You can say DynastyMattress is an honest mattress manufacturer and find how much density every Dynasty memory foam mattress is in the product details. Many manufactures including big boys are always secretive about the memory foam density and reluctant to tell what density of memory foam the mattress is using. DynastyMattress New Luxury Grand 15 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is using 5.3lb memory foam as the contouring layer and 1.8lb density foam as support base. It has a stunning price, about 1/10 the price of the name brand.

New Luxury Grand 15-Inch Mattress offers everything you are looking for: the best price, luxurious comfort and support, and back pain relief. These days, gel foam becomes very common and popular in memory foam mattress industry. But this mattress insists on regular memory foam, which brings negative effects on comfortable temperature. 120 day free trial seems just a promotional stunt.

DynastyMattress New Luxury Grand 15 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

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Features of New Luxury Grand 15 Inch Memory Foam Mattress

Firmness grade: 6 or 7 (1-10 softest – firmest) 

DynastyMattress defined it a medium-soft mattress but it’s actually more on the firm side, not hard. Thanks to soft 1.5-inch quilt top with memory foam, it conforms to your body and gives soft support to your recessed areas. More accurately, it’s a medium to firm mattress. When you lay on it, it feels firm at first but melts to be a little soft in a few seconds. This isn’t definitely a comfortable mattress for people looking for a soft bed.

Regular memory foam and no gel

Luxury Grand 15-inch mattress is made of regular memory foam and polyurethane foam. That’s uncommon and more and more brands upgrade their memory foam models to gel memory foam. To date it’s the most effective way to reduce heat. Although most owners of this 15-inch mattress will have no issue with it, hot sleepers more tend to get hot and sweat. Some owners report they notice mild heat retention. If you’re hot-natured and sleeping hot on regular mattress like springs, you’re less likely sleeping cool on it.

Best mattress for heavy people

15-inch memory foam mattress is a best option for people who have above-average weight. 15-inch thickness consists of 7.5-inch 5.3lb comfortable memory foam layer, 4-inch air-flow layer and 3.5-inch base layer. Such thick luxury density memory foam enables the mattress to mold to the body much better compared to mattresses with thin layers. You will find it both comfortable and supportive on this grand bed, not firm only on the thinner bed.

For persons who are underweight, DynastyMattress 15 Inch is too thick and 12″ or 10″ model is better, such as DynastyMattress Therapeutic Luxury 12-Inch Mattress. That is because 12-inch or 10-inch mattresses can offer sufficient support and comfort to light people. Why do they need to spend extra money on a thicker bed that just feels the same as the thinner one?

Are you going to buy Tempurpedic? Hold on a second

Dynasty Mattress is a well-known brand for producing knock-off Tempurpedic mattress. This DynastyMattress 15-inch mattress is manufactured based on the Tempurpedic GrandBed. If you go to the brick-and-mortar stores, you must notice these two mattresses look the same. Since DynastyMattress 15-inch uses the same material and density of memory foam as the GrandBed, the mattress brings the similar comfy sleep experience. So, why do you still need to fork out over 5 grand on a bed?

Best mattress for back pain

This Dynasty 15-inch mattress has 7.5-inch 5.3lbs memory foam layers. That cannot be found on other mattresses at the same price and only the expensive models of name brand use such high density foam. High density foam does better in pain relief than the low and medium density. Especially for the person who has bad shoulders or back, it offers sufficient support and aligns the spine correctly. Besides 5.3lbs memory foam tends to have a better durability than 3 or 4lbs. That said, the mattress lasts much longer, about 10 years.

A fraction of a fraction of the cost

The biggest difference between them is the price. The queen size of Tempurpedic Grand Bed is $7499, while DynastyMattress New Grand mattress is about 1/10 of the price. For people like me who want to buy a luxury bed without spending tons of money, it is obviously the GrandBed isn’t a good option.

Dynasty 120 nights trial and return nightmare

Don’t be fooled by DynastyMattress 120 day free trial. It’s just an advertising stunt. Within 120 days, you can return the mattress and get your money back. But you have to pay shipping fee. A 15-inch mattress is a nightmare for you and shipping company. It’s bulky, floppy and heavy. The shipping fee will cost you a lot. Some shipping services require you to get a box for the mattress before return to manufacturer. It’s impossible to find a box for 15-inch thick mattress.


Sleeping hot 

Regular memory foam isn’t friendly to hot sleepers as it’s holding body heat instead of delivering to other layer or outside. Slight temperature rise could be expected for people who don’t sleep hot. For hot-natured ones, it would be sweaty nights.


Some owners complain it’s too hard to sleep and feeling like the floor. If you like soft mattress, this one will let you down.

The odor

Every high density memory foam mattress has the “new” odor. If you have a sensitive nose, you’d better leave the mattress in your room with windows opening. The odor will dissipate in a few hours or days.

The DynastyMattress New Luxury Grand 15 Inch Memory Foam Mattress is an affordable bed with top-notch comfort and support. If you’re considering having a memory foam mattress without breaking the bank, this is the one.

Mattress details

  • Available bed sizes: California King, King, Queen
  • 20 years warranty
  • 120 days in home trial
  • 7.5-inch 5.3lb memory foam
  • 7.5-inch 1.8lb foam base
  • 1.5″ quilt top with memory foam
  • 2″ comfort soft memory foam layer
  • 4″ memory foam base layer
  • Dual 2″ airflow layers
  • 3.5″ PU base foam support
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