Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair Review
Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair Review

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus is a good option when traffic, it has a distinct attribute that is foldable for easy transport. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair is not as bulky and as large as many other motorized wheelchairs, with lightweight and small designs that make it ideal for indoor use.

Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair Review
Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair Review

It has a maximum travel speed of 5.5 mph faster than an average electric wheelchair, this model still has enough power to climb up the slope 6 degrees. With comfortable seats, adjustable arms and headrests, and long battery life, one can see why this chair is one of the most highly regarded models on the market at a competitive price.

Flexibility Of The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair ReviewFolding power wheelchair is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It is one of the fastest electric wheelchairs on the market with the ability to move up to 5 mph. Remember that the weight of the rider can reduce the maximum speed of any electric wheelchair. Drive Medical Cirrus Plus folding power wheelchair has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs.

This electric wheelchair has good battery life. It can go up to 15 miles in one charge, and of course, it’s not the longest battery life, but it gives the rider the ability to move at far distances than the analog model in a single charge.

The wheels are not as sharp as other electric wheelchairs, 33 inches in size. It can climb at a 6 degree tilt, on average for an electric wheelchair. Particularly, the folding power wheelchair can be clearance easily. Its maximum height is 4 inches. This is great because many similar products can clean up the ground just 2.6 inches.

The wheel on the folding power wheelchair is 12.5 inches and a free flat. In addition, the front wheel is 8 inches, helping to maintain the stability of the chair and keep it from tipping when you are getting in and out of the chair or if you are traveling on rough ground or uneven .

Designed with The Comfort of Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

 Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair ReviewDrive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair has a design approach different from most other best electric wheelchair models. People find it like a standard wheelchair, which means it can actually fold in half. This is very useful for travel as it is easy to switch from use to storage mode. The weight of this model is also much lighter, reaching a weight of 146 pounds including battery, which is a positive point when it comes to transportation by car or truck.

It has many basic design features, including seat belts, seat cushions, bags and tripods. You can also adjust the weapon to meet the requirements of your specific height.

Standard width of 22 inches makes this model flexible and can accommodate many different users. Although foam padding increases the comfort level, it should be noted that this may not provide comfort as other electric wheelchairs are mainly due to the foldability of its design. Armrests and armor can be adjusted. Foot pads are rotated with enhanced heel loops and legs.

The two basic colors offered are the choice between black and silver finishing venous, just stylish and simple.

Warranty for The Drive Medical Cirrus Plus Folding Power Wheelchair

The help and support and warranty options from health drive meets our expectations in full. This product has a manufacturer lifetime warranty on its frame. In addition, electronic components and drive train is covered for 14 months, and the battery is covered under six months manufacturer warranty. This is one of the best guarantees of electric wheelchairs.

Moreover, if questions or problems arise with this product, there are many options to reach a support representative and have any questions or resolve your concern. You can contact a representative via email, phone and live chat. You can also find user manual is available on the company website.

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Designed with lightweight frame, Drive Medical Cirrus offers many superior features include the ability to reach speeds up to 5 mph, exceeding the high slope and foldable. Standard features such as increased width seats and safety cushions, revolving around the legs, and adjustable options make this trip simple. The quality of customer service is provided by phone, email or live chat. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 14 month warranty on the train and a 6 month warranty on the battery, these are some of the best warranties. If you are an energetic person who wants an electric wheelchair that runs on high speed and high speed, this is a sure thing to consider.

Q & A

QWonder if an 18 inch wide seat is enough for someone 170 lbs 5 ft 8?

AThe “rule of Thumb” is to measure yourself while sitting down (outside hip to outside hip while sitting) then add one inch. which will allow for movement or bulky clothing.

QI need to know what size seat to buy to have the wheel base smaller than 26″

AIt doesn’t make a difference

Model CPN16FBA (16″ seat) 42.5″ long and 24″ wide
Model CPN18FBA (18″ seat) 42.5″ long and 26″ wide
Model CPN20FBA (20″ seat) 42.5″ long and 28″ wide
So…in answer to your question the 16″ seat comes
in under the 26″ and the 18″ seat is right at 26″.
Please let me know if there are any more questions
I may answer for you.

Qis the hard seat pan flat or contoured?

AThe seat is made of foam and will mold around your body

This is a sling style seat. There is no base to it, it is just a fabric sling seat

Top Reviews

This chair is just wonderful. I’ve had power chairs that always break

This chair is just wonderful. I’ve had power chairs that always break and I hardly get to use them. This chair I have already used for a good month. It has made such a difference in my life. It can go on the grass so has been a big help for me when I pull the trash around. I am able to walk the dog with it.

He really gets more exercise since I’ve had this chair. I just wish I had gotten this brand sooner. My next challenge is getting a car so that I can just drive it in without having to take out the batteries. I would never take out the batteries just for a trip in the car. They are very heavy and I was fortunate to get them in the first time. Again, I highly recommend this chair.

Motorcycle lover

I have had this power foldable wheelchair for about 2 years. It is great, folds up small enough to fit into my honda civic trunk. It takes me up very steep grades and does great in the dirt and mud too. I go off road a lot in dirt, sand and bark trails. I am no longer stuck at home, this power chair gives me freedom. It is a little heavy, that is why I rated it a 4 star instead of 5. The price is fantastic to for what you get from this chair.

Suits me to a T, and handles beautifully. I got the feel of it in less than 5 minutes. This chair gives me the mobility I need to do the things I want to do.


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