Look at exactly what you’re suffering for the sake of style

The average woman’s foot pain after an hour in the pump. But high heels affect your body, not just make you want to sit down. This is how they affect various parts of your body and why it is something you may not want to stand for anymore.


• Normally, your feet such actions, damping spring weight distribution, support for your bones from the crazy amount of pounding. Jam technical masterpieces on high heels. ouch. You transferred your weight mostly on your feet, and small, delicate bones of your toes.

• The higher the heel, the greater the effect: One study found that four-inch stilettos can up the amount of pressure on the front of the foot by 30 percent or more.

• You turn heel to toe becomes abruptly, forcing you to exchange your natural stride for a walk breaks. Strutting like all the time could open up the bone and nerve damage (not to mention the blisters and ingrown toenail).

Ankles and calves

• Wear high heels force your ankle to bend forward, a movement that can restrict circulation in your lower limbs. If you are a perennial high heels wearer, this could eventually spell spider veins.

• Walk in the heel and Achilles tendon hardens you, that anchor your leg muscles to your heel, causing your calves to bundle up. If you’ve got your high pumps on all day, you may have trouble walking in a natural way when you first launched your kick. (You can work hard to make up for this by bending the foot-shoeless, many times a day.)

• Over time, believers stiletto may develop chronic tension (and shorten!) Ankle and calf tendon, making walking, even in apartments with pain.


• A professional shock absorbers, the knee is the largest joint in your body. It is built to take a licking, but regular use of high heels can put extra strain on the inner side of the knee, fast track the wear and tear resulting in osteoarthritis.


• To keep from Keeling more stacked shoes, you have to push your hips forward, back arched and your chest pushed out. That stance familiar working sexy hip muscles and tendons external hard (and not in a good way).

Come back

• To sashay around the heel, your spine should be shaken unnatural, a process that emphasizes the waist erector spinae muscles of your. Results: back pain.

• As with other parts of your body, so you need a break. If you wear high pump a day, don cushion next apartment. Or save your spikes for special nights out and never walk around in there longer than a few hours at a time.

Sources: Danielle Barkema, M.S., Northwestern University; Karen Erickson, D. C., F.A.C.C., Erickson Healing Arts, New York City; Christopher Powers, Ph.D., University of Southern California; Marlene Reid, D.P.M., Family Podiatry Center, Naperville, Illinois.

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