World Of Fun Swing Set
World Of Fun Swing Set

World Of Fun Swing Set

Flexible Flyer World Of Fun Swing Set
Flexible Flyer World Of Fun Swing Set

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  • Powder coat painted frame for strength and stability, Silver Grey and Black colored frame
  • Suggested age range is 2 years to 10 years old, Maximum of 10 children can play on this product when adhering to the weight restriction
  • Weight restriction is 105 pounds per seat / play, Total maximum weight limit is 1050 pounds
  • Adult assembly is required
  • Made in the USA and backed by a 180 day limited manufacturer warranty

About World Of Fun Swing Set

The World Of Fun swing set is a six leg, ‘quick-assembly’ gym set design with a green wave slide, two green injection molded SuperFun swings with vinyl covered adjustable height chains, a green Rocket Rider for 2, a green Trapeze Swing, a 2 passenger green seat SeeSaw, and an air-glider with green seats for up to two kids.

The Flexible Flyer “World Of Fun” Swing Set really guarantees genuine fun and childhood memories. Kids age two to ten year old can play on this swing set and build happy childhood memories. Bring out the team player within you and your family members along with your kids since this can be assembled under adult supervision. This USA-made swing set can accommodate up to ten children all at the same time. However, proper knowledge of the weight restriction is required to estimate the correct number of children who can play simultaneously on the swing set. Specifically, each seat or each play set can endure up to 105 pounds. If ten children, who weigh less than 105 pounds, will play together on the swing set, there won’t be any problems at all.

Its design is incorporated with powder coat painted frame which makes sure that the material will be strong and stable enough to provide happiness to your kids while also giving safety. It consists of six legs that can be assembled quickly with adult supervision. For maximum fun, the swing set also includes a green wave slide that will surely provide pure bliss with every use. Also, there are two green injection molded SuperFun swings included that has adjustable height chains. The chains are covered with vinyl to make sure that your kid will be safe while using the comfortable and colorful swing. Your child’s best buddy will also definitely enjoy the green Rocket Rider which can accommodate two kids at the same time. In addition, a Trapeze Swing in color green can also be installed and is also included in the package. What even more is that it also includes a two-passenger seat SeeSaw for you kids’ ultimate delight. Finally, give the most pleasurable experience to your kids by letting them try out the green air-glider that can also be used by two kids at the same time. All of these play sets were included with the swing set which perfectly defines why the brand calls is the “World Of Fun”.

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Q & A

Q: Will this be an appropriate playset for a 6 yr old? how tall/long is the slide?

A: My 5 yr old and my 7 yr old both love it. The slide is not very tall, about 4 ft.

A: Purchase them separate

Q: What are the dimensions of this swing set?

A: 216″W x 102″D x 72″H

Top Reviews

Great for keeping the little ones busy

My grand daughter, nieces, and nephews love this. It was pretty easy to put together, although it did take my son and I about 3 hours. It seems sturdy, we bought the anchor set to go with it to keep it from rocking. I’m very happy with it

World Of Fun Swing Set
World Of Fun Swing Set

Worth every penny! Great World Of Fun Swing Set!

We purchased this set for our 3 almost 4 year old. It is a nice looking set. Seems very sturdy and stable (but we also purchased the anchor set sold separately). It was quite a challenge to put together initially but I was doing the first parts of it alone.

World Of Fun Swing Set
World Of Fun Swing Set

Perfect World Of Fun Swing Set!

This was one of the best deals on a swing set! About four years ago we purchased a wooden playground for nearly four times the cost of this one, which has not held up. It took nearly 14 hours to assembly….but this swing set took three hours (give or take) with three men. It could be done with two people. We did not have the problem that other reviewers had with the bags of parts being busted or missing. Ours was packaged perfectly, delivered in a undamaged box, and was not missing any parts.

World Of Fun Swing Set
World Of Fun Swing Set

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