Giantex 24” Lightweight Foldable Folding Wheelchair w/Swingaway Footrest FDA Certificate

This is our black back and mat manual wheelchair. This folding wheelchair by Giantex can provides comfort and mobility in an economical package. Complete with front riggings packaged with the chair, the wheelchair combines style and durability at an affordable price. Perfect for a variety of user needs from temporary, post-surgery use to longer-term use, the wheelchair features swing-out footrests to make transferring in and out of the wheelchair easier and wheel locks for added security.

Giantex 24'' Lightweight Foldable Folding Wheelchair review
Giantex 24” Lightweight Foldable Folding Wheelchair Review

Characteristics and Features of Giantex 24” Lightweight Foldable Folding Wheelchair

Folding wheelchair like this one from Giantex, the 24” lightweight model, presents more flexibility compared to standard stiff chairs. The model has an edge when riders move towards moderately uneven ground as the folding frame of the chair will flex and bend depending on the ground surface.

Folding chairs offer plenty of benefits too they can be collapsed, folded and stored without taking away components, and it helps users save space. The flexibility that it imparts allows for better stability when traversing rougher ground.

Folding wheelchair models also feature swing-away leg rests, this Giantex model being an example. It is an excellent space saver and will hugely benefit users who are strapped for space since it can be folded down and stored in tight spaces.


Made Of High Quality PVC Mats And Steel Frame.
Provide Comfort And Mobility In An Economical Package.
Carry Pocket On Back. Large Step-Tube End Cap Comfortable Padded Arms.
Adjustable Footrests.
Convenient For Storage And Transport For Folding Feature
Front wheel has a diameter of 8” while back wheel is 24”
Has a folding size of 42” x 16” x 34”
Has a seat size of 19.6” x 16.1”
Backrest has a size of 19.6” x 17.7”


  • Recommended for moderate normal wear out of doors on solid surfaces
  • Has stylish chrome-looking spoke wheels
  • Affordable and lightweight
  • Easy to manage and maintain
  • Can be folded for transporting
  • Comes assembled
  • Includes swing-away footrests


  • Arms are not adjustable
  • Does not include holes for spring-loaded wheelie bar
  • Requires a cushion like majority of wheelchairs
  • Several customers complained of loose screws and bolts

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Q & A

QI need to roll someone up and down a steep grassy hill on a regular basis. Would this chair do the trick?

AThat depends on the patient’s weight, his/hers ability to assist by turning the hand rim, and your own strength.

QHow do you get the ugly plastic protection cover off behind the wheels ????

AI am not sure, I bought the chair for a relative who lives in Florida. I live in California.

If you’re referring to the cover on frame above wheels, I just left it on. Doesn’t bother me a bit. Just makes it look more distinct

Q: Does the chair come fully assembled?

ASeems pretty nice so far. My grandmother likes it

QWill the wheelchair hand rims come off very easy so I could make it narrower?

AYes hand rims comes off easily and does not stay tight and also the foot rest things are very loose too moving down n backward all the time

Top Reviews

It folds up very easily and weighs approximately 35 pounds so it is light …

I ordered this 24 inch wheelchair for my aunt who is battling stage 4 lung cancer and stage 4 breast cancer. We are having a hard time getting her to and from the bathroom because she wants nothing to do with the portable bathroom chair. We were using a walker with a chair that is built in but you can imagine how well this didn’t work out.

Lite Duty Chair.

I bought this chair for a spare. This is a lite duty chair. narrow tires. it would soon twist out of shape, under heavy use. Good for lite, normal wear indoors or on solid surfaces outdoors. For a special occasion where you need a good looking chair, and not your everyday chair. Pushing and turning under strain, will will soon wear the frame of it out. Small, very small wheel bearings. Looks really good, nice looking spoke wheels, chrome looking. Arms don’t adjust. Just a basic, low cost wheelchair.

Very lite, easy to handle. Folds for transporting. Well worth 90 dollars, It comes assembled. I had no problem, with loose bolts. Spokes were tight. NO wheelie-bars. Has rubber/plastic covers on the ends where the wheelie-bars would go, but no holes for the spring-loaded wheelie-bar to click into. Needs a cushion, like most wheelchairs. I have long arms, easy to operate. Balance is normal. Steep inclines, let someone push you. Good investment for a low cost, light duty wheelchair. REMEMBER, lite duty… Thanks!


The arms are too high compared to the seat. Being a short person, I am unable to push it myself because of this fact.

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