Galaxy Tree Swing

Galaxy Tree Swing – Kids’ Swings over the WaterThe goal with these swings is to have fun getting wet. Many of the above safety suggestions apply. Main differences with these swings: there is often only a knot used instead of a seat — makes the dismount easier into the splash zone; the swing is usually only ridden for one half cycle; and the swing distance is greater. Easy Tree Hangers are available for those basic quick swing set ups.

Galaxy Tree Swing
Galaxy Tree Swing
  • XL 40″ NET TREE SWING – Spinning & Swinging is More Fun With Friends Big Enough for Multiple Kids
  • TREE STRAP HANGING KIT – New Double Stitched 2nd – Generation 41″ Heavy Duty Tree Straps and 4x Snap Carabiners – Adjustable 6′ Foot Swing Ropes – Certified to hold up to 600 lbs.
  • 360º SWIVEL HOOK – Reduces Rope Twists and Turns The Galaxy Glider Into an Atomic Carnival Ride
  • READY TO RIDE – Unlike Cheap Swings, The Galaxy Is Made From A Solid Steel Tube With No Assembly Required

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About Galaxy Tree Swing

To combat the digital addiction that grips this generation the Galaxy Tree Swing is:

• Fun for one or many kids

• A great interactive outdoor activity

• Good for both mental imagination and physical exercise

Parents at the Galaxy Swing Company like being “That House” in the neighborhood, where all the kids come to play. It can be a little noisy but it’s nice knowing where our kids are.

Galaxy Tree Swing Solutions

We designed the Galaxy Glider to last with1.5mm(16-gauge) solid steel disc tube wrapped with 12mm polyethylene UV resistant rope for padding.

We included a heavy duty tree swing hanging kit that made it much easier to secure over a branch or swing set beam.

Using double stitched nylon straps rated up to 600 lbs. and four carabineers we reduced the time it took to hang the swing making it significantly stronger and built to last.

XL 40″ platform is large enough to for a more than one kid to ride at once.

Inspired by our love of carnival rides we included a 5/16″ rotating swivel hook that reduces rope wear and extends the life of the straps

The Galaxy Glider is the best way to keep your kids active and out side this autumn.

Platform Tree Swing, Yellow – Nylon Rope

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Merax 24-inch Web Swing Playground/Tree

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Q & A


Q: Does it spin easily and smoothly?

A: At first, yes. But after a week, and reapplying graphite, the hanging straps twist more easily than it spins at the spinner. We’re still really happy with it, though.

Q: What is best to purchase if a longer strap is needed?

A: It comes with a strap that was plenty long enough for our tree. You can adjust it’s fabulous!!

Top Reviews

This Galaxy Tree Swing is absolutely amazing. My kids have had SO SO SO much…

This Galaxy Tree Swing is absolutely amazing. My kids have had SO SO SO much fun on this thing. I really can’t say enough amazing things about this product. I was looking at these swings at a local feed store back in March. They were so expensive and the one I was looking at wasn’t nearly as big as this one.

More Fun for my Barrel of Monkeys!

The Galaxy Tree Swing is large enough for me to lay flat and have both my head and my bum supported with room to prop my feet up below my feet. I could stay in that position swinging back and forth and round and round all day, everyday… if my kids would let me. Getting on this swing is to kids what getting on your computer is to cats. An invitation. We all have had great fun playing on this swing together.

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