Golden Compass Sport GP605 Electric Wheelchair Review

About The Golden Compass Sport GP605 Electric Wheelchair

Golden Compass Sport GP605 is a the best electric wheelchair for flexibility. This motorized wheelchair with the ability to easily maneuver indoors or outdoors, with a maximum speed of 4 and 5 mph and has one of the tight turning radius, we’ve seen. in addition, its battery life is excellent as it can go up to 19.5 miles on a single charge. Also it is designed for maximum comfort with a padded seat, back and head rest. You can also easily adjust the seat and legs and handrails to make sure each is at the desired level for dimensional your specific high.

Golden Compass Sport GP605 Electric Wheelchair Review


The Golden Compass Sport GP605 offers many of the same features as the original Compass – center-wheel drive and an articulating frame provide outstanding obstacle climbing and maneuverability, and six wheels on the ground at all times make it the most stable product in its class! The Golden Compass Sport GP605 also includes a height-adjustable single-post seat mount, which supports the same two-tone Captain’s seat as the Compass. Available in brilliant Red and Blue, the shrouds can be snapped off and on quickly and easily to give it a fresh new look.

FeaturesTwo U-1 batteries standard 300 lb weight capacity Top speed 4 mph Range 11.25 miles Turning radius: 21.5″ Standard with a Dynamic Shark 60 amp controller Standard two tone captain’s seat in coffee/sand and charcoal/grey Height and angle adjustable footrest standard 10″ flat-free drive wheel standard.

  • Specifications Model : GP605CC
  • Model Name : Compass Sport Medicare
  • Code : K0823
  • Weight Capacity : 300 lbs
  • Drive Wheels : Center
  • Maximum Speed : 4 mph
  • Operating Range : 15 miles3
  • Ground Clearance : 3.25″
  • Turning Radius : 19.5″
  • Type Batteries : 2-U1
  • Colors : Red, Blue
  • Freewheel Mode : Yes
  • Electronic Speed Control : Yes
  • Electro-Mechanical Brakes : Yes
  • Charger : Off
  • Board Controller : Dynamic Shark 60 Amp
  • Remote Length : 39″
  • Width : 24″
  • Height (ground to top of back of seat) : 40″ – 42″
  • Height (ground to top of back of headrest) : 47″ – 52.5″
  • Ground to Top of Seat : 21″ – 23″
  • Number of Seat Height Positions : 3
  • Size of Increments : 1″
  • Weight of Unit assembled : 182 lbs
  • Base : 92 lbs
  • Seat w/Arms : 43 lbs
  • Batteries : 22 lbs ea.
  • Tires : Flat Free
  • Black Center : 10″
  • Casters : 6″
  • Standard Seat : Captain’s
  • Highback Back Height – no headrest : 21″
  • Back Height with headrest : 28.5″ – 32.5″
  • Width x Depth : 16″ X 16″, 18″ X 18″, 20″ X 20″
  • Color : Coffee/Sand, Charcoal/Gray
  • Footrest : Yes Height adjustable : 3″ – 7″
  • Angle adjustable : 0 – 35 degrees
  • WarrantyFrame : Lifetime Drive Train : 13 Months Electronics : 13 Months 1 Each / Each

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Flexibility of Golden Compass Sport GP605

Golden Compass Sport GP605

This electric wheelchair can travel up to 4.5 mph, one of the fastest speeds on our lineup. However, the speed can be affected by the weight of the rider. Additionally, it has a tight turning radius of 19.5 inches. This is the tightest turning radius we saw of any of the electric wheelchairs we reviewed. The tight turning radius makes this chair ideal when you’re maneuvering around tight corners inside your home.

Furthermore, the battery life on this product is excellent. The Golden Compass Sport can travel up to 19.5 miles on a single battery charge. This is one of the longest battery lives we saw on this type of product. Similar electric wheelchairs can only travel 14 or 15 miles on a single battery charge.

Traveling outside isn’t an issue with this product. It has high ground clearance of 3.25 inches. This allows the wheelchair to easily maneuver over rocky or rough terrain. Many similar products only have a ground clearance of 2.6 inches. Additionally, it can climb hills or grades at a 6-degree angle. However this is the average climbing angle include for most electric wheelchairs.

To help you easily get around, this unit comes with six wheels. There are two 10-inch center drive wheels on this product as well as four 6-inch caster wheels. Two caster wheels are located in the front of the chair while two more are located in the rear, behind the center drive wheels.

Design and comfort features for Golden Compass Sport GP605

The comfort and design of the motorized wheelchair is very impressive. This model comes with a standard set of features, including a seat belt and a joystick controller is fully functional. You can also choose from two colors: red and blue.

You can adjust the power seat to ensure maximum comfort. There are plenty of padding on the seat, back rest and head rest. In addition, the seat folds flat for transport much easier. You can also flip up the armrest to get out of the chair, and you can adjust the height, width and angle of the armrest. Many products do not feature such advanced options for the armrest. Moreover, there are three different height positions you can choose from, and you can adjust the height and angle of the foot rest between 0 and 35 degrees.

The Golden Compass Sport GP605 can handle riders up to 300 pound welterweight. However, the heavier the rider, the more it affects the overall performance of the chair. If you plan to transport the wheelchair, it is heavier than the others, weighing 179 pounds. In general, the size of the seat is 52.5 inches wide by 24 inches and 39 inches long.

Warranty For Golden Compass Sport GP605

Golden Technologies GP605 Golden Compass Sport - Red/Charcoal Warranty

The warranty on power-operated wheelchairs are excellent. Frames are a manufacturer warranty lifetime, and all electronic components and train drivers are covered for 13 months. This is one of the longest manufacturer warranty that we see on these products.

Also, if you have any problems or concerns, you can reach a support representative via email or phone. However, there is no live chat option to reach a representative.

GP605 is not available, GP162 has similar features. Check out price


If you need an electric wheelchair to easily get around indoors and outdoors, Golden Compass Sport GP605 is worth your consideration. This product offers a variety of mobile features, including a tight turning radius, high ground clearance and the ability to reach speeds up to 4.5 mph.

In addition, this product has a long battery life and allows you to easily adjust the seat to suit your height and other personal requirements. Despite the lack of customer support live chat option, Golden Compass Sport GP605 comprehensive sports with excellent maneuverability, design, comfort and its warranty.

Top Reviews

Comfortable, smooth ride, turns in tight spaces, rides on rough terrain

The wheelchair arrived and was very easy to put together, although the base is very heavy with the batteries in place. We cut the box open so that we wouldn’t have to lift the base out of the box. This wheelchair has made it much easier for my daughter to get around during long events and has allowed her to go for a walk/ride. 

I think she will love the help it gives her as she goes to college, where she will be using it to go about 5 miles everyday. She has used it on un-level, rough terrain and it works great! It gets stuck if you try to ride it through rocks or gravel. She’s never rode it long enough to run the battery down. We charge it either every night or the night before we know she will need it. It’s a smooth ride with a very comfortable seat. The way it practically turns in a circle without much space will be especially helpful when she needs to turn in a crowded elevator at college. If you fold the chair seat down and remove the headrest, you will have approximately a 46.5″ square to fit in your vehicle. In a standard mini-van, you can remove a captain’s chair from your middle row of seats or if the back row of seats go flat, it will still only take up one seat space as long as your seats will fold just one seat level with the floor. We use the following ramp to go with it.


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