Dumbbell Exercises To Build Strength And Size

Supercharge Your Body With These Surprising Dumbbell Exercises

Ask any man about his training goal and he’ll give you a plethora of answers.

“I’m getting lean for vacation.”
“I’m trying to add ten pounds of muscle.”
“I’m staying in shape for basketball”.

While training your goals may change depending on the season, the overall goal is to become the total package: Strong, lean, athletic and capable of handling anything life throws at you .

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And the most effective way to get the best of all worlds is to train like an athlete.

The problem is, most training methods in sports – like lift heavy weights and Olympic lifts – is not practical for a busy regular guy. Your travel schedule makes the best equipment unobtainable, forcing you to do so with 50-pound weights janky hotel.

Plus, you do not have the time to polish your forms and new learning. Even more, your body does not recover as fast as it was at the age of nine and eighteen. A limited time schedule with sales rising tensions could lead you to abandon the idea of training as an athlete.

I am here to change that.

By focusing on explosives, total body weight training is easy to learn and friendly letter, I will help you build a body that is the total package: strong, lean, and athletic.

Why ship Like An athlete?

As sport is all about the power and ability that you have and are developing faster. In short, this means power.

Use lighter, total-body lifts with the intention of detonating teach your body to recruit units, the more muscles of motor neurons and muscle fibers that tell muscles when and as How quickly shrink and create movement. This helps you unleash your inner movement in three ways.

First, the train exploded help you recruit your muscles faster.

Secondly, the motor unit recruitment improves, you will also increase the number of muscle fibers are recruited. Recruit more muscle fibers means you are stronger.

Third, because you are training more muscle fibers, the muscle fibers are more tiring – opening for muscle growth. After all, you can not train a muscle that has not been turned on.

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The Best Dumbbell training for athleticism court

The following exercise is your best bet when it comes to improving your athletics, providing energy to perform your profits and cause your body best.

DB Hang Clean and Press – 3 x 5-8

The dumbbell clean and press is a business-friendly alternative (and tourist-friendly) to clean and press weights. It is one of the exercises you bang-for-buck-best to become more athletic, because it stimulates almost every muscle from head to toe.

Get dumbbell in each hand, tall trees. Hinges on your hips, just like when you’re doing a deadlift and you scored below your knees. Stand up quickly, extend your hips, driving your elbows high, and lifting dumbbells on your shoulders. The dumbbells should be pointing towards the ceiling. Undertook an aerial, returning the weight to either side of you and repeat.

Rest 60 seconds between sets.

DB Jump Squat – 3 x 3-5

The dumbbell squat jumps improve explosive power. By adding weight to a jump, you are overloading the model moves like a squat – except for lighter weight and more explosive. This helps you with weight-room strength into the real world athletics (think improved jump in basketball game pick-up).

Start with your feet about shoulder-width apart, holding a dumbbell on each side. Drop your hips by flexing at the hips and knees, getting into a squat position.


Without delay, drive your feet into the ground, jumping and extending your hips and knees while holding the dumbbells at your sides and jumping as high as possible.


Bend your knees back into a squat position and absorb force evenly through your feet — not through your toes. Keep your chest and head up, looking straight ahead.

Rest 60 to 90 seconds between sets.

DB Farmers Walk – 3 x 30-60 seconds

The farmer’s walk exercise gets you jacked, building a thick upper back to stretch your shirts and give you the ultimate power look. Your forearms and traps have to stay under tons of tension to hold that position through your entire body, building muscle in the process.

In addition, you get the benefits of improving dynamic stability — strengthening your ability to hold a position through your trunk and hips. This builds a strong midsection, which will prevent injury and build total-body strength.

Pick up heavy dumbbells and walk. Don’t race through the exercise. Stay tall and aligned from head to toe. Walk slowly and avoid moving from side to side.

Rest 90 to 20 seconds between sets.

DB Push Press — 4 x 6

The dumbbell push press takes a regular overhead press and adds explosive leg drive to the mix. This teaches your body to generate force as one athletic unit, forging a stronger physique from head to toe.

The explosive nature of the overhead also allows you to lift a slightly heavier weight than you would with a classic overhead press, getting you stronger in the process.

Hold two dumbbells at shoulder height. Make a quick dip, bending your knees. Quickly stand up, push weights overhead as you extend your legs. Pause with your arms locked overhead, then weight control.

Rest 90 seconds between sets.

Single-Arm DB Snatch – 3 x 3-5

The robbers were said to be the best exercise for building as athletes head to toe. The problem is, most of the dudes sitting all day with rounded shoulders and buttocks deactivated. As a result, most of the boys do not have the ability to make jerk without a huge risk of shoulder injury.

The single-arm snatch weightlifting bridge the gap between athletics and safety. This, combined lifts an explosive hip extension, which will build strong legs, and air drag, which will help you develop a strong and stable role as well as a strong core.


Hold a dumbbell in between your legs with one hand. The dumbbells should be on the ground while you start in a squatting position. Quickly stand up, extend your hips as fast as possible. Your shrugged and pull your elbow up, catch weight overhead. You should create many forces as possible to lower your body – enough to simply press the weight overhead. Return the dumbbells to the ground and repeat.

Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.

DB Reverse Lunge – 3 x 8-12

All lunges are great for leg strength and athleticism, but many variables can lunge knee pain due to high stress on the knee. The reverse lunge is not one of the elevators. Repel allow your legs to stay along better. This limits the stress on your knees while helping you build strong hips, hamstrings and quads. Improved single leg stability will also help prevent imbalances and injuries.

Hold the weights in each hand, step back and drop your hips into a lunge position. Keep your heels planted front while you push off your back foot to return, high-standing position.

Rest 60 seconds between sets.

Use these recommendations to more explosive weightlifting exercises to your routine or try my electric 2.0 Primer program, a set of three 12-week habit will help you supercharge your athletics, build muscle and get lean.


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