Energy Efficiency Of Electric Pressure Cooker

Energy Efficiency Of Electric Pressure Cooker
Energy Efficiency Of Electric Pressure Cooker

Energy Efficiency

Instant Pot is one of the green kitchen appliances, save up to 70% energy in cooking can be compared with other devices, such as ovens, boiling pot + stove, autoclaves, etc. It is highly energy efficient thanks to the following features.

As we know, fast food cooked to high temperatures. Less cooking time means less energy consumed. Like other pressure cooker, Instant Pot reduces cooking time by up to 70%.

Secondly, Instant Pot outer housing is completely insulated with two layers of air pockets between the cooking pot and exterior. It was cool to the touch in the brief cooking and indifference in long-term operation. Energy is focused on preparing food. This makes it even more energy efficient than conventional pressure cooker.

Third, intelligent surveillance system Instant hot pot Pot only in order to maintain a certain degree of pressure. For a long time cooking, heating is off nearly 40% of the time cooking.

Fourth, because Instant Pot is completely sealed during cooking, much less water is needed for cooking (eg at about 75% of absorption). This is mainly to reduce energy consumption in making a meal. As another benefit, your kitchen will not be steamy hot in the summer.

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