DynastyMattress 8-Inch Queen Firm Memory Foam Mattress Review

DynastyMattress 8-Inch Queen Firm Memory Foam Mattress Review
DynastyMattress 8-Inch Queen Firm Memory Foam Mattress Review

DynastyMattress 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress is a cost effective mattress on the cheap mattress market. DynastyMattress doesn’t go with the flow to apply multi-layer design to the 8-inch mattress. This mattress is still a dual-layer design and doesn’t cut off foam base to add a few middle layers. Actually, it’s not wise to reduce height of foam base to add middle buffer layers. Multiple layer design can’t bring their advantages into play on thin mattress. The exchange between a part of support foam and middle buffering layers tends to make the mattress lack enough firm support. DynastMattress 8-inch Queen firm memory foam mattress doesn’t suffer from the issue of lack support. The design makes it a good firm mattress. Since the comfort layer is made of regular memory foam, no cooling feature would be expected. People of above-the-average build may find it warmer than spring mattresses.

Features of DynastyMattress 8-Inch Queen Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Ideal mattress for pain and aches

DynastyMattress New Firm 8-Inch mattress is the densest one among all 8-inch memory foam mattress, which I found at the time of this writing. It uses decent density memory foam that is usually used on the high-end or expensive mattress. Such a high-density foam gives much benefit to sleepers who are suffering from back pain. 5.3 pounds memory foam outperforms 3 or 4 pounds in mapping the contour of your body, aligning spine correctly and reducing pressure points. It takes all the morning back pain.

Firm and supportive

8-inch Dynasty mattress is a little more on the firm side. People who used to sleep on a firm bed will find it very supportive. Denser beds always feel firm at the first time but will become comfortable after sensing your body heat. Whether you feel firm or soft has something to do with your weight. Generally, most persons under 200lb feel more comfortable on 8 and 10 inches mattress, while people over 200lb find thicker bed better. For people who prefer a softer bed, this one may be not a good option. You can go for low density ones and those beds are a little softer.

You have to know this about free trial period

Like other Dynasty mattresses sold on the market, this 8-inch new firm bed offers a 120-night tryout and 20 year warranty. When you first know DynastyMattress, you must be surprised by their 120 day free trial, much longer than most mattress brands including the top brand TempurPedic. But don’t be fooled. DynastyMattress free trial does say customers can return their mattress in 120 days but we customers have to afford freight cost. And from what owner reports the fee is $100 at least. If you find you don’t like the mattress after free trial, you can only contact them for warranty claim. The warranty covers 1.5-inch visible sag and defects in materials and workmanship. The shipping to and from the factory is at your cost.

Reasonable price

Compared to other brands of 8-inch memory foam mattresses, DynastyMattress 8-inch costs very little more. If you are a person pursuing high density foam, it’s definitely worth the money. Besides all Dynasty mattresses are free shipping, which saves more dollars for you. DynastyMattress 8 inch Memory Foam Mattress is about 10% the least price of Tempurpedic, which is a great deal for a high density 8-inch mattress. (check out price)

Two pillows included

There is something not listed in the product details on Dynasty online store and Amazon. The mattress comes with two pillows and you don’t need to spend extra money on pillows. Although the pillows aren’t comparable to ones sold separately, half a loaf is better than no bread as the old saying goes.

Issues of DynastyMattress 8-Inch Queen Firm Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses have a smell like all other new products, especially the high density foam mattress. But it’s not a problem. Let the mattress air out for a few days and the smell will be gone.

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Customer Reviews

“This mattress is so perfect for my 21 year old son’s room. It is very comparable to my Tempurpedic mattress without the price.” – C. Baker

“The 8″ is just as comfortable as the 10″ I love these mattresses, and have another one to purchase for another family member soon. Great Mattress!!!!” – Hans Wagner

Personally, I think DynastyMattress 8-inch memory foam mattress is a better option for average size persons who have back problems. It’s firm and supportive. If you are looking for a less firm mattress, there are many better choices.


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