Which Electric Pressure Cooker 15psi for Operates?

InstantPot steam release. Which Electric Pressure Cooker Operates at 15psi?
InstantPot steam release. Which Electric Pressure Cooker Operates at 15psi?

Because most recipes pressure cooker is designed for pressure cooker 15psi. Many users are looking for electric pressure cooker 15psi. We are asking if Instant Pot operating at 15psi.

To answer this question, we need to clarify a concept here. The maximum working pressure of a pressure cooker is the pressure that pushes up the safety devices (ie release steam, pressure valve or by some other name) and the pot began to let off steam reduce pressure. Maximum working pressure of the pressure cooker stove-top range from 12psi to 21.7psi. For stove-top models premium, which is typically in the range of 16 ~ 21.7psi. This is specified in the product documentation and also usually marked at the bottom of the release of steam.

Instant Pot has a maximum working pressure of 15.23psi (105kpa). This is marked on the handle releases steam, view the picture on top. One of the design goals of Instant Pot is not to let off steam and make noise during its operation. Therefore, the normal working pressure has been under 15.23psi. Working pressure is in the range Instant Pot 10:15 ~ 11.6 psi. If you have a small amount of food / liquid in the pot, Instant Pot can touch 15.23psi momentarily delay due to thermal conductivity.

When a stove-top pressure cooker working pressure reaches its maximum and begins whistling steam, you want to turn down the heat to stop whistling. In such a situation, a pressure cooker stove-top of that you can operate at the same level of pressure to Instant Pot. You just cook the food at the maximum working pressure as it whistled constantly.


  • Having the same Instant Pot 15 psi maximum working pressure as conventional pressure cooker stove-top? Neck! That is 15.23psi.
  • There Instant Pot cooking your food constantly at 15psi? No, it was about 10:15 ~ 11.6 psi.
Illustration of Instant Pot working pressure curve
Illustration of Instant Pot working pressure curve

You can see the chart to the right working pressure. Most electric pressure cooker is available on the market work like this, but there may not
be the same and the maximum working pressure range.

If your recipe specifies cooking at 15psi, you can adapt by increasing Instant Pot cooking time by 7 ~ 15%.

Note: Maximum working pressure is not an indicator of the maximum safe pressure cooker that can withstand. If a pot is certified UL or equivalent, it should withstand five times the working pressure without leaking.

Many electric pressure cooker has a maximum working pressure of 13.05psi (90kpa). You can find this out by looking at the bottom of its steam release. A pot properly certified and produce always priced above parts.

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