Feather Mattress Topper Review & Top 3 Toppers

Feather Mattress Topper Review

Feather Mattress Topper Review & Top 3 Toppers
Feather Mattress Topper Review & Top 3 Toppers

The traditional feather bed, were quite simple handmade equipment which were good in providing users with the basic comfort. Then, it came down to the most sophisticated versions which provided users with a lot of luxury by using the finest materials.

The feather types use the original feather from goose and other birds which are known to give users a lot of luxurious level comfort. The modern type of feather toppers of today, are installed over the cushy mattresses to provide users with an extra layer of comfort. There are many other uses of having a feather mattress topper which we will see in the sections to come.

I hope that after reading our review below for feather mattress topper and other top mattress topper reviews, you will be able to choose the best topper for your house and your family.

Why feather mattress topper are being used?

feather mattress topperThe first impression of the feather mattress topper is that of a very comfortable one. The comfort with the level of ideal firmness and softness that you will get is absolutely unbeatable by any other type of mattress topper. Choosing a quality feather topper requires you to check a number of things to ensure quality. Feather topper has a number of benefits over the other types which are given as follows:

  • Feather toppers are excellent to be used in winters for the extra warmth that they provide.
  • They give users a very luxurious feel with the soft feel of the natural feather material.
  • The baffle box construction of this type has resolved all problems where people use to have issues about the feathers inside moving all over the places. The situation is solved with the baffle box construction which holds the feathers intact into their place.
  • If your mattress is sagging or showing other signs of wear and tear, then having such a topper would cover up for all those issues.
  • The mattresses call for much heavier investment, so this can act as a protective shield to protect your mattresses from any kind of leakage, dirt or any such issue.
  • The best ones from top brands are usually offered with a very decent warranty.
  • They are good in providing the therapeutic support to all types of sleepers.

Some downsides of feather mattress toppers

Apart from the above mentioned advantages, the feather type mattress topper also has a few disadvantages which are given as follows:

  • They are least preferred in the summers due to excessive warmth that they produce.
  • The maintenance of such topper is difficult as you really cannot wash the whole thing due to the presence of feather filling inside.
  • The stems of the feather may give you an uncomfortable feeling at times, which could be the worst part of a feather topper. The issue becomes worse when the feathers get worn out after few months of usage. When the fluff is gone the stems become more prominent.
  • They tend to lose their shape quite soon and you easily get troubled with the lumps that are created after a few months of use. This might be the case with the baffle box construction if it hasn’t followed the actual standards.

  • If there is an opening in the stitch on one side, then there is risk of losing the filling easily and your topper would slowly be going towards a hollow one.
  • If you have it in your kids room or in a condition where there are frequent liquid spills expected, the topper would not last its fluffy feel for a long time and may develop lumps and become pressed and hard.
  • These toppers are unable to provide a balanced support to all body supports instead these only provide a soft cradle for the body without any support where needed to maintain a balanced posture of the body.

If you have any specific needs such as any demanding sleeping posture, then the feather topper is not as much effective as the memory type topper. The memory type also take the vote for giving much better therapeutic support for the occupant and it can also contour to the body shape very well, thus giving top comfort level.

The feather toppers are not known to be god with firmness, rather they are usually soft. The worst is felt when the stem of the weathers starts to bother you if the topper is of low quality and poorly maintained. The latex type is an all-rounder which provides users with the best of all. The feather type is generally a very soft option to counter the firmness of the bed. It is light weight too, which is also a big plus point. Further, some of the types could also be noisy as well.

When you should use a feather mattress topper and when not?

Why Feather mattress topper has a comparatively lower place in the market as compared to the Memory foam topper?

This is a valid question with a simple answer. The down or feather mattress topper is considered to be useful if you have a low maintained, sagging or an old mattress showing signs of wear and tear. If your current mattress needs an extra soft touch then using such a topper would counter all those issues. It is ideal to be used in the winters for countering the cold as it produces good warmth.

On the other side, you shouldn’t be having these toppers in the kids’ room. Kids can urinate in bed and can be messy and cause flattening of the down filling inside, which makes it a big ‘no’ thing in the room for the kids.

Other than that, this type shouldn’t be used in summers as the extreme warmth would make you feel very uncomfortable.

What about memory foam mattress topper? Why it is more popular?

memory foam mattress topper
memory foam mattress topper

While in case of a memory foam mattress topper, it would provide you with a sweat free sleep when you need a cool feel in hot climatic conditions. A memory foam mattress topper would be your best bet instead of a feather mattress topper when you live in a hotter region. Because, a feather bed would be a great trouble as it provides too much warmth while you sleep on it.

Also, if you need to provide support to your body and  avoid pressure points, then a memory foam or a spring foam mattress topper would be of great help instead of a down mattress topper that is good at providing warmth and softness.

Memory foam toppers are much durable and are able to maintain their features for a longer period of time as compared to the feather toppers that may not provide the same quality comfort for years.

Further, if we compare prices, you can see that some memory foam toppers are also reasonable priced and have a lot more beneficial features to offer as compared to feather beds. And that’s why memory foam toppers are more popular and preferred ones. People, would not hesitate to spend a few more bucks to buy a better option which caters to all of the comfort needs they have.

⇢ Top 3 Best Feather Mattress Toppers

White Goose Feather Queen Size 

This is a fine product from the Sweet Jojo Designs manufacturer of the mattress toppers. It comes with a thread count of 240 and it has a 100 percent pure cotton cover that serves as a great protective layer. The thickness of the topper is 2 inches and the gusseted sides are good enough to provide users with the even and firm support. The filling of the topper is done with all antibacterial treated stuff which prevents the growth of fungus, mildew, mold and bacteria.

The mattress topper contains the white goose feathers in the percentage of 95 percent and the remaining 5 percent is for the white goose down material. This is an excellent composition to maintain the ideal level of softness which the majority of the comfort seekers desire to have. The topper is suitable for a queen size bed with standard dimensions. The price in the feather category is quite reasonable for this topper.

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Millsave Queen Goose Down Topper

Millsave in the topper industry is a renowned maker with plenty of satisfied customers under its belt. If you are looking for a thick and a well-developed quality feather topper then this is the top choice for you. It is 5 inches in thickness and the baffle box construction is just like icing on the cake. The baffle box construction is highly valuable in such thing topper so that the feather filling inside doesn’t switch places to alter the comfort level.

The outer cover of the topper has a thread count of 300 which minimizes the chances of any leakage to penetrate inside. The filling used inside has a composition of 95 percent goose feathers and 5 percent of the goose down material. The filling has a reasonably high fill weight of 21.6 pounds overall which endorses the quality of the topper. The equipment is shipped in vacuum packed form for ease in delivering and to keep it clean till it reaches you.

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Luxurious 5 inch feather topper

This is a product of Hotel Grand and is rated as one of the finest products in the category by many users. It comes with an outer cover made of 100 percent cotton. The thread count of this topper is 233 which is decent enough to block all the leakage penetration deep inside the system. The filling inside this platform is of white duck down and feather.

The fill power of this type is excellent to be at 500 units. This is apt for a queen size bed or mattress and you will have a luxurious comfort level with its thickness of 5 inches. The baffle box construction is another great aspect of the system which doesn’t let the feather filling inside to move around all the places. The comfort seekers with this one would surely get it at the right price for the enormous luxury provided.

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Comparison Chart

ProductThread CountThickness (inches)ConstructionFilling
White Goose Feather2402Baffle Box95% goose feathers – 5% down feathers
Millsave Queen Goose Down Topper3005Baffle Box95% goose feathers – 5% down feathers
Luxurious 5 inch topper2335Baffle BoxWhite duck down and feather

 The feather mattress toppers are considered as a luxurious option of all the topper types. They give users with extra comfort with extreme softness. They act as a supportive and a preventive layer over your mattress at the same time. They are known to have a warm impact so they can be ideal for use in winters and can be a bit uncomfortable in the summers. They are available in different construction types where the baffle-box construction is the top one. They are good as the feather topper for mattresses doesn’t shift around on the topper and the level of softness/ firmness of the topper remain consistent all over.


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