The EZ Lite Cruiser is leading the revolution in personal mobility. It is extremely convenient due to its compact size and ability to be transported in just about any vehicle. Not only can you can store the EZ Lite Cruiser in your home or garage, but you can conveniently take it with you in a personal vehicle such as a Car, Truck or SUV. It is also extremely convenient to take on an Train, Bus, Cruise Ship or Airplane.

Best Electric Wheelchair by The EZ Lite Cruiser Light Weight Folding Power Wheelchair

The Characteristics and Features of The EZ Lite Cruiser Light Weight Folding Power Wheelchair

1. Compact design

This best electric wheelchair is made of a form of lightweight aluminum materials but durable. It is capable of accommodating 264 lbs passengers, although it weighs in at 50 pounds. Corrosion-resistant aluminum works promise extended service with low maintenance requirements. Underneath the seat there is a soft padded handles to help create favorable conditions for the upright.

The rear wheel can be extended vertically when folded. Electric wheelchair EZ Lite Cruiser can almost customize anywhere, you can attach the necessary elements such as a cup holder, holder of gadgets, hand push, buffer adjustable leg and side pockets arm. All parts are made of polished metal or high quality plastics material that is easy to clean. The rear wheel is protected against impact and good scissors on the carpet, hard surface and passenger road surface.

2. Ability to move

To be able to move through the store and rooms, motorized wheelchair has four wheels bring stability and sustainability when moving than three-wheeled scooter. The sign of the long wheel drive engine is its powerful Lithium ion Phosphate battery which has 360 power cycles. This battery can take you ten extra miles in riding distance. Unlike conventional wheelchairs, this model allows you to fix other batteries and includes twice the driving distance mentioned.

EZ lite Cruiser Light Weight Folding Power Wheelchair have a small turning radius of about 33″, maneuver easily through the corner. The buttons are mounted on a circuit board and work intuitively. It has a slim design that goes through narrow spaces easily, for example when entering the bathroom.

3. Easy control, foldable

Electric wheelchair EZ lite Cruiser is marked by a blend of features that make it easy to use. Although aluminum has high durability, the structure of the unit allows it to fold rapidly with the size of a collapsed trolley. Its joystick is easily mounted on the left or right and is dotted with intuitive buttons. For cleaning, the chair and its lid are collapsed. Moreover, you can get a Joystick EZ Lite Cruise driver to achieve flexible movements.

About Manufacturer’s Warranties

Manufacturer’s warranties may not apply in all cases, depending on factors like the use of the product, where the product was purchased, or who you purchased the product from. Please review the warranty carefully, and contact the manufacturer if you have any questions.


The best electric wheelchair from the EZ Lite Cruiser allows for move flexibly, helping you when traveling, it is compact size for transportation by passenger cars, taxis, cruise ships and aircraft. It can be integrated with a wide range of accessories such as cup and gadget-holder, back pack, foot rests, leg extension, arm pocket, driver programming kit and more. Less bulky than its competitors, you can increase its travel distance with dual lithium batteries. It is offered at a reasonable price with bags, and features similar to electric wheelchairs in the market.

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Q & A

QCan the battery be charged without being connected to the chair?

A: We do not have a standalone charger available yet but will in the future. For now, it must be connected to the CPU and Joystick (on the chair) which regulates the charging.

We now have a Standalone Charger as well as a Speedy Charger (to charge it twice as fast) both connect directly to the battery.

QWhat are the dimensions of this chair, and what is the weight capacity?

A: The weight capacity is 264.5 pounds (or 120 kg.)
The dimensions (L x W x H) are as follows —
Unfolded: 31.5 in. x 22.4 in. x 33.1 in. (or 80 cm. x 57 cm. x 84 cm.)
Folded: 28.5 in. x 22.4 in. x 12.25 in. (or 72.4 cm. x 56.9 cm. x 31.1 cm.)

QIs it key activated?

ANo, there is no key.

QUnlocking Power Wheelchair Joysticks ?

Aunsure what your question is. You can unlock the power with the levers on the back wheels so you can manually push the chair. Hope this helps

Top Reviews

Easily Transportable is important for Dr. appointment, trips, shopping.

I needed a wheelchair for my mother, but not just a standard chair. I needed a lightweight power wheelchair that I could easily get into the trunk of my car. That requirement was obvious… Taking her to a doctor appointment of go shopping. After researching for hours I discovered most of these chairs are 300 pounds and did not fold or break apart for transport. Only a few did come apart, but the total weight was still over 250 pounds (scooters were a little lighter). I finally found the EZ Lite Cruiser and from the specs and reviews, I felt it fit the bill.

I love my EZ Lite Cruiser!!!

My husband and children have been pushing me around in a manual chair for several years when I am able to go out and I am so grateful to them for doing that for me. But I wanted freedom. I wanted to go places that I couldn’t go on my own. This chair is going to change my life and the life of my family. We didn’t have to add anything to our vehicle so it would fit and my son’s wheelchair and mine both fit in the back of our Odyssey easily. It takes up as much space as my manual did. I have been having a lot of fun zooming around. Now I can do so much more. It is easy to fold once you do it a few times. It’s small and sleek. I have been using it for a week now and haven’t had to charge it once.

Ez lite wheelchair

I purchased this wheelchair to replace an older wheelchair that my husband was using. I read through tons of reviews before finally deciding on this one. The one that we were replacing was bulky and difficult to maneuver around the house. With this one my husband has an easier time getting around the kitchen and bathroom and I have less strain on my back loading it into the car. I was nervous buying it over the internet but had no issues with ordering or delivery. Would order again in a heartbeat.



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