Electric Razor Maintenance Tips

If You’re Not Following These 12 Maintenance Tips, You’re Ruining Your Electric Razor

Since its inception, electric razor have become a staple for the bathroom modern gentleman – one that allows them to increase their morning routine by providing a fresh, closer shave a few minutes. However, while most of the men have utmost pride in keeping up appearances on their faces, they do not apply this principle when it comes to hygiene shaver their digital. This will bring them back time and time again to search for other alternatives Amazon.

But while the market has a large number of electric shavers available for purchase, but Besthomeshoppingreviews featured in many sweeps grooming, do not be too quick to break the bank on just yet. All it takes is the proper care and some consistency. By applying the technical maintenance on your existing model, you will be able to achieve maximum performance and smooth shave with you were accustomed to experiencing in the past. That and you will manage to extend its shelf life for another year or so.

Sure it seems like hard work. And the last thing you’re trying to do is turn into a mechanic grooming Sunday football. But think about this: A shaver can serve as a cesspool for bacteria that live in and potentially causing skin care problems. Do not think it’s something you’d spread on your face, and just thought it was one of the problems that may occur. So, do yourself a solid and learn to keep the suture material, you have to stay in working condition. Here are some tips on maintenance shaver to guide you on the right path.

Immediately clean after use electric razor

You have invested serious cash on a luxury electric razor for a reason, right? So, treat it with the same care as you are a sports car after putting a few miles on it. Electric Shaver prone to collecting excess hair that ends up being glued together – not only damaging the tongue, but also shorten the life of the product. Immediately clean it when finished shaving – with warm water there – to rinse off guck or other harmful substances.

Get New Blades

Ever wonder why it began to request to add a few pass-through of your face to get smoother results? The answer may lie in the quality of your tongue. Odds are they have become worn after continuous use. Translation: Time to swap them out. Dull blades inefficient and tends to pull your hair rather than cut it, leading to skin irritation. Each manufacturer recommends replacing the blades on a shaving machine at least once a year.

Keep It Dry when not in use electric razor

Water will damage the electronics. Phase. Your shaver is no exception. Besides the ability to short-circuit the internals, the water can corrode and weaken blades them over time. That is why the beauty professionals to enable the setting up of razor anhydrous drained it in any wetness. Another technique is to hold a razor in one spot to dry.

Seriously, Using Auto Clean-Charger Dock

Many high-end electric shaver comes with a current, which usually makes the quickest fix to clean the shaver Digital comment. So there is absolutely no reason why you should not place the accessories to use. Be sure to dock properly in machines and devices simply select a level of cleaning. It really is not rocket science.

Never Lubricant Or Apply to skin when shaving oil

The skin benefits, both of which are clearly harmful agents that can slowly damage the razor. Hair, moisture, oil, and other skin particles will begin to accrue during shaving. This causes wear and tear to the cutter face. Stick to shave gel, shave their heads any particular gel.

Charging only when necessary

Like your iPhone, it’s never a great idea to overload an electric razor, especially if it has achieved full vitality. The reason for this is that you may end up overheating and battery life Overall kill it in the long run. Charging it up to space and draw the razor from there.

Use a paint brush to clean Blades

Micro hair brush pack comes with your product can be fast enough to clean-up, but on the soft fur that is not enough to remove the thick hairs stuck on the tongue. Hardcore Groomists said using a flat brush sable artist made from animal hair works better. The bristles are designed to sweep through the propeller without damaging the hardware. It is also a more convenient alternative that choose the faster fragments.

Investing in a Warranty electric razor

Fact: Most products are warranted (from 90 days to one year) right out of the box. But that really is enough for an item you plan to abuse many times throughout the week? Exactly. Consider spending some extra greenbacks longer warranty. Some consumer electronics stores offer multiple years, depending on the product. And in case your model is discontinued, the manufacturer or retailer can will bless you with the latest models.

Replacing the Foil

If you are the one to get practice with your equipment, then it is recommended to replace components annually. Leaves your shaver will undergo changes more you use it, and have the ability to develop holes. That’s the last thing you want, because the results can lead to machine narrow or even cut your face. Here’s a video demonstration can help with technical chores.

Regularly lubricate Blades

Do not lubricate your blade its influence when it comes to overall performance, while following suit will reduce friction caused between the metal found in electric shavers. Use the small bottle of lubricant that comes with the razor blade to make the surface smoother. Then again, you can buy a degreaser to keep things fresh and functional. Your call!

Never Bring It In The Shower

There are a variety of models designed for wet shaving. That does not necessarily make them waterproof. Huge difference. Case in point, never brought it inside the bathroom, let alone engage in some action shave wet while in the act of bathing. Doing so will put the device at high risk for water damage can destroy some of its components. Plus doing so will make stainless steel razor beautiful aluminum.

Fix It Before replacing It

Do not be so naive to drop another hundred and change on an elite shaver. Electric Shaver today are built like tanks and make long-term use. However, every product development mistakes in their lifetime. Maybe the engine is too large, the battery is dying out faster than normal, or wire are crapping out. Whatever the situation, you can find replacement parts kits in large retail chains or on the manufacturer’s website.

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