year claims to have used the table once in a day, and within some days the back was much better.
  • Another one says from the time he/she laid on the table the pains in the back disappeared.

Customer Reviews

Lets have a look at the customers reviews about the table:

It is not too easy to assemble but I cannot term it as hard either, it took about 1 hour to complete

The ankle clamps are not simple to make adjustments, but it is possible after using a little force.

A comfortable machine with nice headrest and convenient handles.

As I was avoiding surgery and pains in my spine, I bought this machine, and it has brought positive changes to my health.


  • It comes at a very fair price.
  • Easy to store since it folds quite well
  • It feels strong
  • It has a precise inversion angle safety bar.
  • It has the following inversion settings: slight inversion, moderate inversion and advanced inversion.


  • Its ankle clamps does not offer much comfort.
  • The safety bar has a limit to the sum of inversion angles.
  • Cannot be accommodating to tall people.
  • Its bench requires more padding to improve on comfortability.

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The Elite Fitness inversion table is great inversion table that can be found in this price range. It might not be refined as other available models, but still it has overwhelming reviews from the user who are pleased with it.

It is stable and can be used even by beginners. Even if it has nothing more special, it is right to say it is an overall decent table.

If the user can easily get in and out and also have their weight supported by the table then there is no reason why one should not consider investing in The Elite Fitness Inversion Table.