New Dewalt Saws FlexVolt Cordless

Dewalt Saws 2016 Experience shows that, besides that there are tools on the screen, there are many opportunities to try new tools have been introduced. In a separate room off the catwalk, Dewalt has established the practice of performing many of the new tools FlexVolt.

Due to time limitations, and the fact that other participants would like to get their hands on the product, I can only check the table saws, saws, saws and RECIP. Besides these tools, have had the opportunity to test circular saws and angle grinders.

This is not a preview. We will introduce more products to each in depth in the following articles. In this article I just want to forward the original experience I’ve gotten my hands on some new FlexVolt Dewalt tools.


New Dewalt Saws FlexVolt Cordless DCS575
New Dewalt Saws FlexVolt Cordless DCS575

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Dewalt DW744 I own benchtop table saws, which I bought around 2004, and hence the saw table 60V FlexVolt was very familiar to me. It has the same rack and gear fence, height blades, and blade angle adjustments.

New Dewalt Saws FlexVolt Cordless
New Dewalt Saws FlexVolt Cordless

The power switch is new – it had a large paddle switch nice that you have to lift up to turn the saw on, but you can easily press the stop sawing.

New Dewalt Saws FlexVolt Cordless
New Dewalt Saws FlexVolt Cordless

Instead of a full kerf 10″ blades, saws with 8-1 / 4″ blade. It’s not likely dado.

The reason here is that most users need only a capacity of 8-1 / 4″ blade, make a small cut over 10″ will have to be cut. In addition, it takes less power to enable small knife. Perhaps we’ll see a full-size 10-inch table saw participation lineup.r wireless 120V Max

The interesting thing is, the staff at the demo Dewalt official refused to admit that I have seen DW744 table capable dado although they show you right in the manual. In addition, there is a dado panels available for DW744 saw me. Perhaps he was thinking of DW745 ($299 through Amazon), without the ability dado.

I did get a chance to look into the grove of sawing FlexVolt and there is really no way you can fit a dado husband on it. Maybe you could fit into a pair of blade parts box on the tree, but it will be interesting to see if Dewalt say anything about that.

Dewalt Saws

The last feature that I find interesting is the flip-down support. This has been put into the field Dewalt saws in a long time. It is meant to support the work part of the fence when the fence is not on the table. Nothing new, or at least I can not find this feature on any other Dewalt saw, which is supported with a flip-down second position, allowing it to be down on the table.

This is not moving the fence out of the blade while copying the thinner materials. The guy doing the demo shows how you can get your hands in it safely to push the matter through, but I still thought it was way too close.

They gave me an option to extract some SPF 2x or an “oak table 1. There are a lot of tables Ripped sawing oak on my table, I know that if it is not set up properly or blade is dull padded, you will burn oak.

I set the rip fence to a narrow strip from the board and turn on the saw. One thing you notice right away that the saw is quite a bit quieter than a wire saw. They had a table saw 745 FlexVolt established right next to see, and when you turn the saw on it was definitely louder.

I really can not feel any difference in the Saw oak extract new FlexVolt than my old 744. I can simply push the board through the blade without having to slow down the pace animal feed at all. The engine does not seem to slow down at all during the cut. And that’s the whole point behind the FlexVolt, they’ll feel like you’re using a recording tool.

As electrical wiring? Yes!

Also no burns anywhere along the entire length of the shredded oak boards.

I gave up about 15 minutes of your time and my host could probably spent the next hours to eat different wood through the saw table, but had people set to spin behind me and I still hand’t check all the stuff I want.

We will have more to say about this show once we get our hands on a demo.


Dewalt Saws DHS790
Dewalt Saws DHS790A

I also own a Dewalt DW705 12″ compound saw, and while it’s not a slider, it still is a 12″ Dewalt saw. I used the saw for at least 13 years and it is a real workhorse, so I have a pretty good idea what a 12″ cutting should feel like when cutting different materials.

Dewalt Saws DHS790A
Dewalt Saws DHS790A

All sawing cap fitted with a 12 “blade 60 teeth, perhaps one of them will ship with.

Dewalt Saws DHS790A
Dewalt Saws DHS790A

To check found the hat, the hosts just give me some documents 2x, I do not remember if it was 2 × 10 or 2 × 12, but it’s also big enough that I needed to use the sliding mechanism to make the cut.

I also want to try holding down while I was making the cuts, surprising the hosts. So I moved it to the left and clamp down 2x with its material, no surprise there is no other than a quick release mechanism to quickly adjust the clamp.

Quality, use less battery saw almost feel like using my DW705, but again that’s the point, it must feel like you’re using a recording tool.

I really should’ve checked that on the pin and again when running on AC power, but they are not set up for that, and I did not ask.

There is also a version not slip out.



Dewalt Saws Flexvolt DCS388
Dewalt Saws Flexvolt DCS388

I had an interesting experience in the past with the FlexVolt saw in his hand. They gave me a 60V Max RECIP to cut through a 4 × 4. The blade is not very strong and I had to apply a lot of force to even get the saw cut. I ended up warming the blade so much that it was smoking when I cut through.

They said, “let’s change that tongue and try again” so this time I tried it with a fresh blade and I was able to reduce the 4 × 4 with a little effort.


Next, they gave me a Milwaukee Sawzall Fuel M18 with the same type of blade. The Sawzall to cut especially faster than Dewalt FlexVolt. So then we took the blade out and put it in Dewalt Milwaukee. The cuts Dewalt still slower than Milwaukee.

At this time, they were a bit flummoxed. I commented that the vibration Dewalt less than a whole lot compared to Milwaukee. What I did not say I had a hard time getting shoes of Milwaukee on 4 × 4 when I started cutting to minimize vibration. Mind you I did not change the position of shoes in all, I left it as they gave it to me.

To keep things going, I said let’s try the pipes 2 “steel with both saws. After trying both I feel Milwaukee saws cut faster, but not much.

Do not get me wrong, these are all really good sawing back and forth, but I think the take away is thought that Dewalt is faster at both tasks. I’m not sure why the demo did not go as it was lovely. I am not intentionally abusing Dewalt, I tried to maintain the same pressure for both cutting saws – just enough so that the teeth of the blade to work.

It is worth pointing out that the two saw a similar size. Do not let a portion 60V Max saw FlexVolt RECIP makes you think it’s bigger than a 18V-class tools significantly. Additionally, the saw blade holder FlexVolt a 2 position. Dewalt said that this enables better optimization of the cut. Premiums 20V reciprocating saws Max has a 4-position blade holder.



I was not blown away by the performance of the tools I tested, but again I do not think that’s the point. The problem is that you can not see whether you are using a wired or wireless tools. If you look at it the way I think the demonstration was a success at least for the table and miter saws.

I’m not sure what happened with RECIP saws. I am sure that the intention of the demo showed how much better saws sawing FlexVolt be compared to Milwaukee. I have to think that they have tested over and over performed again to make sure that it shows what they want it to show.

Maybe I have to use a defective saw, maybe I was cut “wrong.” I did not just keep the blade in a fixed angle as a mold and gently push the saw through, I was rocking the saw back slowly to minimize the length of the cut as you (or at least me) to do when you’re using use a handsaw.

One final note, I wish I would have made time to check FlexVolt circular saw, I heard from a few days after the show Black & Decker at the University that they were really impressed with it.

Stuart Note: I have managed to check the circular saw and reciprocating saws. Circular saw, which is one of the new tools are my favorite from the fact that management is more than I had expected for a 60V Max saw, and cut through like butter 2x material. I did not notice any slow speed, and can move almost as anticipated.

I think this is a brushless sawing Dewalt users have been waiting for. Maybe we finally will see a 20V Max 6-1 / 2″ models, but in the meantime the FlexVolt feel is very promising wireless circular saw.

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