Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair Review
Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair Review

Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair with Carry Bag

The champion of all the lightweight folding tour seats on the market today; Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair is designed to last, and affordable price! It has an enhanced aluminum frame that offers maximum convenience, comfort, and security. Simply fold the chair legs, squeeze the quick lever on the handle and press down – it’s easy! Once folded, this chair is as compact as the size of several large pizza boxes stacked together!

Suitable for any place, easy to arrange and tied to the body, checked baggage, or carried on an airplane or tourist bus. The simple but elegant design is not like a medical wheelchair.

Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair Review
Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair

Features and Characteristics of Drive Medical Super Light, Folding Transport Chair

This Super Light Folding Transport Chair with Carry Bag by Drive Medical has a lightweight, silver aluminum frame and maintenance free composite wheels with rear wheel locks. Weighing only 19 lbs, this transport chair is one of the lightest in the market. It folds like a conventional folding chair and comes with a carry bag for easy storage and transportation. Comes standard with padded flip back arms, composite, maintenance free wheels that provide a smooth ride over most surfaces, fold down footrests and rear wheel locks ensuring a convenient, comfortable and safe transport chair.

Drive Medical super light folding transport wheelchair folds compactly into the included carry bag. Super Light Folding Transport Wheelchair has durable, lightweight nylon upholstery and can accommodate users weighing up to 250 lbs. Super light transport wheelchair has fold down footrest, standard rear wheel locks, padded flip back armrests and composite wheels that are lightweight and maintenance free.

  • Easy to push or transport
  • Aluminum frame is lightweight and strong
  • Fold down footrest
  • Comes with a carry bag
  • Standard rear wheel locks
  • Padded flip back armrests
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs.
  • Durable, lightweight nylon upholstery
  • Composite wheels are lightweight and maintenance free
  • Folds like a conventional folding chair for added convenience
  • Attractive frame with durable, lightweight nylon upholstery
  • Weighs only 19 lbs

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Q & A

QGoing to be using this on cobble stones–is this sturdy enough to hold up on this kind of pavement?

AOur experience with unpaved terrain has been bad. Screws loosened, and needed retightening, and in one case replacing.

QMy husband is 6’4″ tall and his right leg doesn’t bend much. What’s the distance between the end of the seat to the bottom of the foot rest?

AAs you can see in the product Photo, the foot rest is a tubular metal piece that Is attached to the front axle. It’s main purpose is to keep ones feet off of the floor. It is designed for people whose legs can fully bend at the knee. It does not have separate foot rests like a normal wheel chair. While it’s light weight is a real product feature, this chair is not meant for everyone.

QWill the airline store the wheelchair without the carrying bag?

AHaving worked in a major airport for 39 years, and done a bit of retirement travel, I can say that the airlines WILL store the wheelchair w/o the bag; most wheelchairs do not have one, and they also provide gate-to-gate check which is by far preferable to arguing at the counter anyway. Just go in chair to the door of the plane and they will almost grab it out of your hands and tag for immediate pick-up at your destination loading bridge!

Top Reviews

Great value and a pleasure to use!

My parents turned 75 and 71 this year. My brother and I decided to take them on a trip through some of Europe; the major challenge was that my mother is pretty much confined to a wheelchair since she has very bad knees. She cannot walk without something to lean on nor can she walk at a normal pace.

Just what we needed

We purchased both this product and the similar appearing Karman Ultralight Travel Chair Frame Color: Champagne, Seat Width: 16″ (Narrow) in order to keep one in each car for transporting my elderly father.

The bus drivers at Disney Workd were impressed!

Every bus driver’s eyes lit up when my mom climbed on the bus herself and I collapsed the chair and carried it on. Our full sized wheelchair folded up more compact than a lot of the baby strollers at Disney! This chair alliowed my mom to enjoy our trip to Disney! We could just fold it up like a stroller to get on busses and rides. And she didn’t have to walk miles and miles in the park, stopping at every bench to rest. This is a GREAT portable chair!!! So easy to assemble, just pop the two wheels on and go.

To fold it up remember to first:

1) put the arms up and

2) put the footrest down/open position.

Usually we folded the footrest up for my mom to get out of chair but then I would try to close the chair and it wouldn’t fold all the way shut and I realized it’s because I had to put the footrest back down in the open position again before folding. We only saw one other Drive wheelchair in the park but lots of people noticed ours and were asking about it. I guarantee when we go back to Disney we will see these chairs everywhere! MAKE SURE YOU BUY A SEAT CUSHION!! We got this amazing one… Office Chair Seat Cushion for Sciatica Relief (2-in-1 Bundle) by Liliyo, Coccyx and… Check now!

Ideal “stealth” wheelchair for people who have some ability to walk

My wife and I purchased this wheelchair in 2006 and have been using it a couple times a week or more ever since. She is able to walk for shorter distances but risks cumulative damage to her joints if she walks or stands for too long. This wheelchair has been our ideal solution for being together in settings such as shopping trips to big box stores, malls, and grocery stores (with a hand shopping basket on my wife’s lap), attending conventions and expositions, trips to the zoo, watching parades, or just enjoying time together in the neighborhood.

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