Geo Cruiser Lightweight Electric Wheelchair can be easily transported in most lorries, as well as a bus, bus, train or boat. In addition, it meets government regulations on safe air travel, and in most cases you can directly go to the terminal boarding the plane.

Now you can do more with Geo Cruiser Personal Mobility Aid. Attend family gatherings, go shopping, visit museums, fairs and other social events with the confidence that you will be able to enjoy yourself with independence with your mobility.

Geo Cruiser Lightweight Electric Wheelchair, Personal Mobility Aid
Geo Cruiser Lightweight Electric Wheelchair, Personal Mobility Aid

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  • The Geo Cruiser Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Weighs Only 59 Pounds with the Battery & Carries Passengers up to 396 Pounds.
  • Uses a lightweight Lithium ION Battery – Gets 16+ miles on a single charge. Airline and cruiser friendly
  • Lightweight and Compact. No Need to Install a Lift in your vehicle to transport.
  • Costs Much Less than Older model & much heavier Power Electric Wheelchairs
  • Great for Indoor and Outdoor Usage. 12″ Rugged Wheels so you can virtually go over any terrain.

About Geo Cruiser Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The Geo Cruiser is a heavy duty, yet lightweight electric wheelchair, foldable chair and mobility aid. It is easy to transport, and literally will unfold in seconds. It weighs 59 lbs. with battery and supports up to 396 lbs. It meets government regulations for safe air travel, and in most cases you can ride it directly to the boarding terminal. Now you can do more with the Geo Cruiser.

Attend family gatherings, go shopping, and visit museums, fairs, and other social events with the confidence that you will be able to have enjoy yourself with more independence with your mobility. The Geo Cruiser is the latest in lightweight electric wheelchair & Foldable Mobility Aids.

  • Lightweight & Durable – WILL LAST FOR YEARS.
  • Folds In Seconds. Compact and Lightweight Design. Easy to Store.
  • Comes with Lithium Battery. Longer Lasting. Newest Battery Technology.
  • Up to 16 Miles Travel Distance Per A Single Charge.
  • Joystick Can Be Mounted on Left or Right Arm Rest
  • Arm Rests Can Be Raised for Easy Side Access to the Seat
  • Has a Removable Seat and Seat Cover for Easy Cleaning
  • Has 4 Wheels Which Makes it More Stable than a 3 Wheel Scooter
  • Requires Very Little Service & Maintenance
  • Save Money by Not Having to Purchase a Lift on Your Car
  • Significantly Less Expensive than Older Electric Wheelchairs
  • A Large Assortment of Available Accessories.
  • Learn More about the Geo Cruiser on the official website.

Warranty for Geo Cruiser Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.

Q & A

QDo the arms swing up or away for side access?

AThe arms swing up.

Qwhat is the size of the front wheels? And are the wheels no flat tires?

A7″ X 1.3″ and the wheels are no flat tires.

QIs the battery and charger included?

AYes, battery and charger are included.

Q: what warranty comes with this wheelchair?

A: Hello, below are the warranty coverage details. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!
Frame – 3 Years
Electrical/Mechanical – 1 Year
Battery – 1 Year
Thank you for considering Top Mobility!

QDoes the product have a carrying bag, and are the lithium batteries airline compatible?

AYes, it does have carrying bag; it costs extra and the chair batteries is compatible with airline travel. That was one consideration for my purchase.

Top Reviews

Wonderful convenience, tiny footrest

The convenience of this chair is amazing. I enjoy the ease of folding and unfolding it. A word of warning to people with longer legs (I am 5’10) or with legs that don’t bend well-the footrest is really narrow in width and not very deep. I have trouble bending my bad leg enough to fit it on the footrest comfortably. As a result, using it for any distance is somewhat uncomfortable. I still believe it was worth the price, and am hoping to figure some way to get a removable expanded footrest fashioned for it.


I bought the product in December 2015 and it worked fine; in January 2016 the chair stopped working properly. It would start go for a few seconds and stop abruptly. The Company and manufacturer were helpful at first. Since I live in the Republic of Panama, the manufacturer sent one part, central controller assuring that was the problem. When I received the part the chair continued having the same problem, but now in reverse. You pushed the joystick forward and it went backwards and after a few seconds it would abruptly stop.

They send me the joystick and the problem continued so I was asked to send the chair. (It cost almost $600 to send it one way) so I thought we needed a better solution. I finally got a technician that repairs electric chairs in Panama and asked for the wiring diagram and said I would assume the responsibility. As of today I have not gotten a concrete response for the wiring diagram, so I am stuck with a nonfunctioning $3000 chair.


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