We have organized the help videos into two groups (Instant Pot IP DUO):

  • How-To videos, and
  • Overview/In-depth Look videos.

Instant Pot IP DUO Quick Start Video with Laura Pazzaglia

This video explains the basics of Instant Pot IP DUO series and help you become friends with Instant Pot.

Get to know your new L Instant Pot IP DUO
This video covers essential aspects of Instant Pot IP DUO new series.

How to use Instant Pot like a pressure cooker

This video provides a comprehensive assessment of how to use Instant Pot IP DUO like a pressure cooker. Pressure cooking with Instant Pot simply choose to rely on functional foods and establish a proper cooking time. We cover the following functions: “Soup”, “bird”, “Mean / Stew”, “Bean / Chili”, “rice”, “Multigrain”, “Porridge” and “Guide”.

How to use Instant Pot as a slow cooker

This is a step towards the use of your Instant Pot slow cooker as a. Series IP LUX 3 has temperature settings corresponding to low, medium and high popularity in a slow cooker. IP-old CSG series we only have one temperature setting, corresponding to the average temperature in a slow cooker.

How to use Instant Pot Saute function

This video shows you how to use Sauté the Instant Pot IP-LUX series. IP-old CSG series we did not have this function. The Saute has three temperature settings, with the “Adjust” is selected.

  • Normal mode: 160 ~ 320 ~ 176 ° C or 349 ° F
  • Multiple modes: 175 ~ 347 ~ 210 ° C or 410 ° F
  • At mode: 135 ~ 275 ~ 150 ° C or 302 ° F)

How to use immediately as a Steamer Pot Pressure

Pressure steaming is fast and maintains the nutrients and color of food. For vegetables and sea food, we recommend using a quick release to avoid over cooking.

Instant Pot Overview

In this video, you will learn about all the different aspects and features of your Instant Pot (both IP-LUX and IP-CSG series). It covers the basic use and maintenance of Instant Pot for trouble free and enjoyable cooking pressure.

You are also encouraged to view the video on a little further three release Handle, Float Valve and Sealing Ring.

An in-depth look at the steam release Instant Pot Handle

This video explains the use and maintenance of the steam release handle on Instant Pot IP LUX and IP-CSG series. Handle vapor released is a safety device to ensure that the pressure in the boiler is below the limit of 15.22psi safety at all times.

Before each session of cooking, make sure the handle releases the steam is free from any debris.

An in-depth look at the Float Valve Instant Pot

This video explains the use and maintenance of the float valve Instant Pot IP LUX and IP-CSG series. Float valve is a safety feature to lock the lid when there is pressure in the pot.

Before each session of cooking, make sure the float valve is clean and can move up and down gently.

An In-depth Look at Instant Pot Sealing rings

This video explains the use and maintenance of Instant Pot Sealing rings IP LUX and IP-CSG series. The Sealing Ring is a device to seal the gap between the lid and pressure cooker.

Before each session of cooking, make sure the sealing ring is placed properly to avoid steam leaks when pressure cooking.

An in-depth look at Steam Leak

This video will help you figure out why your Instant Pot sometimes steam leak. When Instant Pot IP DUO is high pressure from the start, with a small amount of steam coming out of the float valve, until the float valve on and sealed pot. This is completely normal. There are other situations due to steam leaks wrong location of the sealing ring, float valve sticking and release moisture unclean birds. Watch the video to learn how to fix their own problems.

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