Gold mask to ageless?

The giants had fun game goose, ready to put money million eat cake, drink gold, even beauty with gold mask.

So really there is nowhere gold how to use health and beauty science perspective?

Chemical experts have confirmed gold not included in the list of minerals of nutritional supplements for the body. The fact that some people eat gold, for gold to soak liquor is absolutely no scientific basis and yellow mixed dishes can not improve health. The scientific literature has value in the world today as well as in countries of the studies never mention the use of gold in the processing or aesthetic nutrition for humans.

However, the experts also said that the gold you because it has the ‘inert’, do not react with any chemicals so when absorbed into the body, gold is not metabolized into toxic substances harmful to the body but digestive mechanism, the gold particles in the form of dust in the stomach after eating, it will eventually be excreted.

ready to put money million eat cake, drink gold, even beauty with gold mask.
ready to put money million eat cake, drink gold, even beauty with gold mask.

Thus, clearly when introduced into the body, the gold although not harmful to human health, but also do not work well, so large amounts of money to eat gold, yellow drink, according to the scientists is only ‘burning money ‘rather more beneficial to health. In medicine, gold alloys or only used in dentistry because its ductility. As for the use of facial gold, according to the evaluation, the doctor also had no effect in helping to beautify. By the scientific analysis has shown that, in the metal, the silver and bronze rated wind often acts according to folk remedies.

Two metal are excreted toxins escape through the skin, so when the wind hit, silver and copper often turns gray. But gold does not work there, so when facial, gold is difficult to absorb impurities in the skin such as an advertisement, it is unknown sheet mask with gold is real or not? And if that is the essence of gold, there is no anti-aging or skin beauty because gold is very difficult penetrates deep into the skin, should have absolutely no effect on the skin.

Gold Mask itself is not in the list of substances used in cosmetics. Maybe the beauty center before the golden mask to guests then had a massage side by the other natural medicinal certain effect in regenerating skin. Customers will still see going aesthetic effect but is due to other substances not by gold!

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