eWonderWorld Polka Dot Teepee Play Tent House

eWonderWorld Polka Dot Teepee

eWonderWorld Polka Dot Teepee Play Tent House
eWonderWorld Polka Dot Teepee Play Tent House
  • eWonderWorld 6 color polka dot theme play tent with crawl tunnel. Comes with a carry bag!
  • Safety meshing for child play visibility. Two opening options: front-side opening and tunnel opening.
  • Dimensions: Play Tent House : 40″ L x 40″ W x 44″ H (inches) Tunnel: 20″ x 69″
  • Easy to set up and easy to store!
  • Totable, set up a playground in minutes! Great with our 200 play balls! (Note: There are NO play balls with this order)

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About eWonderWorld Polka Dot Teepee

A wonderful addition to any child’s indoor or outdoor play area. It is fantastic for any activities like board games, story time, nap time and assisting your child’s imagination. Along with step by step setup instructions and instructional video available. A great gift idea. Made of durable material and meshing for child play visibility. Made for children ages 3 and up. With over 25 years of experience, eWonderWorld we guarantee your satisfactory or your money back!

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Q & A

Q: How do I order the tunnel with the two tents?

A: Can you purchase the second tent at a later time? I just ordered the one with only one tent and tunnel. thanks!

You can find the tunnel with the two tents in the following link: http://amzn.to

Q:  How long is the tunnel?

A: The length of tunnel is 69″ inches. Which is about 6 ft. 

Q: Is it sturdy enough for 3-year old twins?

A: Depends on how rough your twins are… it is not heavy REI tenting but if they are in it w/o shoes and don’t poke it with stuff or roll around so that they put too much pressure on the seams I think it will do…

Top Reviews


Santa Claus brought this tent to our daughter who was 14 mos at the time and we’ve had it for 2 months. We were looking specifically for a pop-up tent and tunnel. This is a great one. We weren’t sure about the design at first, but all the girly-er ones were sold out for Christmas. I’m really glad we got this one. The colors really aren’t overbearing as we’d been afraid of from the picture. They look great with the rest of her toys in our living room and we can point out colors and big and little circles. It’ll also work if we ever have a boy too.

My 10 month old LOVES it!

My daughter is quite picky when it comes to toys. She gets bored easily with them and moves on to things that she sees her mommy interested in. When I first opened the tunnel, she was a bit hesitant, seeing as it was quite large (Great size for the price) and new. After a few moments I crawled somewhat into the tunnel to show her that it is safe. She LOVES it now. She crawls in and out of the tunnel, giggling and squealing. When she starts to get bored with it, I put toys inside, or crawl in with her, or play peek-a-boo, appearing at both ends. The fabric is thin and not threatening as a suffocation hazard seeing as there is mesh netting that allows extra air and easy view access to keep an eye on the little one.

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