Drive Medical Sentra Reclining Wheelchair W/ Various Arm and Elevating Legrest

Being quite flexible, Sentra reclining wheelchair of Drive Medical is one of the most comfortable seats in the classroom. The innovative design of the booth boasts a lot of position to get a person sitting on a comfortable chair. Long legs can be lifted 180 degrees back, so you can comfortably adjust the seat up, down order, 45 degrees, etc. In addition, the chair has two soft upholstery seats, lifted up the legs and feet. Plastic base. In addition, the wheelchair has an extension of the knee and arm to support the body in the lying position.

For convenience features, the Medical Drive sentra reclining wheelchair has a hybrid type wheel that contains a special mechanism that prevents users from surfing. Thanks to the 8-inch front wheel, the seat guarantees you a smooth ride. This model can serve both as a self-propelled wheelchair and thus operated, equipped with a wheel brake for self-locking and special handles to push from behind.

Drive Medical Sentra Reclining Wheelchair Review
Drive Medical Sentra Reclining Wheelchair in 2018

Features and Characteristics of The Drive Medical Sentra Reclining Wheelchair

Sentra Reclining Wheelchair from Drive Medical is actually reclining, allowing infinite adjustment of up to 180 degrees. This luxuriously designed wheelchair comes standard with a host of outstanding features by swiveling up the upright legs, a chrome-plated steel frame, and a cushioned immobilizer. This Sentra Reclining wheelchair comes with detachable hands and height adjustable tables and chairs and an 18″ wide seat.

  • Aluminum footplates are attractive, crack-proof and lightweight
  • Black upholstery, chrome frame
  • Carbon Steel frame with triple coated chrome for an attractive, chip-proof, maintainable finish
  • Carry pocket standard
  • Chrome plated hand rims
  • Comes standard with swing-away elevating leg rests
  • Comes with push to lock wheel locks
  • Composite Mag-style wheels with chrome hand rims are lightweight and maintenance free
  • Durable, heavy gauge naugahyde upholstery
  • Front caster forks are adjustable in 3 positions
  • Headrest extension with cushioned head immobilizer standard
  • New state-of-the-art hydraulic reclining mechanism allows for infinite adjustments up to 180 degrees
  • Padded armrests provide added patient comfort
  • Precision sealed wheel bearings in front and rear ensure long lasting performance and reliability
  • Rear anti-tippers standard
  • Standard dual axle provides easy transition of seat to hemi-level
  • Wheels set back on frame prevents tipping

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Q & A

QDoes it ship assembled?

AIt is “collapsed” when it comes out of the box but pretty much ready to use. You only need to open it up, secure a brace at the rear back and add the foot rests. No tools required. The additional head rest just inserts into hollow tube at the back if you want to use it.

Mostly, yes. Height adjustment is up to you. Good reclining chair, but rather heavy to get into car trunk.


Is the user able to recline the chair without assitance from the seated position?


No. Reclining the back is performed by squeezing the “bicycle brake” type handles on the back of the chair


Removable or flip back arm rest?



Top Reviews

The wheelchair arrived in great shape however the actual arms on the wheelchair are full…

The wheelchair arrived in great shape – however the actual arms on the wheelchair are full arms NOT the desk arms shown in the pictures so beware. Yes, the full description further down in the product info says full arms but I went by the picture unfortunately.

Unsuitable for use in most homes

This wheelchair is not suitable for residential use. It is too large for standard size residential door openings. It is heavy and bulky so that the person sitting in it cannot maneuver it. It requires someone to push it for the patient. This wheelchair is more suitable for a hospital or nursing home where the door openings are wide and staff pushes it around.

Functional solid built sturdy.

Functional and built solidly. I use it daily at home and work.

review image

review image

review image

The reclining feature with elevating legs has been extreemly helpful …

The reclining feature with elevating legs has been extreemly helpful in managing my mothers lower extremedy edema as she is in her chair all day.

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