What is electric pressure cookers?

Denis Papin (1647 - 1712)
Denis Papin (1647 – 1712)

History of Electric Pressure Cookers

Pressure cooking is a method of cooking in a sealed vessel not allow steam to escape below a preset pressure. Since the boiling point of water increases as the pressure increases, the pressure building in the cooker allows the liquid in the cooking pot will increase a higher temperature before boiling.

The invention of the electric pressure cookers

Pressure cooker normally made to be used on the stove top. A little thing, safety valves and pressure-action mechanism activated to provide protection against overheating and the risk of explosion. When the preset pressure reached in the pot, the steam control is pushed up by the pressure built up to allow steam to escape. This is why the first pressure cooker furnace typically generate noise and disturbing hissing as the pressure on.

Electric Pressure Cookers is an ingenious invention of the last decade. Historians are still undecided about the inventor and timing accuracy. Arguably, a Chinese scientist, Mr. Yong-Guang Wang, filed patent the first electric pressure cooker on January 9, 1991 (Patent No. ZL91100026.7). This patent is owned by the manufacturer of electric pressure cooker 1, Midea Group.

Electric pressure cooker pot inside Instant structure
Electric pressure cooker pot inside Instant structure

Electric pressure cookers consists of a cooking container pressure (also called pot or cooking pot), the electric heating elements and temperature sensors / pressure. The heating process is controlled by the built-in processors based on the readings of the pressure sensors and temperature. This whole process of forming a so-called “closed-loop control system” in terms of technical control. The principle is similar to the auto-cruise in most cars these days. Users will put all the ingredients in the cooking pot and put pressure cooking time for the food to be cooked, electric pressure cooker does the rest.

Over time, pressure cooker conductive learned from the experience and create different profiles cooking, like simmering, steaming, braising, slow cooking, warming, cooking rice, stew, etc. using different combinations of the cooking temperature, pressure and time duration. This led to a new generation of electric pressure cooker, also known as multi-kitchen program.

Read about how electric pressure cookers work here.

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