Golden Technologies GP162 LiteRider PTC Electric Wheelchair

ADVANTAGES / The Golden Technologies GP162 can break into four parts, with the heaviest piece weighs only 35 pounds.

DISADVANTAGES / products can travel about 9.5 miles on a single charge.

Judgments / chairs are ideal storage and transport is very important.

  • Unique, under seat storage basket standard
  • Tubular frame design standard in Red only
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Comfortable, full size stadium style seat

About The Golden Technologies GP162

The Golden Technologies GP162 is a electric wheelchair designed to transport easily, plus it provides a number of convenient design features, such as a large storage basket. It also comes in many color choices and includes an excellent warranty. However, there are a few areas for improvement, including its range and battery life, which will improve the overall performance of this wheelchair.

The speed of this electric wheelchair is average: It can reach a maximum speed of 3.5 mph, which is slightly slower than other motorized wheelchair, we evaluated. It has a 26-inch turning radius, which does not allow for the tight turns. Moreover, it can only go about 9.5 miles on a single charge. Some models of electric wheelchairs, by comparison, can go up to 15 miles a single battery charge, while others can go 20 miles or more.

This electric wheelchair has a compact design, weighs 116 pounds. The wheelchair is designed to break into four separate pieces, with the heaviest piece weighs 35 pounds, so transportation is not cumbersome chair. Despite a slight frame, the seat can accommodate riders up to 300 pounds.

The seat and backrest are padded Golden Technologies GP162, allowing you to sit comfortably for long periods of time. However, this electric chair does not come with a head rest. You can choose from three color options: blue, black or red, which is something few motorized chairs provided. It also features a storage basket underneath the seat to make it easier to bring any of your personal belongings. Again, this is a feature we have not found another wheelchair.

LiteRider frame is covered under a manufacturer warranty of five years. Moreover, all the electronic components are covered under warranty for 13 months.


The Golden Technologies GP162 personal transport wheelchair is now available in two models Both models feature the same tubular frame design, stadium style seat and basket under the seat.

Both models feature a 300 lb. weight capacity; black, non-scuffing tires on steel rims with chrome hubcaps; and a smooth 26” turning radius for indoor use.

What makes them different? The GP160 model disassembles into three pieces – the seat, battery pack and the base. The total weight of the base is 67 lbs.

The GP162 model disassembles just like the GP160 – PLUS, the base frame disassembles from the transaxle This creates two separate pieces, with the heaviest piece now weighing only 35 lbs. to make transport even easier.

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The Golden Technologies GP162 has a lightweight frame, ample storage and a lifetime warranty. This chair can easily break because of easy transportation, and it offers three color options. However, it is lacking in some areas, including the battery and turning radius, when compared to other models. In addition, a headrest can be a beneficial supplement. Despite these shortcomings, easy transportation and a lightweight design helps this product stand out from many of its competitors.

Q & A

QCan the joystick be put on the left?

AYes no problem

Qwhat comes with this? Batteries, joystick, battery charger???

ABatteries, joystick, battery charger are all included

Qdoes this product come assembled

ANo, It ships in 4 pieces in a box and is easy to assemble.

The heaviest part is 35 lbs The beauty of this unit is that is is easily disassembled and thereby taken in a truck of a car if needed.
Here is the link to review and or order should you choose to… see more

QIs this seat comfortable enough

A: Yes it is for my dad. He Loves it! I purchased it for him last summer and he cannot walk so he’s in it most of the time.

Qdoes the seat height adjust automaticaly?

AUnfortunately No.

Top Reviews

LiteRider for smaller areas

This LiteRider model is just slightly smaller than the usual RoundAbout, making it a little easier to get around inside our older home with narrower halls and doorways. It does take some practice to get used to the control joystick, but that is to be expected. The LiteRider is easy to disassemble and place in the car trunk so it can be used for shopping. Keep in mind that the person needing to use it is not likely to be able to do this himself so a friend or spouse needs to be able to do this.

Since I am not Superwoman, we have a 2nd scooter in the car at all times so I don’t have to repeatedly disassemble the LiteRider and carry it downstairs to the car and back up again repeatedly. That’s a savings on my back and strictly personal preference. It’s a great little battery operated chair! Golden Technologies GP162 LiteRider PTC 162

Joystick is touchy, we used while waiting for Insurance Custom Chair

After several months of using this, I am really struggling with how to rate it.

I want to give it five stars because it made life possible while we waited for the insurance company to go through its paces. It allowed my husband to get  into the bathroom (door was too narrow for a standard wheelchair), and get around on his own. It gave him freedom. Best of all, it comes apart into four pieces and I can put it into the car and take it with us. Those things are huge. Everything is appropriately adjustable.

It came with loose wire and would not charge the …

It came with loose wire and would not charge the battery. Was lucky to have a neighbor to trouble shoot and find the problem. ALSO the arm would not fit into the opening due to a welding burr. We had to fill it down and then the arm finally fit.

Good service!

The LiteRider is a good fit for my 95 year old mother. PT supplies Shipped very promptly. From order to delivery the time was 7 days, and that was over Easter week end. It is a very good price and a very small foot print.


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