12 Thoughts Girls Who Work Out

Easing back into fitness is a lot more painful than it sounds.

No matter how dedicated you are to your regular gym time, summer just has a way of messing with your workouts. Vacations, happy hours, sunburns that turn sports bras into Spandex-laced torture devices—yeah, you aren’t alone.Unfortunately, you don’t realize how quickly those days pile up until it’s time to get back to it. Here are 11 thoughts every woman has when heading to the gym after a summer break from fitness

1. “I Can’t Wait to Do Some Sprints, Hit the Weight Room, and Churn Out Some Burpees… or Maybe I Will Just Fall Flat on My Face”

You were so confident going into your workout. If only you could pick up right where you left off.

fail animated GIF

2. “How Can I Only Be Four Minutes In?”

Can this count as a Tabata?

3. “I Should Have Gone Jogging Alone”

You thought going for a jog with your former running buddy would make the workout more fun. Now you realize the two of you have very different ideas of what jogging means.

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4. “Thank Goodness These Pants Are Spandex”

Still, you feel like an encased, sweaty sausage.

5. “My Legs Are On Fire, and I Might Die”

“Hurts so good” definitely doesn’t apply here.

frustrated animated GIF

6. When Do Those Endorphins Kick in Again?”

If only you could remember, you could see a light at the end of the I-hate-everything tunnel.

7. “Could I Really Lift This Much Weight Before?”

Your fitness app says you lifted 40-pound dumbbells, but the 20s are feeling like a little much today.

8. “Wait, Where Did They Put the Stretching Room?”

Did they move it since you were gone…or did you just forget where it was?

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9. “How Fitness Would I Be Right Now If I Never Took That Break?”

The what-ifs are natural, but they don’t do you any good. Focus on the now.

10. “Wow, My Playlist Is Outdated.”

You can’t find anything worth listening to on your phone, so you might as well go home now and update your playlist, right?

11. “Why Did I Let Myself Miss So Many Workouts?”

The blame, the guilt, the self-loathing.

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12. “Great, Now I Can Barely Walk. Now I’ll Have to Wait Another Week ’Til My Next Workout.”

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