Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16 Review

Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16 Review
Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16 Review

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Advantages / Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16 can help you travel about 20 miles on a single battery charge, the longest range of any wheelchair, we evaluated.

Disadvantages / The frame is only insured for three years manufacturer’s warranty.

Judgments / electric wheelchair is lightweight and boasts a long battery life, but it does not offer many other features that help it stand out from other wheelchair.

Brand NameHeartway
Part NumberHP5/S-16
Number of Items1
UNSPSC Code42192210
Product Features

  • Warranty: One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Excellent Quality.
  • Great Gift Idea.
  • Satisfaction Ensured.

About The Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16

The Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16 is a motorized wheelchair includes a lightweight aluminum frame and easy to transport. This product has many benefits, including the ability to travel long distances on a single charge, a lightweight design and the ability to easily climb the hill. However, despite these great features, it does not offer much in the way of design features and extras, like a headrest, which will help it stand out from similar models, we I considered.

The highlight of this product is the long battery life of it. power operated wheelchairs can travel about 20 miles on a single charge, the best battery life we’ve seen out of the electric wheelchair, we evaluated. In addition, this wheelchair can climb up the hill at an angle of 10 degrees.

This electric wheelchair can reach a maximum speed of 3.8 miles per hour, making it one of the slower electric wheelchair on the product line. It also has a 34-inch wide turning radius. This is the most wide turning radius we recorded for wheelchairs, we have analyzed, and a wide radius so can make movement difficult indoors.

Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16 is lightweight, weighing only 136 pounds. The frame is made of aluminum and seat covers all the basic design features you want, such as a seat belt, joystick mounts and lots of seat cushion. However, it does not feature a head rest, which can be a drawback for some riders. In general, the technical parameters of the average, 36 inch size chair, 27 inches wide and 43 inches long.

One of the biggest drawbacks to this product is its warranty. The frame is covered by a manufacturer warranty of three years. By comparison, another covered wheelchair for 10 years or more. Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16 including all electronic components in one year or more, the average time of the electronic component that is covered on a motorized wheelchair.

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An Light weight Aluminum-framed model features Aluminum die-casting lugs. Comes with battery boxes, easy to detach from power chair when the chair folds up. It also has comfortable seating cushion. Adjustable sliding Joystick bracket allows you to control the joystick at best location. Medicare Coded -HCPCS: K0822. Warranty: One Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty.

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The Heartway Power Chair HP5/S-16 is a good choice if you want a product that is lightweight long battery life and can easily climb hills. However, this model is not as fast as others we reviewed, and its warranty is shorter than the others. That said, DX exit still offers plenty to help you get around, especially if you plan to use this outdoor wheelchair.


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