How Electric Pressure Cooker Work

An electric pressure cooker consists of three parts, lids, pots inside and housing. See the diagram to the right. The most important thing to know about electric pressure cooker is the safety valve and intelligent control box.

How electric pressure cooker works
How electric pressure cooker works

The Inner Pot

Cooking pot in a pot detachable. It is usually made of aluminum or stainless steel. The inner aluminum pots may be sealed and buff or plated, but the metal is not suitable for the dishwasher. High quality stainless steel pot made strong, three-ply, or copper-coated bottom for uniform heating.

The size of the pot in deciding the size of the housing, and at a price level of the pot. Capacity pot typically ranges from 3 liters (3 liters) to 6 liters (6.3 qt). More than 6L, it becomes difficult to maintain and the pot becomes expensive for some consumers.

The lid locks
Caps with gaskets or seals. When the lid is in the position to play in the kitchen closed, the lid and the pot in the form an air-tight chamber. The pressure inside the chamber is increased when heat is applied to the pot. There will be a condition of unsafe operation if the cap is not in the locked position when considerable amount of pressure is created inside the chamber. Some electric stove with battery locking mechanism to prevent the lid from being accidentally opened while there is a significant amount of pressure inside. The battery is basically a float valve. If there is enough pressure inside the pot, float valve is pushed up by pressure. When pushed, the battery of the valley buoys serve as keys and tidy from turning movement, even under force.

Instant Pot also extend such safety with an electrical safety switch. If the lid is not fully closed position desired, the electronic control system of the Pot can immediately detect the situation and will not turn on electricity for heating.

Safety valve
Similar to conventional pressure cooker, batteries can float valve damaged by excessive temperature or pressure. The battery float valve without becoming a vent pressure, and the pressure inside the chamber is released this hole. Although in this case the float valve permanently damaged and can be a replacement lid may be required, this is an effective last line of protection from a safety perspective. The modern electric pressure cooker also uses security measures to ensure the other before this last line of defense stone. Instant Pot creative use pressure release mechanism, patented push down to release the pressure too much, even in the absence of the battery where the float valve can not be destroyed. Instant Pot provides a defense-in-depth to provide multi-level security ever for consumers.

Normally, the only way to escape pressure through a pressure regulating valve on the lid release. Pressure release valve is effective against internal volume cap shield. Adjustable pressure valve release are made not to release the pressure under much pressure when operating normally sealed position. If pressure rises beyond a safe operating range, the pressure release valve will often be pushed up, the same as on regular pressure cooker, to release excess pressure built inside the chamber . The difference from conventional pressure cooker is the pressure release valve in order to release the pressure kicks excessive due to the failure of the circuit may be based on electronic sensors.

Housing: Sensor, Heating Element & Control Box

How work? Electric Pressure Cooker
How work? Electric Pressure Cooker

The housing units that contain a heating element, pressure sensors and temperature and a control box. Functional diagram of the housing units are shown on the right.

Control box is the heart of the intelligence of electric pressure cooker. It monitors the temperature and pressure of the pot in the sensor. It is equipped with a microprocessor to control the timing, heating and cooking complicated cycle. This is how a positive feedback system is formed to achieve precise cooking conditions. If the operating conditions are detected unsafe, it will sound the alarm sounds or cut off power supply to the heating element.

How work? Electric Pressure Cooker
How work? Electric Pressure Cooker

The panel, the user interface of the control box, allowing an operation key to activate the cooking cycle programmed for different dishes. For example, corn, peas, cauliflower and broccoli can be steamed for 1 minute. frozen corn, peas, cauliflower and broccoli will be done in 2 minutes. Dry beans and bones will only take 30 ~ 40 minutes.

Intelligent Pressure cooking
Electric pressure cooker in normal operation voltage range of 70-80 kPa (kilopascal) or 10:15 ~ 11.6 psi (pound-force per square inch). This translates to a temperature of 115 ° C ~ 118 ° C or 239 ° F ~ 244 ° F. Initially pressure may reach 105kPa / 15.2 psi, heat dissipation due to delays from the heating element. This is comparable to the furnace-top pressure cooker reaches 15 psi and then turn down the heat.

By switching on and off the heating element and heat intensity changes in temperature and pressure vary, the best cooking results can be achieved in a smart way. The diagram below shows the pressure curve Instant Pot.

How work? Electric Pressure Cooker
How work? Electric Pressure Cooker

Some electric pressure cooker, such as Instant Pot, capable of cooking intelligence to achieve the best results, such as,

automatically change the cooking time and pressure based on the selected foods, such as rice, soup, meat, vegetables, etc.
adjust the cooking cycle based on the amount of food in the pot, by measuring the time before heating.

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