Gentle exercise for busy people

Gentle Exercise is a fun activity, but not everyone has the time and his condition for a fixed period of time during the day to practice, especially for busy people because of work.

So how to you can arrange a time for the exercise when it comes to spending too much time with life? Just take a moment to take a break and use gentle exercises which bring ELLE Man below will help you become stronger when there is no time to the gym.

Gentle Exercise For Busy People (I): Basic Boot

To start any training session yet, we need to start heating the body before. Launch in about 7-12 minutes has great impact in helping the body ready for the workout, both physically and mentally. At the same time, it also helps prevent injury.

a) Jumping Jack – Jumping arms legs

Duration: 1 minute

Jumping jacks are exercises affect different muscles such as the buttock, calf muscles, heel, tendon, when all agencies are involved in the advocacy process. It increases heart rate, blood flow to the muscles and reduce the risk of muscle cramps or stiffness.

Implementation: Jump on foot from side to side, arms raised and jumping sideways and bunches up.

b) High Knees – Jumping knee raise


Run in place by raising the knee down helps increase stamina and increased sweating in a short period of time.

Duration: 1 minute

Implementation: You run in place while lifting the knees high in the waist. Swung to heat the whole body

c) Forward Lunge – The act of attacking ago

Duration: 1 minute

This is a gentle exercise helps muscles toned thighs, bone strength training.

Implementation: 1 stand last stand 2 feet to 2 lines, not to stand in one line. Back heel to toe, knee after killing perpendicular to the floor and put up while holding the body upright.

Gentle Exercise For Busy People (II): The rotation exercise (short circuit)

Duration: 18 minutes

Circuit is a method of exercise with fast-paced combination of high intensity exercises to form a loop circuit (circuit). Circuit usually consist of exercises impact on the whole body including the abdomen, thighs and arms in the same training session.

One of the biggest benefits of the circuit that allows you to improve the health and overall physique. Here are some gentle exercises combined, perform each exercise for 30-60 seconds to break very short (usually 10-30 seconds)

a) Plank


Hold your body absolutely straight, the forearm down to the ground. Keep your head in the natural world (raised his head to make you sore neck and hips are lowered) and abdominal muscles stretch.

b) Jump squats


Stand with feet shoulder width, lower your knees down so that the perpendicular. Push buttocks backwards, then jumped on the ground to sit down immediately. Note down the jump to inhale exhale, done 30 times rhythm.

c) Commandos


At the push posture but with the legs extended to the sides, arms extended shoulder. Body grew stiff center section, elbows out behind the opposite direction. Note not curved back, while keeping the hips fixed.

d) Jump Lunges


Ranked tonnes ahead with one leg, arm, lower your hips. The front legs create a 90 degree angle. Jump up and switch legs in the air, before moving back legs, hind legs moving forward. In attacking position, arm permutations. Keep chest and upright body, focusing on movements 30 times.

e) Burpees


Starting with the squatting position, hands on the ground in front of you. Turn to your legs after starting posture push. Immediately turn the legs to return to the squat position. From this squatting position on the highest possible. Repeat this with the fastest speed and the body. Can make about 12 to 15 times every 30 seconds.

f) Mountain Climbers


In position handstands. Earlier toes against the floor. Back straight. Hold the pose, lift the left leg up, bending knees toward the chest put then put the leg back to the starting position. Foot hill, perform repetitive movements. Continuous rotation makes 2 feet. Performed 5 times per leg.

Gentle Exercise For Busy People (III): Relax your body after exercise

Duration: 2 minutes

Similar to the warm-up before exercise, you need to let loose with stretching exercises after training is complete. The recovery helps relax the body increases the metabolism of lactose and reduced fatigue.

Unlike startups we warm the body and stretch the muscles in relaxed state, the action would be stretching movements static page after the exercises as relaxing slightly pretentious, torso thigh, torso breast … The gentle exercise is recommended to perform at least 8-10 times.

Give up exercise, to when to take shape?

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