In my opinion, unique gifts are the ones that sweep the receiver’s feet off the floor. With feisty pet toys you can do exactly the same effortlessly. Every now and then we hear the advice, not to judge a book by its cover, yet we fall into the trap of getting carried away by the cuteness be it animals or children.

Top Feisty Pet Toys
Top Feisty Pet Toys

Ask any parent and they will tell you how seamlessly kids transform from cuddly cute characters to terrorizing monsters in no time. One moment they are happy-go-lucky people and the very next moment they can be screaming their heads off. A feisty pet is the exact personification of this character. William Mark Corporation is behind the new collection of toys, titled as the feisty toys. Technically, these pets are plush animals that change expression from cute to feisty. There’s no electronic component in the toy, to change the expression you simply squeeze behind the ears. We must say this collection of toys is as innovative as it can get with stuffed prank toys. The collection has a variety of charismatic characters to choose from that includes-bear, bunny, cat, dog, lion, monkey and panda.

How To Use Your Feisty Pet Toy

If you are not scaring people around you with your Sammy Suckerpunch or Karl the Snarl, then you are definitely missing on all the fun. Children and adults can make use of this unique gift to make their family and friends scream, laugh or cry, with a simple squeeze behind the ears.

What can be better than a video explaining how fun, these brilliant toys can be. Here is a video by ThinkGeek on how to use these toys.

Please note that it is just a guiding video. How creatively you can use the feisty toys to prank your family and others is entirely dependent on your imagination and wickedness.

Where to buy a feisty pet?

Feisty pets must have got your attention by now and you may want to buy one. With most of the online stores offering you these unique toys, you don’t have to worry about where to buy one Amazon, Ebay, Walmart and many other online toy stores have these feisty toys available. We recommend buying the feisty toys from reliable online stores only, as they guarantee safe delivery of these stuffed toys.

Top Feisty Pet Toys On Amazon

As often people ask us where to buy a feisty pet, we understand how difficult it is for them to get these toys as they are popular and huge in demand. To make your search easy here we have shared the best selling feisty pets toys available on Amazon.


1. William Mark- Feisty Pets-Sammy Suckerpunch

Everybody loves dogs, children and adults want a canine friend alike. Before you let your imagination loose and think about the Sammy Suckerpunch exactly the same, then be aware you will be highly disappointed. This feisty dog is not just an adorable stuffed dog, but a 8.5” tall bipolar plush toy that gets from happy to angry with a squeeze.

Now if you ask us why do someone will gift their kids or friends a cute looking feisty dog that gets angry really fast. The answer would be, because that’s the whole point of the invention of this toy. The kids who got their hands on Sammy Suckerpunch, can’t get enough of it. The parents we talked with said, their kid has not put the toy down since they got him one.

Top Feisty Pet Toys
Top Feisty Pet Toys

There are many reasons to choose Sammy Suckerpunch, as the next gift.

  • Stuffed polyester fibers make a good quality toy
  • Cleaning is easy as the feisty pet is washable
  • At 8.5 inches, it is an ideal gift for young ones
  • All it takes to reveal the feisty side of the pet is a little squeeze behind the ears
  • No batteries or extras required
  • Make a unique gift for birthdays and Halloween

Sammy Suckerpunch is for super fun pranking that will leave your victims hilariously entertained.

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2. William Mark Feisty Pets- Vicky Vicious

Vicky Vicious is the plush bunny feisty pet that won’t disappoint your family and friends with its ferocious set of teeth. The innocent looking toy is definitely going to make way for an amazing prank that will leave your victim with priceless expression.

Like its mates this stuffed cuddly bunny stands 8.5 inches tall. Kids will have a lot of fun switching between the alter ego and sane personality of the toy. The squeeze to change expression mechanism is easy and light enough for even a 4 year old to operate.

Don’t waste your Vicky Vicious bunny’s appealing by gifting to your family and friends on any occasion but save it for Easter. Everybody loves to get a bunny for Easter, but not everyone expects a bipolar stuffed feisty pet rabbit.

Top Feisty Pet Toys
Top Feisty Pet Toys
  • Surface washable polyster fiber cover
  • Stuffing is of quality material making toy durable
  • No batteries needed, it’s a mechanical toy
  • Sweet and innocent face attracts kids and adults alike that makes it easy to prank them
  • Suitable for Halloween and Easter

You definitely need to get your hands on this stuffed bunny, the Vicky Vicious will truly make an endearingly unique gift this Easter.

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3. William Mary Feisty Pets-Glenda Glitterpoop the Unicorn

Unicorns are a whole different story, they are not like any other mystical creatures that kids dream of. Ask any tween girl and she will tell you the unicorns are for real and she wants one for the Christmas.

Why not make your princess delight by gifting her Glenda Glitterpoop, the unicorn. This feisty unicorn is definitely going to make your kid, friend or any family member rethink of what unicorn means.

Top Feisty Pet Toys
Top Feisty Pet Toys

There are many reasons to choose this feisty pet unicorn for your little ones.

  • Standing only 8.5” tall, Glenda will make your daughter’s companion to bed, to park, even to school
  • Kids love to see their angelic pet turning into a rare beast
  • All it takes is a little squeeze behind the ears and it will send everyone screaming
  • Polyester stuffed, Glenda Glitterpoop is surface washable
  • No battery or electronic component, completely a mechanical toy
  • Makes a unique gift for birthdays, Christmas or Halloween

Anyone with a sense of humor can’t help but to like Glenda for her bipolar character.

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4. William Mark Feisty Pets-Grandmaster Funk

This plush monkey is an adorable pet for kids and adults alike. Monkeys are mischievous but none are like the Grandmaster Funk.

You remember Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls? If you don’t, just Google him. This feisty monkey is a real life incarnation of Mojo Jojo that every girl watching the cartoon will love. Not to say that the Grandmaster Funk is a representation of the cartoon character, but it reminds of the same.

When happy and quiet, this feisty monkey has a resting face that makes him an adorable cuddly spunky monkey. But when you squeeze its temples, it shows you the feisty side of his character.

Top Feisty Pet Toys
Top Feisty Pet Toys

This fluffy plush monkey is a worthwhile consideration as a prank toy and more.

  • Like its counterparts, it spends 8.5” tall, making it ideal for young kids
  • Stuffed and rigid hard mechanical components make Grandmaster Funk a durable toy
  • No electronic component or batteries
  • Polyester fiber stuffing and covering is surface washable
  • Hilarious and amusing gift for adults and kids

Dogs and bunnies are favorite as plush stuffed toys, but Grandmaster Funk will change that perception. An innocent looking feisty monkey, it a tool for pulling most hilarious pranks.

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5. William Mark Feisty Pets-Princess Pottymouth

After dogs, the most loved stuffed figures are cats. But these loved kitties are not the same like the Princess Pottymouth. This adorable looking plush feline will scare the soul out of kids and adults once it brings out its fangs.

You can turn this adorable looking endearing pet into a feisty beast with a squeeze. I just love the way, feisty toys change expression instantly. This 8 inches tall cat is going to make the best birthday or Christmas present ever. Nothing is stopping you to use it as a Halloween gift to accompany your kids for trick or treat.

Top Feisty Pet Toys
Top Feisty Pet Toy
  • Princess Pottymouth is a unique gift for a number of reasons.
  • A charismatic stuffed cat that turns from friend to foe with a little squeeze of temples
  • Makes a cuddly toy for younger ones and a prank tool for adult youngsters
  • Adults can also use Princess Pottymouth to pull innocent pranks
  • The feisty toy is entirely mechanical, requires no battery or extra parts
  • Polyester fiber stuffing and covering makes a washable toy

Girls will love the Princess Pottymouth more than boys, well simply because they are girls who adore kitties more than canines. This Christmas or Halloween, give your princess a truly unique gift.

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Why you should choose a feisty pet? Who love these pets?

Kids truly fall in love with these pets at the very first glance. Also the fact that the feisty pet requires no batteries the fun can keep on going for as long as you want and this is one of the top reasons why people love to get these pet toys. Each feisty pet figure stands 8” tall with all the inner workings covered with shiny and soft covering and some stuffing. What’s best about this toy is, the mechanical components are not located in its tummy like traditional toys but most of the hard mechanical pieces are stored in the toy’s head. A free belly means lots of cuddling and hugging. It makes a unique gift because it does exactly the opposite of what cuddly stuffed toys are supposed to do. These toys attract and scare depending on how you use them.

Quality of the feisty pets

The feisty pet toys are made from washable polyester fiber so you can clean them easily. Just take care that you do not put the toy in the washing machine. To clean stains or marks, make use of a damp cloth. The construction quality of the toy is extremely rigid. Eyes and nose are strongly glued to the fiber covering that doesn’t come off even after years of use. The mechanical pieces that support the face expression change seem to be well designed with no loose ends. All the toys we reviewed had no seam split openings. Even after rough use the seams doesn’t seem to unravel.

Why people love feisty pets?

Most people are excited to get these entertaining and captive toys. We found them suitable for any audience, but not for kids below 5 who are sensitive towards feisty characters. The feisty pets toys are definitely unique gifts for young and adults to love to prank or get pranked. Kids love these toys because they are soft, cuddly plush toys that need no battery or extras to operate. Kids can pull pranks on family and friends easily as all they have to do is to gently squeeze their feisty toys behind the ears.

Adults like us love the feisty pets toys, simply because how innocent and hilarious pranks can be pulled off without physically or emotionally hurting anyone. We think that’s the USP of this toy, you as an adult don’t have to keep guessing whether to prank or not, just because you don’t want your prank to go too out of hands.


No other toy we have reviewed so far is as hilarious and entertaining as the Feisty pets toys from William Mark Corporation. All you need is a gentle squeeze behind the ears to turn these bipolar cuddly creatures into demonic nightmares that can scare the soul out of children and adults alike. You get to choose from 8 cute characters namely

Definitely the feisty pet makes a unique gift for kids and adults that everyone will cherish alike.

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